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VATNOW is a startup in the Fintech sector established in Vietnam. VATNOW is a mobile application that enables end users and Merchant to digitize and automate VAT invoice request & issuance for businesses.


This project was launched in mid-February 2020 when the Covid-19 translation broke out. In less than 3 months, we have completed developing the MVP version for testing. We expect to bring the app to market officially on June 15, 2020.

We aim to support end users after using the service and have a need to issue VAT invoices to businesses, they can receive e-invoices via email within seconds after the request instead they have to wait too long to receive an invoice like the traditional way of doing now and sometimes the sales unit forgets to send an invoice to the end user.

We also support merchants to centrally manage customers’ VAT invoicing requirements and automate VAT invoicing for customers.

To be able to automate the VAT invoice step, VATNOW will connect with e-invoice software (Meinvoice, FPT, Viettel, VNPT …) and sales software (Kiotviet, Posapp, Mpos, Sapo .. .). Currently we are in the stage of connecting with einvoice software of MISA (Meinvoice) & Kiotviet sales software. The automatic invoice feature is expected to be released by the end of June 2020.

VATNOW is the only company currently providing a solution to digitize and automate VAT invoicing to end users. The units that provide e-invoice today on the market mainly focus on B2B customers (enterprises).


      • Download the iOS app from the Apple app store
      • Sign up for an account & login
      • Search to choose which company to issue VAT invoice for or create a new company
      • Add the company to be invoiced to favorites
      • When you need to issue a VAT invoice, you just need to open the VATNOW app and give the QR code to the scanning service provider.
      • Immediately receive confirmation via email and through the application from the service provider
      • An electronic invoice will be sent directly to your email
    • Download an android app from the Google app store
    • Sign up for an account & login
    • Create and declare service provider information
    • When the customer requests to issue a VAT invoice, you just need to open the VATNOW MERCHANT app and scan the QR code from the customer.
    • Take a picture of the bill and upload to the application
    • An invoice request will be sent directly to the email of the person responsible for billing
    • Issue electronic invoices and email them to customers
    • Update invoice issuance status on VATNOW application for customers