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VIROBO is proud to be a pioneer in creative and manufacturing companies to take the lead in the 4.0 technology trend, in a product revolution with a combination of technology and skills development for children, protecting children’s health Myopia and spine, contributing to the sustainable development of the future generations of the Country. With the power of core technology 4.0. VIROBO will apply technology in order to increase the quality of life towards human development and bring to the customers safety, comfort, health and a civilized life with the modern equipment which meets European standards. With people with breakthrough thinking and responsibility, VIROBO creates a positive, convenient and effective connecting environment for all activities of society and brings Vietnam’s image and intelligence to the globe.


VIROBO was formed from the founders with a strong entrepreneurial spirit, who love science and technology. The founding shareholders are alumni of Hanoi University of Science and Technology, Hanoi University of Transport, graduated in 2006, 2008 with many achievements such as the third national Robocon award in 2007, scholarship TOYOTA Vietnam. All shareholders have experience working, operating, developing many businesses, especially businesses in the field of technology.


With the core technology 4.0 power, VIROBO will apply technology to products to improve the quality of life, towards human and social development.

With people with intelligence, breakthrough thinking and responsibility, VIROBOt brings customers safety, comfort, health, a civilized life with modern equipment of international standards. On that basis, it will create a positive, convenient and effective connection environment for all activities of society and bring Vietnam’s image and intelligence to the globe.


The world is changing with 4.0 technology, never before in human history have many opportunities with this technology. Uber is the largest Taxi company in the world without owning any Taxi. In the future, smartphones will become separated and all services which are not attached to the phone may be removed. Taking the trend of Technology 4.0, Virobo – pioneers with the youth, enthusiasm and aspiration of Vietnamese intelligence will apply 4.0 technology to products to improve the quality of life, towards human and social development. Create intelligent products that contribute to Vietnam’s international integration in science and technology.


Virobo’s desire is to create science and technology products that apply to life to protect children’s health nearsightedness and spine, contributing to the sustainable development of future generations of the land. country. Towards the quality of life and human development; Virobo provides customers with safety, comfort, health and a civilized life with modern equipment meeting European standards, contributing to building an increasingly better society, developing in keeping with technological civilization of the world, improving skills and quality of life of Vietnamese people, raising Vietnam’s position in the international market.

  • FOR MEMBERS: Virobo is committed to bringing a self-employed, creative, creative and hard-working working environment to employees, in order to have a spiritual life and satisfactory income. Together, we and our staff bring outstanding products and services to our customers, together building the company as the second home for all members of the company.
  • FOR PARTNERS: Fairness, cooperation and development, human values ​​are the values ​​we are committing. All employees, middle managers, company leaders take these values ​​as a guideline for all actions, our working culture in all circumstances, it is the driving force and the foundation for the development of the company.
  • FOR SHAREHOLDERS: Transparency and fairness are our top priorities, the shareholders that help us develop are things that VIROBO and our employees always appreciate. In addition, we always appreciate the contribution of the entire staff, so we wish all employees have the opportunity to become a shareholder of the company, this is our strength to overcome all challenges to create the best products and contribute to the development of society.



Studying at home is an indispensable and very important habit to help children develop their knowledge and form a habit of reading and self-study. Currently, at home, families are suffering from a number of problems and pain.

