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MathMap Academy is a series of Mathematics education centers that apply American thinking education methods, helping students increase their ability to synthesize and memorize knowledge.


With a coherent, confident presentation and impressive figures, a chain of Mathematics education centers applying American thinking education methods convinced Shark Thuy to invest in SharkTank- the best startup program in Vietnam.

MathMap Academy is a series of Mathematics education centers that apply American thinking education methods, helping students increase their ability to synthesize and memorize knowledge.

In addition, this method also helps students form a life character through 3 core values: morality, energy and wisdom.

Having been in operation for 3 years now, MathMap Academy has 3 main types of products: thinking development skills (tuition fees 1-1.5 million / month), life skills (tuition 3-20 million / month) lock) and transfer agents in the provinces (worth 100-300 million VND / contract).


Currently, MathMap Academy develops 3 main products. With thinking math products, the center opens weekly classes, students pay 1 – 1.5 million VND / month, profit margin is 20-30%. According to scientific research ,Critical Maths is a form of calculation that occurs in the human brain without any supporting tools such as computers, paper and pen, … That’s why the “form” of ordinary thinking math to be confused with mental arithmetic on school. However, thinking math has a completely different “nature”, if mental arithmetic in school is a learning form of basic calculations, then thinking calculation is a long process of training and practicing how to use abacus from which to memorize the abacus particle images and basic calculations. Therefore, in the process of calculating in mind students are no longer numbers but imagining a virtual calculator in their heads to perform arbitrary calculations with amazing length and speed but complete mental math all can not be done. Critical Maths was born to help children apply thinking to the processing of calculations, to understand the nature of mathematical thinking instead of using only mechanically stereotyped formulas. Dry numbers, hard to remember overlapping calculations, difficult types of problems will be easily solved thanks to vivid learning methods and topics. Thanks to that, the children can use their independent brain thinking ability without the support of teachers or parents. In fact, thinking math brings many benefits to the intellectual development of children, especially children between the ages of 4-14. As follows

  • Access to advanced learning methods in the world. Most of the methods to practice thinking effectively come from abroad, especially advanced countries. When taught by these methods, children can maximize their ability to receive knowledge and think logically.
  • Develop a comprehensive brain thinking. Learning math thinking, children will have to be more active and flexible brain.
  • Develop all 5 skills that are essential to life. In addition to developing and promoting the brain, thinking math also helps develop skills such as concentration, observation, visualization, thinking and fast memory.
  • Build a deep knowledge base in Mathematics, so that children can develop, train their thinking and abilities for higher levels of education.
  • Children learn more actively, by themselves actively seek solutions to problems in exercises, self-awareness, learn lessons, self-reasoning, thinking and problem solving.
  • Inspire your baby’s interest in math and learning

The second product is life skills, with courses focused on between 50 and hundreds of students in the halls or outdoors. Tuition fees range from 3 to 20 million VND / course, profit margin is 30-50%.

The last form is to transfer agents to those who are dedicated to developing the MathMap Academy business model in the provinces and localities. Contract value is 100-300 million dong, profit margin is over 30%.

In 2018, MathMap Academy achieved sales of 10,385,245,704 VND. Particularly in the first 3 months of 2019, the company earned nearly 4 billion VND.


According to the introduction, Mathmap’s mathematical model is taught according to the American thinking method to help students increase their ability to synthesize and memorize knowledge; The center’s exercises system helps students stick to the school curriculum. Besides, Mathmap also organizes life skills courses to form rules of thinking to solve problems in life.

After 3 years of development, the Mathmap Academy system has 17 centers, including 8 regular establishments and 9 franchising establishments, 5,000 students have been studying.

According to CEO La Quang Vinh, with a math program with a schematic mindset, students will pay tuition fees of 1-1.5 million VND / course, profit margin 20-30%; With life skills program, it can be held in large hall or outdoors with 100 students: tuition fee is 3-20 million VND / course, profit margin is about 30-50%; the transfer of program agents in the provinces with the transfer price about 100-300 million, the profit margin over 50%.

CEO La Quang Vinh said that the business model of this central system was verified in the past 3 years, with revenue in 2018 reaching 10.38 billion VND, in the quarter alone. 1/2019 reached nearly 4 billion VND. The founder of Mathmap Academy pledges that if the sharks invest, they will recover their capital in 5 years or earlier, in case of not keeping the commitment, they will take personal money to compensate for the sharks.

MathMap Academy gathered a team of talented and enthusiastic leaders. CEO La Quang Vinh himself is also the author of ASIAN 2018’s Outstanding Learning Tips and Entrepreneurs. Founder and Training Director Nguyen Van Son is also an expert in math thinking, speakers and authors. Mathematics book series with diagram from grade 1 to grade 12 includes 108 books.

MathMap Academy with 3 main products: Thinking development skills, Life skills and program agents all achieve the average profit margin of 20 – 50%. And in particular, the business model has been verified over the past 3 years with 2018 revenue reaching 10,385,245,704 VND. In the first quarter of 2019, MathMap Academy reached a revenue of nearly 4 billion VND. Founders commit that investors can return their capital within 5 years or earlier.

Answering a question about the difference to compete with rivals in the world, founder Nguyen Van Son said, MathMap Academy has the following highlights: American-style thinking method helps children increase their synthesis ability and noted knowledge, especially the close association between the two hemispheres of the brain. Next is the environment to form rules of thinking for children in life. The system of training exercises is closely linked to the classroom educational curriculum, helping children form a personality through morality, energy and wisdom.

Together, thinking that developing thinking through mathematics is a very potential and meaningful market, Shark Nguyen Ngoc Thuy has paid much attention to MathMap Academy’s model.

Chairman of the Board of Directors and founder of Egroup Group – The owner of the Apax English Center chain, constantly asked questions related to MathMap Academy’s finance and filling performance. Responding to each issue in turn, CEO La Quang Vinh said that the occupancy rate is about 20-30% of regular centers. A center has been opened for about 6 months, at least 1 year, it will be profitable to allocate, cost on selling price is about 25-40%, a class has 8-16 students.

With the investment philosophy in “industry – people”, Shark Thuy also posed a question to try the startup’s response: “In case there is a better product but I like this startup team, we can change product? ”.

The founder of MathMap Academy quickly scored points with investors when giving the answer, which is to bring some of the Academy’s core values ​​into association with the product. Towards the last desire is to form a student’s life personality, help them step out firmly into life.

Shark Thuy gives MathMap Academy a proposal of VND 9,402,919,539, of which VND 4,402,919,539 for 20%, the remaining VND 5 billion is poured in the form of convertible bonds within 2 years with positive cash flow conditions on all center, 6 months are profitable in terms of distribution.


  • Successfully calling for capital over 9 billion VND.
  • There are 8 full-time and 9 franchise establishments, with 8000 students currently enrolled.