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JobHopin is a platform that focuses on analyzing the job market, human resources and jobs. This startup is the Vietnam 1st career management and recruitment platform powered by AI/ML technology, which automates the sourcing process and helps the recruitment happen FASTER, EASIER, SMARTER.


JobHopin is a platform that focuses on analyzing the job market, human resources and jobs. Traditional recruitment sites often focus on traffic (website traffic), the number of jobs, when you post a lot of ads, your news will be on the front page, after a week this job news will be passed away. . This traditional way of hiring still works if the business wants to focus on quantity.

Virtual assistant of JobHopin’s Bunny is like Apple’s Siri or Amazon’s Alexa. With AI technology and machine learning, Bunny will travel online, collect and analyze data from many HR and recruitment sites, thereby understanding the supply and demand of human resources in that city, salary average like. All updates are real-time (in real time).

OBJECTIVE: If people watch Netflix, the platform takes personalized experience on their apps very seriously. That is also what JobHopin aiming for. JobHopin’s goal is to personalize job hunting, much like the recruitment industry’s Netflix.


  • Support a comprehensive HR industry overview of candidate skills and job information. Synchronizing resumes, job descriptions and preferred candidates on a modern interface, this helps unify the recruitment industry that is fragmented. At the same time Jobhopin also provides progressive analysis to cater to job hunting and recruitment needs.
  • More professional and reliable thanks to the authenticity of the candidate’s and business profiles. When submitting job hunting resumes in the traditional way, candidates and employers are not guaranteed benefits, reliability, fairness when applying. The information about job requirements, salary, candidate qualifications are optimized, users and companies have been verified. Bunny AI will also give preference to verified individuals and companies.
    • From a human resources perspective, JobHopin provides a modern employment platform to not only facilitate candidates to access jobs on a regular basis, but also incorporate problem solving in the volatile job market. contributing to improving the quality and quality of the workforce in Southeast Asia.
    • From a commercial perspective, the JobHopin platform provides real market data analysis such as: Salary, active / passive candidate supply, recruitment needs and suitable services for candidates … Meanwhile, JobHopin can integrate with online learning platforms, online proficiency testing services, even become a job posting platform for third parties.



Southeast Asia has 60 million workers in the knowledge economy, with 108 positions per year. However, the recruitment process has almost no change, some positions spend an average of more than a month to find suitable personnel because the screening is still done manually.Traditional recruitment sites often focus on traffic (website traffic), the number of jobs, when you post a lot of ads, your news will be on the front page, after a week this job news will be passed away. . This traditional way of hiring still works if the business wants to focus on quantity.

The recruitment trend in Southeast Asia also has a strong shift when the demand for human resources in the technology sector increases strongly. The demand for IT workers increased by 7% in the first quarter of 2020. The Covid-19 situation also helped accelerate the application of technology tools to recruitment activities with 79% of young generation workers applying. via the Internet and 90% of job interviews are done online.

Furthermore, with the economic transformation, the recruitment trend also has a strong change with the demand for IT labor increasing 7% in the first quarter of 2020. The process of applying technology to life also changed dramatically when the disease Covid-19 appeared. Approximately 79% of young workers apply through the Internet and 90% of job interviews are done online due to the effects of epidemics.


Founded in 2017 by CEO Kevin Nguyen, a startup that uses Ai technology and machine learning automates the hiring process. JobHopin said the company’s revenue has increased 300% from 2018 and is expecting to be profitable in the Vietnamese market by early 2021.

During its development, in 2018, JobHopin also successfully raised $ 710,000 USD from Japanese corporation Mynavi Corporation, Singapore KK Fund, Canaan Valley Capital (Shumway Capital) USA, many leaders from iCare Benefits Group, PWC Auditing Company, Forbes Vietnam Company, HSC Securities Company. Thanks to that, JobHopin has strong resources to conquer the goal of solving HR problems with artificial intelligence and develop sustainably together with businesses. 

In the first quarter, JobHopin saw about 79% of GenZs and millennials use the internet to apply for jobs and more than 90% of job interviews turn online. Online shopping and activities increased by 25%, with 3,000-4,000 online orders per minute during peak hours. This has resulted in the greatest demand for workers in the e-commerce industry, focusing on delivery staff in Ho Chi Minh City. The information technology industry also witnessed a 7% increase in labor demand year on year. With online shopping on the rise, the manufacturing industry has seen a 27% increase in demand for middle and senior employees. However, layoffs, unpaid leave and wage cuts are common in other industries. For example, the banking sector has mostly stopped hiring and there has been a change in senior staff with a large number of banks restructuring and reducing the number of staff. Similarly, hotel hiring is also affected, employees have to take unpaid leave, or earn close to 20-30% of their salaries, as the industry is struggling to cope with the crisis.

Up to now, JobHopin has more than 500 businesses that use and connect with more than 80,000 candidates with high relevance to recruiting businesses. JobHopin set a target, in the next 3 years, will be in the group of top recruitment enterprises for Vietnam, Thailand and Philippines market.

Currently, JobHopin is doing business under the B2B model with more than 2,000 corporate customers. When these businesses upload a candidate’s CV to our application, the application will automatically analyze what this candidate is most suitable for and what skills and career desires of that candidate are most suitable. % with employer’s criteria.

In 2020, JobHopin focus on launching new products, not only for corporate customers but also for candidates to find the most suitable, fastest and highest-paying job.

JobHopin’s immediate goal is that this year or early next year JobHopin will be profitable in the Vietnamese market. In the next 2-3 years, JobHopin will try to do well in the Vietnamese market, then the dream of moving to Southeast Asia will be easier. Currently, the Bunny system understands a lot of Vietnamese and English. When entering a new market, it is only necessary to train them to understand the language and recruitment data in that country.

May 2020, receiving an amount of 2.45 million USD to develop technology and expand operations to Southeast Asia. Previously, the startup received $ 710,000 from seed aspirations with investors from KK Fund and Mynavi Corporatin of Japan, along with a few angel investors in Vietnam. The money will be invested to increase the influence of Bunny – job search and recommendation platform, human resources using AI technology to Southeast Asian countries.

“Since the beginning of 2018, JobHopin has seen annual revenue growth of more than 300%,” said Thomas Hornbeck, an investor and board member at JobHopin. JobHopin expects the company to be profitable in Vietnam by the beginning of 2021.