  • For children: They are too young and giddy to be aware of sitting in the right position. This situation can lead to increased short-sightedness, hunchback, and reduce creative thinking and increase the fear of studying. Children do not have the habit of studying on time. They always finish school so early and late at school. They have no goal in learning so when they finish studying, they sleep late and wake up late. On the other hand, some students take too much time on studying and they have no time to play and entertain. In this case, many children have suffered from mental illness or psychological trauma. Young children and parents are always at a distance of age and emotional attachment, so when children are wrong or do not follow their parent’s requests during their studies, they are easily scolded, intimidated, including spanking. This cause a bad mentality for children as well as against educational methods, children learn as forced, not like, passionate.
  • For mom and family: In modern society, parents are busy so they do not have much time to accompany their children to study, when they are not around, they are always worried, not assured about their children sitting in the correct posture, learning or not, studying properly time or not … The current solution is to change parents together with their children, but not always spouses and grandparents agree on tutoring children so it is easy to cause family conflicts, push each other…With the above problems, the mother and the student are now solving the problems by:
    • With baby:
      • Wearing glasses, eye surgery, medication bill costs several tens of millions
      • Use anti-chin chin, shirt against access (chin pain, rib pain, discomfort, forced …)
      • Just learning, playing at the same time and not focusing on studying, parents reminded them to learn, they can not self-discipline.
    • With father and mother:
      • Scold children to learn
      • Stand by to accompany your child to sit properly and study seriously
      • Hiring people to tutor their child with high free and takes a lot of time
      • So Captain-Eye Robot was created to solve these problems for both mother and the student. Robot – Captain-Eye is an innovative product, manufactured by VIROBO Joint Stock Company, which is a pioneer in pioneering the 4.0 revolution with the combination of modern technology to help parents remotely supervise themselves automatically. most naturally.


    • For children:
      • Install, remind schedule, lesson time, break time as prescribed.
      • Automatically reminds the sitting position to help children to sit in the right position to avoid sitting wrong with scoliosis curvature, that parents do not have direct contact with children, do not create discomfort.
      • Integrated sound, voice remind when the child sat wrong.
      • As a virtual assistant, event reminder is installed and send notifications to parents.
    • For parents:
      • Apply artificial intelligence technology, integrate many applications into the same activation software.
      • Connect Bluetooth, Wifi with Smart Phone -> Convenient for parents when needing to monitor children anywhere, anytime.
      • Measure the distance from eyes, head to the table. Help parents accurately adjust the appropriate eye distance for children when studying, to avoid looking close.
      • Stats, reports, controls on Smart Phone, track information about the child’s learning process by day, convenient to use in any situation.
      • Community communication technology, interactive social networking facilitate social connection, sharing product benefits with the community.
    • Robots use imported synthetic ABS plastic, safe for health, friendly with the environment.
    • Pioneering in applying 4.0 technology to health care and improve the quality of life for both students and parents
    • The product features and superior quality completely compared to the products available on the market.
  • PRODUCT DESIGN: The product has the shape of a lovely ROBOT, fresh colors, suitable for each child’s preference. Robots laugh when children sit in the correct position and the sad face when children sit in the wrong position. Robot Captain-Eye as a companion to children during learning process


  • TECHNOLOGY: The robot is composed of 4 main components
    • Part sensor to measure the distance of the critical position, violation. The distance measuring sensor used is the ultrasonic sensor (ultrasonic sensor) or light sensor (Lidar). Ultrasonic sensors like bats hunt mosquitoes during the night. Lidar light sensors are like the detection systems of self-driving cars. In principle, both types will emit a wave (sound or light), the wave collides with the object and then responds, we measure the travel time from which to calculate the distance due to known in advance. Get the speed of sound or light.
    • Real-time clock and built-in memory: The robot has a data memory used to save the user’s timetable and schedule. The robot has a real-time clock combined with the calendar and timetable stored in memory, so the robot can remind the schedule and schedule correctly.
    • The communication part includes Bluetooth and Wifi: Devices with Bluetooth and Wifi connection. Bluetooth connects directly to the phone, for communication, to within 10m. Wifi connects via the Internet, to communicate, install synchronously with Cloud Server regardless of distance.
    • Warning part: Robots have levels of warning by images, sounds, sounds. The warning levels will correspond to the levels of distance violations, violation of school hours, break of breaks, scheduling violations …


    • With Captain-Eye Robot, as a child friend, help is a helpful friend, helping children sit in the correct posture to prevent myopia and spinal disease (hunchback),
    • Captain-Eye is connected with bluetooth and wifi to parents’ phones, so they can set up schedules, lessons, subjects and other habits that parents want on their phones. When the child is wrong or has a fault, the Captain-Eye friend will automatically prompt with images and sounds, the child will be proactive, self-correcting and correcting errors. The process takes place continuously, every day gradually, children will form good habits, helping them to confidently enter life.
    • Through mobile applications, parents can fully understand the health status, self-study, children’s habits through charts and analytical reports. At the same time, you can consult experts thanks to connecting the community and social networks. Since then parents have the appropriate adjustment solutions. With the phone app, parents can be assured not to be with their children, to have time to improve the quality of life, avoid unnecessary conflicts related to the education of their children in the family.

