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I-Gen is a non-profit English learning project for the community, founded and developed by University of Economics – Law and VSN Education Technology Joint Stock Company. The project wants to help students improve their English with an advanced, convenient online learning method, but still ensure the same results as studying in a traditional class.


The project is implemented on a multi-dimensional interactive e-Learning platform, with students and faculty communicating with each other like on the lecture halls. The project combines built-in lessons from pronunciation practice, the use of grammar structures, bank of exercises to effective English learning method tutorials. The intelligent eLearning system will evaluate each learner’s progress, identify each individual’s difficult problems so that the trainer / system can offer appropriate training programs. And thanks to technology, the project has an economic advantage because of the size and class, many students still manage the quality and operation.

Students will be completely autonomous in learning at anytime, anywhere, thereby saving traveling time. The system of video lectures returned to the classroom, with no limit on the number of views, ensures that students, if due to force majeure, are absent, can still follow the planned learning route. Students will not have to worry about lost lessons when learning through third-party online chat applications.

In addition, the e-Learning system will also evaluate each student’s progress, identify each individual’s problem so that the lecturer / system can offer an appropriate training program. And based on technology, the project will have an economic advantage thanks to its large class sizes and still quality management and good operation. The most special feature of the system is that the technical team applies artificial intelligence technology in the classroom. If a student has not completed an assignment for reasons of not understanding or truancy, the system will automatically add more lessons to motivate students to work hard and not gaps in knowledge.

The homework list is displayed in each lesson, students can immediately complete the homework after the lesson and practice again many times. The results will be displayed as soon as the submission is submitted. Plus, the integrated Tracking system clearly displays the number of lessons, the number of exercises done, the results of the work to ensure that students can review the learning process, as well as track the satisfactory situation to receive scholarships.


  • Firstly, This is a system that specializes in online teaching. Unlike simple video meeting platforms, iGen eLearning designed so that classes can take place according to a familiar teaching model, more convenient for teachers’ lectures, for grasping learning content, cooperation between students or teacher with students. Each class shows details of the content of each session, has an automatic attendance system and email notification to remind students, as well as use to evaluate study results and whether students will receive scholarships or not. Commenting feature about lessons in each class so that teachers can adjust the speed and content of teaching in the most convenient way, the system of exercises is as diverse as in a real classroom, without content restrictions such as in a regular offline classroom. This system makes it convenient for teachers to start teaching, relative homogeneity of content and quality is ensured, while easily maintaining an atmosphere in a classroom. The tools iGen provide also help reduce pressure from side activities in the teaching process such as marking, testing, lesson plan preparation …
  • Secondly , iGen eLearning supports a variety of exercises (multiple choice, blank words, essay, listening and word filling,….) And self-grading. This helps teachers to have many options when giving different types of questions, meeting the teaching of current popular English programs such as IELTS, TOEIC, TOEFL, and students benefit from access to training materials. Huge training to practice regularly, with increasing difficulty, regardless of the teacher or spend a lot of time searching. With a clearly and detailed learning pathway, students, if they want, can fully take the initiative in their self-study at home, further shortening the time and maximizing the speed of improvement. function.
  • Thirdly , iGen eLearning is developing to bring interactive activities such as Magic Hat, Who is a Millionaire, Monopoly … into the curriculum, making learning become more attractive and interesting to learn. members, making up for activities that might take place in the offline environment.
  • Fourth , iGen eLearning will develop deep and machine learning algorithms to evaluate: more accurate and detailed input for each skill, question type, weak point analysis as well as progress in the learning process. , then suggest solutions for each specific student such as: what type of exercises or grammar points need to do more / more review, students are weak in vocabulary or ideas, etc. This is a big problem. For those who are not good at English when registering to study English at any center, because normally you will not be clearly advised on your weaknesses to be able to plan a dark study route and plan. best for yourself.
  • Fifth , iGen eLearning has the capacity to host more than 1,000 concurrent learners. Instructors can interact with many students at the same time. This will help minimize costs when organizing a class. Students from all over the country can join the programs of top teachers at home and abroad, solve the problem of English training in remote areas, with little or no development conditions. have quality teachers to teach, bringing maximum convenience and quality, with the most optimal cost.


