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Mobile application HOZO – Work of the day – Get money now. It is a smart job association application. Link tenants and short-term employees. Create links that are useful for society.


Hozo is a community connection application platform to provide seasonal employment linkage services in Vietnam. Hozo helps those wishing to post seasonal jobs to find workers quickly, with quality, cost savings and high reliability of identity.

Hozo also helps employees find jobs, access to many customers, is a direct bridge to customers, creating conditions for employees to increase their income with suitable jobs with expertise and time. and location.

From simple to complex, from needing one person to needing a group of people, from popularizing to unexpected, Hozo is a place that can meet all work needs of customers.


Officially launched in the market on July 1, 2017, Hozo is an application that links seasonal jobs with jobs classified as diverse as: unskilled workers (loading, unloading, packing, keeping cars, etc.). construction assistants …), day helpers (interior cleaning, house cleaning, dish washing, laundry …), event organization (PG / PB, spectators, make-up models, hair models …) , restaurant service, wedding reception; distributing leaflets, market survey …

Hozo allows those wishing to hire workers for short-term, seasonal jobs to find people quickly with just one touch and immediately assign jobs to candidates without going through intermediaries, agency. Based on the connection between the supply and demand sides via the internet and smartphone devices, employers easily access an abundant source of labor, thereby selecting qualified individuals with the most economical cost. Through this application, an individual can also quickly find suitable jobs around the area that is most convenient for him and get a job in a very short time.

Launched less than 1 year, but Hozo app now has more than 100,000 users with hundreds of job posts per day. Statistics show that about 95% of posted jobs find a job within 24 hours.

In 2018, Hozo – Vietnamese startup received a $ 80,000 start-up support package from Facebook. FbStart is a program with more than 9000 members from 137 countries, one third of which are located in the Asia Pacific region. This program is implemented by Facebook by partnering with its partners to support mobile startups / products including free tools, services and benefits. as the instructional programs. More than 200 startups in Vietnam have participated in this program.

Hozo said, to receive support from the FbStart program, the application development team had to send the project description, implementation information and data directly to FbStart. After that, Facebook will verify, validate information and interview to consider and award support. In the notification letter approving the registration to join the Fbstart program, Facebook said Hozo – the seasonal job association application was chosen because of its impressive development in the past and its growth potential in the coming period next. As a result, Hozo received Accelerate support – developer support for mobile apps already in the Apple or Google app store, and has achieved certain success. with your target market. This support package is worth 80,000 USD (equivalent to nearly 2 billion VND). The above grant does not include cash and cannot be exchanged for cash but will be exchanged under the form of using services provided by Facebook and partners (such as Amazon, Dropbox, Adobe, Stripe, MailChimp. , Asana,…), from which businesses can build, develop and increase customers for their mobile applications. Sharing about the support package FbStart received from Facebook, Hozo said that although all support is not cash, it means a lot for the development of the business. The above support package will help Hozo run the business, ensure the stability of the system, add useful features to meet the needs of both sides (jobseekers and job seekers), and enhance marketing. , promote the application to a mass of users.