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GUMAC is one of the most prominent fashion brands in the Vietnamese fashion industry in recent years, only in a short period of 3 years, the fashion brand has expanded nearly 50 showrooms across the North, Central and South. marking a rapid development step and blowing a new wind into the Vietnamese fashion market.




As the type of person who always thinks positively, Le Thanh Van – Project CEO has a strong belief in the maturity of his spiritual “child” – GUMAC Fashion chain. “Soon, GUMAC stores will be available all over the country, bringing quality and affordable fashion products to Vietnamese women”, Thanh Van affirmed.

Going up from online sales and using livestream (live streaming) tools via Facebook, GUMAC CEO has proven, not only celebrities or the “hot girl” sales livestream can attract more views.

Le Thanh Van is famous in the online community with the nickname “Live King”. Each of his livestreams attracted hundreds of thousands of views because of his charming, humorous and enthusiastic speaking ability. In particular, Thanh Van was listed as a “marshal” by her sisters when she took the time to write each sincere hand letter to customers on the occasion of GUMAC’s 3-year-old birthday (2018).

Thanh Van is confident that GUMAC is one of the rare fashion brands in Vietnam with a high and stable rate of online sales. The strong investment in products and deep understanding of the fashion market are an advantage that helps GUMAC have a loyal customer base in all parts of the country. In addition, the decision to choose the mid-range fashion segment – the market does not have a clear dominant brand, GUMAC also has a lot of “land” to perform and break through.

Gumac targets the female market segment with an income of about 5 million, which is the average income of women in the office. With a product labeled 300-500 thousand VND, it is an appropriate price so that you do not need to hesitate much in shopping, but this is completely suitable in online business, you can make decisions to shop immediately. Gumac focuses on the design of international trendy models but is also very meticulous on each seam, and that makes the office sisters very fond of Gumac’s products.

VISION: To become the number one female fashion brand in Vietnam by 2022. By 2023 to present in the international market. GUMAC will be the top shopping destination for women in the coming years.

MISSION: All women, no matter where they are in Vietnam, when they come to the GUMAC showroom, have equal opportunities to own the products they love. And when they put it on, not only the beauty of the form, but also the belief in their true worth, motivates them to devote themselves to their desires and dreams, to then live happiest and most confident.

CORE VALUES: All for customers.



  • Support for 7 days exchange
  • Delivery anywhere in the fastest time, receive goods quickly. The photos taken are 100% real, ensuring the product design and color are the same as the posted pictures.
  • Contact prompt consultation when customers order products.
  • You will be able to comfortably choose your own fashion style. GUMAC has always been a reliable shopping place for all women. Buying online has never been easier with GUMAC.VN.



In the fashion business process, Le Thanh Van – Project CEO sees a lot of customers who want to be consulted about products that are suitable for them. Seeing a cheap livestream, no advertising money, I decided to do a livestream series on facebook “Dress well with Gumac”. This method received quite positive feedback from customers, so Le Thanh Van – Project CEO decided to sell on this channel until now.

In November 2015, Gumac opened the first store, but to have a second store it took 8 months (ie until 8/2016) to have enough money to open more. But after only 3 years, grasping the psychology of customers is to touch with their hands, see the products with their own eyes, so far Gumac has opened more than 70 stores. In which, the North has 14 stores which are operating quite stably. And the target by the end of 2020 will exceed 100 stores nationwide.

In 2017, GUMAC applied a franchise model for the fastest market coverage, but suspended in 2018 to complete and rebuild the supply chain. This year, GUMAC will continue to look for suitable partners to build a stronger chain together.

Although GUMAC has gained a certain position, with Thanh Van, things have just begun. Especially, with the diversity and fierce competition of the current fashion market, the perfection and standardization of the system is one of the decisive factors for the success of GUMAC.

However, many people in the fashion world expressed their doubts that GUMAC could bring millions of Vietnamese women well-designed fashion products at affordable prices, because normally, quality goods are rare. with cheap price. Explaining this, Thanh Van said, GUMAC attaches great importance to choosing materials that are suitable for the mid-range segment. With the quantity of hundreds of thousands of products per month, GUMAC has the advantage of production cost while ensuring quality. In addition, the online channel also brings GUMAC great profits, helping GUMAC shorten the time to pay back capital and quickly re-invest. In addition, GUMAC’s customer care services are always focused and properly invested, so the number of satisfied customers after shopping and returning is very high.

The year 2019 will be an important stepping stone for GUMAC to explode. To achieve that, in addition to improving the quality of human resources, GUMAC will focus on investing to become the fashion brand with the best customer care service in Vietnam; New model release speed quickly …

Gumac’s 2020 goal is growth. Online revenue accounts for about 40%, in previous years about 35-40%. In the fashion world selling online 5% is already high. To achieve the above target, the company plans to increase the number of stores this year to 100, or about 15% growth. CEO Gumac hopes Gumac 2020 is everyone’s, the employees feel their own, and how will the customers be. That is the true meaning of what I want to do for the society, the fashion industry.

Although the online channel is “making money”, GUMAC will continue to cover the chain of stores. Thanh Van explains that one of the barriers affecting Vietnamese consumers’ decisions to spend money, especially women, is the fear of the quality of goods, so they always want to experience firsthand. product. Having stores in the locality also helps customers more convenient in return and warranty products, having more enjoyable experiences when shopping with relatives; Shorten delivery time and cost …


Currently, GUMAC has 52 showrooms in 24 provinces and cities, in which, Ho Chi Minh City is the market that brings the most revenue. Thanh Van aims to have 400 GUMAC stores by the end of 2022. Thanh Van further revealed that GUMAC started to connect and work with domestic and foreign investment funds and expect to soon choose a strategic investor. strategy to step by step make GUMAC become the number 1 women’s fashion company in Vietnam.

With multi-channel chains, the proportion of revenue from online channels is usually 10%, but Gumac’s corresponding figure is up to 33-35%. The chain has a quite high loyalty rate with 70% on the online channel and 40% in the direct channel, according to the data summarized in June 2019. Gumac’s fanpage currently has nearly 700,000 registered members.