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Shaca is an Application to share Payment Cards, Credit Cards, ATMs, E-Wallet. Is an Online payment solution for Cash Users. Accordingly, Shaca is the intermediary between the Cardholder and the Person wishing to use the Card Tenant Card on the principle that the Cardholder will pay for the Cardholder instead and the Cardholder will return the original money plus an immediate fee is charged to the Cardholder for that transaction.


Usually users want to use credit cards to pay, they often borrow from friends. Shaca is based on that operation. Instead of borrowing your card or having to apply for a new card, users go to Shaca to find the right credit card. Cardholder, if accepting the transaction, will come to the place to pay on behalf of the tenant. After completing the payment, the tenant will pay in cash (including principal and fee) to the cardholder.

The highlight of Shaca is that users (card tenants) who do not need money in their account can still buy promotional goods and the application has all types of cards on the market for users to choose from. For cardholders, using credit cards regularly will help you earn extra income from your idle balance or earn points to enjoy preferential programs from banks.

Shaca brings together individuals who have been operating in the banking industry for many years and have had experience in many positions, many departments at domestic and foreign banks, so shaca members are always concerned. to find solutions to make the payment as easy as possible.

Shaca understands you, so Shaca was born with the mission of making Online payments the simplest, providing an online payment solution that could not be better for cash users and this is the mission, to be a child. a road that Shaca chose to serve the Vietnamese community.


Target customers are those who are not eligible to open a credit card (due to proof of income, credit history …); There is little cash in the account and those who want to make a promotional purchase but don’t have the promotion’s credit card.


  • Using the application is simple, easy.
  • Use cash and still buy products Online.
  • More than 500 types of Cards for you to choose to rent.
  • Use more than 1,000 preferential programs of banks.


  • Connection floor – Connecting customers’ financial needs to service providers: Through the connection platform, customers wishing to borrow capital, open a credit card will be directly connected with the lender immediately through three simple steps: register an account, post information and then wait for the person. Loan application review. All completely free.
  • Consultant – Direct marketing channel of investors, bank staff, finance companies: This is an effective marketing channel for consultants. Here, the consultant will communicate the promotions and service offers through posting his advice.
  • Business capital supplementary loan.
      • This is a product of the bank to meet all the additional capital needs of customers to produce, trade, provide services … in order to expand scale and improve competitiveness.
      • Business and production loan purposes approved by the bank: Purchase goods, raw materials; Invest in machinery and equipment, repair and upgrade factories, production and business establishments; Loan for agricultural investment. In addition, customers can also borrow money for business loans in a flexible way for business purposes in accordance with the provisions of law.
  • Consumer loans.
    • Consumer loans are loans to finance shopping, home appliances, car purchases, study abroad, weddings, travel, furniture purchases, home repair, and other Other inevitable needs in everyday life.
    • The purpose of installment consumer loans:
        • Borrowing money to buy furniture and household appliances
        • Borrowing phones, electronics, electronics
        • Borrow money for home repair and decoration
        • Borrowing money to travel, study
        • Loans to meet spending, beauty care, health, wedding ..
  • Car loan, motorbike loan: Car and motorbike loan is a form of loan that can be used as collateral or other property.
  • Real Estate Loans:
    • This is a loan product from the Bank to help customers own a property as desired.
    • Real estate loan purposes:
      • Real estate business loan
      • Loans to buy houses for living.
      • Get a cash loan: Cash Loan is a bank that grants you a line of unsecured loan or unsecured loan with simple and fast procedure.
  • Characteristics and benefits of unsecured loans
    • No need for collateral such as cars, houses, bonds …
    • Conditions and procedures are simple, fast, and the possibility of success is high.
    • No need to prove loan purpose.
    • Simple loan process, quick disbursement after 2 – 3 working days, possibly after 30 minutes
    • The current loan limit is relatively high, ranging from 10-15 times of income, up to 500 million.
    • Flexible loan period from 12 months to 60 months
    • Interest rates are very competitive, usually fluctuate at 15-18% / year for commercial banks (For financial companies, this interest rate is usually> 20% / year. decrease)


The business idea was born when Mr. Le Van Sinh – CEO of the project is still working in the bank, friends or borrowed his credit card to buy goods at preferential prices or pay online. From real needs plus experience in the credit sector, he reassessed the idea and surveyed the market. Van Sinh realizes that there are 77 million real payment cards in Vietnam, Ho Chi Minh City accounts for about 20% of the total number of cards (according to a report from the State Bank, Q2 / 2018). In addition, e-wallets have many but no credit card rental application yet. Realizing this is a niche market that no one has done yet and brings a lot of potential, at the end of 2017, he quit his job to start a business.

In June 2018, the application on the official website was launched, Shaca is still free for users. By 2019, the app will charge based on the rental difference between the card user and the promotional fee from the promoter.

From sketching business model to developing mobile applications for about 9 months and is gradually improving. Currently, the number of people who rent a card is about 1,400, and he and his partners still focus on building data about people who do not own credit cards.

After 2 years in operation, from a floor connecting the needs of leasing and leasing credit cards, Shaca has developed into a Financial Connection Floor – connecting all financial needs from loan needs, opening incoming credit card sends the savings needs of every customer in Vietnam.

On January 1, 2020, Shaca officially version 2.0 helps to connect customers wishing to use financial services with bank employees and investors. With version 2.0, Shaca aims to become a platform connecting all financial needs, intermediaries connecting customers (including individual customers, business customers) wishing to use financial services (lending, credit card opening) with bank employees, investors through Shaca application. This is to bring customers the best and fastest utilities at the cheapest cost.

Combining many solutions for intelligent and fast information processing based on practical knowledge and experience, Shaca is expected to be a breakthrough and useful financial connection platform for users in Vietnam.


According to Shaca recorded in September 2018, the most transaction volume falls to the group of people who rent cards to pay online advertising, the total transaction turnover is about 200 million dong a month.

Shaca is one of 25 outstanding startups of the Vietnam Startup 2018 voting program organized by VnExpress.

Top 25 startups are divided into 5 teams. Each team has 2-3 experts from investment, training and coaching organizations in charge of fostering and developing projects of the groups who register for the exam. Expected the training round will take place within a month. The Vietnam Startup 2018 program aims to connect, incubate, and find outstanding startups in many fields in Vietnam; contribute to promoting entrepreneurship innovation, honor breakthrough business models, sustainable and socio-economic development.