Products have been packaged and standardized as well as full of papers and actual certification to market. The product is easy to use, capable of organizing distribution. Especially with the technology 4.0 products can upgrade the user experience automatically and detect and fix errors from the server.

With many great features, The children of primary school, especially class 1,2 when not forming habits and psychologically affected when being played transferred to school. A common problem is that when learning to write eyes close to the table without knowing it will gradually lead to myopia and hunchbacked, then learning, playing, sleeping late, getting up late, not finishing school, and being afraid of the teacher Mothers must supervise regularly, intimidation, bullying, shouting …. At the elementary school level, children’s education takes time and is also the cause of unnecessary conflicts and conflicts. Robot Captain-Eye is the total solution to solve these problems. So this Robot is an indispensable friend on the school desk of grade 1,2 students


VIROBO company was operated by the founders of science and technology. Shareholders are alumni of Hanoi University of Science and Technology with many achievements such as the third Robocon nationwide in 2007. In the world’s 4.0 technology trend, VIROBO – the pioneers with youth, enthusiasm, and passion has applied the technology to create, produce robots and bring safety, comfort, health, and civilization to humans. On that basis, creating a positive connection environment, utilities and efficiency for all activities of society. VIROBO’s aspirations and goals will contribute to empowering Vietnam’s position in the international arena.

In September 2017, the Captain-Eye robot was successfully tested by Virobao. After such a successful trial, the company put its production and application into market testing in November 2017.

By March 2018, the product of time, posture, and smart anti-access monitoring device – Captain-Eye Robot was officially marketed. After more than 5 months of testing the Captain-Eye Robot officially launched to the market and introduced products and exhibitions at IT Techmart 2018 organized by the Ministry of Science and Technology on the occasion of Vietnam Technology Day. Products are participating in many exhibitions organized by the Party, Government, Ministry of Science and Technology. Currently the product has been introduced in Korea, Korean and Australian partners.

As soon as the product was officially launched in the market for more than 3 months, the Company signed a cooperation contract with more than 30 distributors in the provinces, with 4 offices in Hanoi, Can Tho, Saigon, and Da Nang. Especially having good cooperation with major partners, Adayroi, Goldenkids, Kidciti, Phuong Nam Bookstore. Especially the company has negotiated with the Education Business Section of Viettel Group.

Currently, the product has a large enough market capacity, the annual mechanical population growth is still growing, making a sale more likely to organize distribution. Especially, this is the application of technology 4.0 which is a trend-matching technology. With 4.0 Core Technology, it is possible to create many applications for other industries. Therefore, the product has the ability to attract investment from investors, partners, and funds.

Virobo Company is aiming to bring more useful features to its products. Like its own dreams and aspirations, Virobo is meeting and seeking market partners in Japan, Korea, Southeast Asia, EU countries and the US…


After the exhibition organized by the Ministry of Science and Technology, the uniqueness of a creative robot from Vietnamese engineers brought many benefits to the family and society; Robot Captain-Eye has been reported by many newspapers and television such as Dan Tri, Vnexpress, Hanoi Television, VTV1, VTV2, VTV3 … proud to be honored: Top 100 best products and services for families The fifth family, children, 2018 was voted by the Ministry of Labor, Invalids and Social Affairs in collaboration with the Family Newspaper and consumers.

Virobo’s Captain-Eye Robot product has also received a consolation prize of the “Vietnam Talent 2018” award. In particular, also in this year, the product went to Tech Innovation Singapore on 18-19.