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GoStream is a GoDream live stream support service, which makes it possible to conduct live video streaming on Facebook, Youtube, using any website’s video link to live stream. The video quality is to default 480p, the sound does not have an error or a voice. Gostudio is built with unique features wrapped in one platform: rotating multiple cameras, online votes, interactive game show Organizer,… GoStudio is currently the first and only unit that offers interactive gaming on social media.


With the growth of the internet and the explosion of social networks, Livestream has become a favorite tool for everyone, including online sellers. GoStream was born with the mission to make a difference for Social Network channels (Facebook fanpage, Youtube channel, …). This is a livestream support tool to help users easily convert any video and any camera source into a livestream format.

With the Gostream tool, users can livestream from pre-recorded videos, from different camera sources and publish simultaneously on social networks Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, … Users can livestream at anywhere, just install the Gostream app on your phone without a computer needed.

Convenience comes from the click, besides, has fun with things that are directly showed on the screen instead of the content that has been edited. Catching that trend, GoStream quickly became the most popular Livestream Professional Support Tool with more than 500,000 customers and businesses in use.

Early start-up with GoStream, which was difficult to see with the lack of both capital and companion. The team then had only three people at the same time, the 3 co-founder with an extremely simple model: A man who was worried back-end, a person who lo front-end and a business person. And to save costs, the company’s first office is not in Hanoi or Ho Chi Minh City. It is Nghe An. “It is possible to say this is the first luck and also the biggest lucky decision GoStream’s success, when 3 we are the perfect piece of each other, though living in the top 2 countries but fortunes have taken us to become the 1st team. With a small amount of capital that 3 we donate, the first issue we have to deal with is to put the office where there are 2 founders in Hanoi and 1 in HCMC. Hcm. After the gambling, we think that if the office in such big cities will quickly run out of money while earning profit. Therefore, I decided to put the main office at the same time as R & D Center in Nghe An-where my hometown-simultaneously opened representative office in Ho Chi Minh. This has two benefits, the first being cost-saving during the start of the startup. 2nd, when headquartered in Nghe An, we are fortunate to support the department and the policies dedicated to startups to develop the best. In addition to this office, GoStream placed another small office in Ho Chi Minh and for 1 co-founder in charge of the business to reach out, meet with big customers and partners here, “CEO GoStream recalled.

Speaking of the biggest difficulties of a tech startup, it is not the capital of human resources. “Starting a business in the country also has its own difficulties. The biggest difficulty is personnel problems. Good personnel are usually concentrated in the big city, so we are difficult to recruit suitable personnel. We offer 2 strategies. The first was to recruit the country personnel in Nghe An, who are currently working in major cities and have a desire to return to work locally. Our motto is to work in Nghe An but paid equivalent to major cities such as Hanoi or Ho Chi Minh City. Hcm. The second strategy is in-home HR training, which is the students at universities in the local universities. Every year we guide about 50 students to practice and retain 1-2 you match the requirements. For the first time, all three co-founders had no salary, to find other jobs to earn their income, though we were still optimistic about GoStream’s future because we quickly got the first customers, while receiving positive feedback. From those responses, we’re back to improving our products and continuously upgrading the new version. So far we have had almost 500,000 user registration and turnover continuously average growth 120% per month “, Tien Vien proud to talk about the achievement achieved.

Casting a price experience in the start-up journey, CEO GoStream strictly shares that the consent of co-founders is the key to success. “I believe that the mutual satisfaction and support of founding members is the deciding factor in a startup. We are always in mind, co-founder must be the SAME vision and the OTHER capacity. Similar vision helps us to bring the company back to 1 direction. Other capacities help us to complement each other, becoming the perfect piece of each other “, advancing again.


  • Save on sales cost, independent of advertising
  • Increase online sales by 3 to 4 times according to the trend of new-style Livestream
  • Attract customers thanks to the surprise and natural
  • Integrate trust with transparency and unmodified content
  • Unite customers with real-time, fast and timely two-way interaction
  • Win your competitors with the exclusive livestream formula, the ability to close orders.
  • Helps save time and increase single closing rates


  • CREATE QUICKLY AND EFFICIENTLY AUTOMATIC LIVESTREAM: Users can broadcast the livestream to many individual accounts, fanpages, groups at the same time with just one click to reach thousands of customers from different sources.
  • LIVESTREAM ON MULTIPLE PLACES AT THE SAME TIME: The most special thing about GoStream is that you only need 1 GoStream account and can link to infinite Facebook accounts. You can live on multiple Facebook accounts such as individual accounts, fanpages or groups.
  • NATURALLY INCREASE VIRTUAL EYE : The system has features that support the virtual eye boost for the most natural way of livestreaming, which will help viewers feel livestream more attractive and streamer will also feel a lot more confident. This is a way to help your selling more effective with automatic livestream that thousands of streamers are applying.
  • UP YOUR LIVE STREAM TO THE GROUP THAT YOU JOINED: Users can use their automatic livestream posting feature to joined groups with just a few mouse clicks.
  • ĐÍNH LOGO, THƯƠNG HIỆU, GHIM COMMENT: Video livestream sẽ mang đậm dấu ấn cá nhân khi được đính kèm logo, hình ảnh thương hiệu trong suốt quá trình live.
  • ATTACHING LOGO AND BRAND, PIN COMMENT: The livestream video will bring a personal impression when attached to the logo, brand image during the livesteaming.
  • LIVESTREAM TIMER SETTING, CREATING PROFESSIONAL MINIGAME: Livestream anytime with livestream timer setting. The application can help create professional games like Chasing Pictures, Confetti, … There are also features such as: interactive statistics after livestream; Send mass messages to old customers; …


Currently, GoStream has more than 500,000 users, more than 6,000 purchases, more than 30,000 live streams per day, and more than 58 different functions and 6500 support ports.

In 2019, GoStream is one of the 4 technology startups that have been announced by Zone Startups Vietnam at the event of Invesment Day. Other three startups are Cloudwater, Medihub and Edu2review which also received investment in the seeding round from VinaCapital Ventures. Speaking of this achievement, Tien – CEO of Gostream said this is an extremely important step in GoStream’s next journey.

Two products of Gostream won the second prize for a security solution for surveillance cameras designed by the Institute of Information Technology and Communications at the Hanoi University of Science and Technology, and GoStudio designed by GoStream in the field of TV broadcasting in 2019. 

WRITER’S NAME: Bạch Hà Nhã Chi