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Liberzy is a travel social network that provides trip planning and trip sharing tools that are visually displayed on a map. Social networking features help users to connect and exchange trips. Liberzy aims to generate revenue when users share trips.


Liberzy is a combination of “liberty” and “easy”, with the meaning of traveling freely and easily. “In addition, the” s “of” easy “has been changed to” z “to indicate, this is the travel platform for Generation Z, yo+ung people with the tendency to travel independently and prefer to use using technology in the trip.

The company “Liberzy – Free Travel Schedule” is an application capable of connecting tourism ecosystems based on sharing common information about the user’s trip. Liberzy is a combination of Liberty and Easy, describing traveling freely and easily. In addition, the ‘S’ of the word ‘Easy’ was changed to ‘Z’ to indicate, this is the travel platform for Generation Z, a generation geared towards self-sufficient travel and prefer to use public Technology during the trip. Thereby, users will have the tools to design the trip as needed, along with the itinerary and the notes are visually displayed on the map. Each user has a personal page to share destinations, experiences and connect with the passionate community through comments, interaction.

Liberzy is currently a product to help travelers schedule travel, as well as share schedules for others. In the near future, Liberzy will develop into a social network of information on tourism. In addition, the revenue sharing mechanism is also the difference of Liberzy. For each visitor’s assessment of a service-generating location (hotel, tour …) used by friends and booking that service, visitors can receive a commission. Thang said Liberzy plans to implement this feature in the near future. Not only that, the Liberzy team is also ambitious to develop electronic wallets and blockchain applications, with the goal of creating a revenue sharing mechanism in the system when there is a user contribution to the database.

Travel experience with Liberzy, users will have the tools to design trips according to their needs; Itineraries and notes will be visually displayed on the map. Each user has their own personal page to share their destinations, experiences and connect with the other passionate community “move” through comments, interaction… In addition, based on the user’s schedule, Liberzy also connects with suppliers to recommend services such as airline tickets, hotels, restaurants … suitable.


Liberzy is a travel application that provides:

  • Tool for users to make trip planning.
  • Tools for recording and sharing of travel trips are displayed visually on the map.
  • Each user has a personal page to show the trip.
  • Provides social networking features to help users connect and comment on trips by friends.
  • From user information in the schedule, Liberzy connects with other service providers and startups to suggest services such as airline tickets, hotels, tours … according to affiliate marketing program.
  • Liberzy is building Chatbot with an artificial intelligence application to exploit large data generated from the system, in order to provide the most appropriate and reliable information according to the needs of visitors.
  • Liberzy also develops electronic wallets and blockchain applications, with the goal to create a revenue sharing mechanism in the system when there is a user contribution to the database.


Before establishing Liberzy, Truong Duc Thang – CEO of Liberzy was an expert in the field of auditing with years of experience in accounting and auditing at international corporations. He graduated Master of Accounting at the University of London (UK), owns prestigious international certificates such as ACCA (certified certificate of British accounting), CIA (certificate of internal audit of the US) …, but still decided to give up everything to return home to start a business.

The Liberzy tourism startup project started in 2017, the project has been invested in technology right from the idea stage with a two-year technology package worth $ 100,000. Up to now, the project has completed the initial product development phase lasting 2 years and officially put into trial operation from March 2019. Currently on the system there are about 170,000 user accounts and 2,300 domestic and foreign travel schedules.

Mr. Truong Duc Thang – CEO of Liberzy shared, he founded this project derived from his travel passion. Before Liberzy, he used to be a hotel manager, training facility … but he still wanted a job that both gave his energy and allowed the freedom of time to travel.

In the years 2016 and 2017, the movement to travel and write “reviews” (ie recounting the trip details, together with the comments and comments of the author) and then posting on social networks was very popular. Each review is often accompanied by eye-catching images that attract viewers, even many who rely on “reviews” to design a similar travel itinerary.

At this time, the CEO thought of designing a social networking site on the basis of a map, where users would travel to where they would bookmark, write a “review”, and share photos at that point. Having experience in hotel management, he intends to work with tourism service providers (restaurants, hotels, transportation companies …) to introduce suitable products on each journey. , each destination, increasing choice for users.

Thinking about doing it, he embarked on building a community page (fan page) on Facebook, specializing in introducing tourist destinations and giving free tour advice to customers. Inheriting his passion and travel experience, Mr. Thang devoted himself to consulting, gradually gaining customers’ trust. In June 2017, Liberzy was officially born. “I want my products to help customers satisfy their love of exploring tourism, freedom, and freedom, and must be easy to use,” Mr. Thang said.

With headquarters located in Da Nang, Liberzy is determined to promote the city’s tourism. The project’s approach is to extract information from the community. According to Mr. Thang, it is difficult for anyone who understands Danang to fully and comprehensively advise all visitors. Therefore, Liberzy builds a community of locals, tourists … to support those who want to visit Da Nang, to help them have the best travel experience. This approach also applies to all other tourist destinations.

In 2018, Liberzy was invested by B.A.P Computer and Import-Export Joint Stock Company to build a mobile application. Currently the application has been completed and deployed on both iOS and Android operating systems. Liberzy is now one of the typical start-up projects at the Han River Startup Incubation Center, expanding its network of partners to many prestigious domestic and foreign business units.

Sharing plans in the near future, Mr. Thang – CEO of Liberzy said ” Liberzy will focus on business activities to create financial figures. Along with that, he will seek investors to accompany Liberzy to develop, becoming an indispensable application when traveling”.


After 2 years of operation, Liberzy has reached over 200,000 registered users, more than 3,000 domestic and foreign travel schedules.

In 2017, the startup travel social networking idea entered the top 3 of a startup contest. Han River Incubator then decided to invest 10% of the capital for the project. In October 2017, a technology company in Da Nang invested 35% of the capital, equivalent to about USD 100,000.

In 2019, thus, the capital raising deal of founder Truong Duc Thang in the Shark Tank program was successful with a total investment of USD 110,000 for a 40% stake, of which a 10% stake was given to the team founder.