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Whypay is one of the pioneering applications to protect phone money, with a real-time charging mechanism that alerts you every time the phone is charged. This useful feature has helped the application to rise to the top of the rankings in less than 1 week.


In recent times, the fraud, fraud in the deduction of money in the customer’s phone Sim has become an evils. Automated registration and debit services since Sim has not been sold to the market yet. There is no mechanism to protect Money in the phone account, as well as lack of warning information when the phone is charged.

Whypay is a pioneering application that helps you secure your phone account just like a bank account.

Main features of Why pay:

  • Whypay charge the phone as soon as the call ends.
  • WhyPay helps you to manage charges: tell you which package you are using, the fee for internal and external calls, monthly telephone charges. One of the useful features of Why Pay is real-time phone bill tracking. After making an outgoing call, Why Pay will display information about the cost of the call so that the user knows how much money he has lost for that call. This is a very useful feature, helping users to manage clearly and in more detail when using their mobile phone.
  • WhyPay Manage your phone money when loaded into the sim: Show history of recharging.
  • WhyPay check the services that are being charged: just one action to know the phone is being charged at which carrier’s service (3G, subscription …)
  • Whypay help Call and send messages when the sim has no money, Or ask a friend to call you back.


5 main issues for mobile users:

  • Want to know the price of each call, as soon as it ends!
  • Need to see how much the monthly phone charge is?
  • Do you have any doubts about paying fees for services you have not registered to use?
  • Many customers have their accounts deducted without notice?
  • When the money runs out, the user still needs to call and send messages because of an emergency!

Whypay – mobile money protection application completely solves the above problems, giving you peace of mind to use mobile services.


As an application that allows users to detect underground charges, monitor the amount deducted after each call, WhyPay is rated 4.7 out of 5 stars (71,732 reviews, as of December 2018) on the Google App Store. In addition, the application provides a number of utilities such as top-up, purchase of phone cards, payment of electronic bills, internet bills, transfer of funds …

WhyPay Technology Services Joint Stock Company also focuses on cooperating with partners providing basic services to help customers order train tickets, car tickets, hotel payments and reservations, buy air tickets … Users can deposit money into the “wallet” via internet banking of a bank or transfer. WhyPay wallet is used to store the amount of money that users are promoting, donating or depositing to pay for services and goods provided by WhyPay.

According to the company representative, with version 3.0.7 updated in September 2018, the application has a utility to convert 11-digit to 10-digit sim numbers, applicable to carriers. “Users do not need to manually transfer numbers but just perform the syntax in the app, the new 10-digit phone number setting application is the default number in your phonebook”, said a WhyPay representative.

In the coming time, the group will continue to develop applications to support dual-sim phones, develop call control for previous packages in groups, and launch a service to block spam messages and messages. spam messages that the user doesn’t want to receive.