  • E- learning
    • Learn anytime, anywhere, save travel time, through trendy learning platforms such as livestream, video lessons, online chatting groups.
    • Interact directly with teachers like in the traditional classroom through teaching sessions on the basis of advanced livestream developed by VSN Education Technology Joint Stock Company.
    • Play-back video system recorded from classes allows for unlimited reviews, ensuring students who are absent from class due to force majeure reasons can still follow the given learning program.
  • Practicing homework
    • Diverse exercise system for each study program. The exercise content is updated from prestigious textbooks.
    • A list of homework is shown in each lesson. Students can do the exercises right after finishing the lesson, and practice again and again.
    • Results are displayed immediately upon submission. Students can continue to do it again to improve the results, or see the answer right away to absorb more knowledge.
  • Progress assessment:
    • Students can track the learning schedule, number of sessions attended, assignments completed, scores achieved … to be able to self-assess their progress after finishing the course.
    • Integratec Tracking system to clearly shows the number of lessons attended, the number of exercises done, the results of the test to ensure that students can review the learning process, as well as track the scholarship requirement satisfaction progress.
    • The instructor and the student care team of the class can also grasp this information to assess the progress of the learners through each session to strongly support students to achieve better results.


  • General English : help students practice 4 skills LISTENING – SPEAKING – READING – WRITTEN. At the end of this course, students can master grammar structures, practice common and advanced communication sentences, depending on their entrance exam levels. The content will include 6 levels: A1, A2, B1, B2, C1, C2.
  • TOEIC test preparation in the latest format: supporting students to reach TOEIC levels according to the output standards of universities, eliminating the worry of submitting English certificates to qualify for graduation of the year students. end. The content for exam preparation will include 3 levels: 500+, 650+, 800+
  • IELTS preparation: help students achieve IELTS levels from basic to advanced, expanding opportunities to find suitable jobs. Content for exam preparation includes three levels: 5.0, 6.0, 7.0.



According to Dezan Shira & Associates Consulting, Vietnam’s education sector is very attractive to FDI inflows because 42.1% of the population is under the age of 24. Last year, it was estimated the cost of children studying abroad. of Vietnamese families has reached 3 billion USD. The World Bank report shows that nearly 30% of Vietnamese households let their children participate in private courses, especially skills and language classes.

In the context that Vietnam is becoming an attractive market for international investment funds in the field of English education, many individual investors are also very responsive and active in teaching center projects. English. However, because the cost of inviting foreigners to teach is quite expensive, many poor students and students can access this education. Meanwhile, in many universities, many new disciplines, the program is built according to foreign standards, training 100% of English, of course, it is necessary to require English language ability of learners. This is an inevitable trend in the context that Vietnam is trying to catch up with the advances in the industrial revolution 4.0.


Therefore, Mr. Nguyen Duy Hiep, Director of the Center for Business Relations at the University of Economics – Law, together with the teachers in the school opened a startup teaching online English for students at a low price called i-Gen. The special feature is that i-Gen is a social enterprise for the community, committing to contribute 51% of profits for the Vietnamese student scholarship fund, with the aim of removing language barriers at a very cheap cost. help students confidently use English in their studies and future careers. As hard as students attend 80% of the total number of lessons, complete homework with the correct rate of over 70% and score high in the final exam, they can receive a scholarship of 50-100. %.

With many advantages and social significance, startup i-Gen has entered the top 60 startup projects of the Startup Wheel 2020 contest organized by BSSC Investment Fund and will continue the presentation round to select the top 50. Ms. Thuy shared her future orientation: “We hope i-Gen will support more than 1 million students nationwide by 2025 to be able to speak English confidently. In addition, with our well-invested foundation and teaching experience, we will expand to other languages, helping Vietnamese people to integrate more easily with international friends ”.

3. DREAM 2030:

A famous businessman once said, “Where Vietnamese products are, the Vietnamese border will be there”. We have a dream about connecting the intellectual power of Vietnamese people to conquer the world. The project “One billion young people in the world will be fluent in a second language by 2030”, whereby people in many countries that do not speak English as their mother tongue can learn languages ​​such as French, German, Japanese, and Korean. , Russia, China … on the foundation created by the Vietnamese people, as well as creating a new position for the Vietnamese people, when the whole of Southeast Asia will have to look at us as quality English teachers to study. , instead of the Philippines as it is today. We hope to have the opportunity to share more about this desire and to be supported by the Fund because we fully believe that when the knowledge of Vietnam unites together, we will create great things.