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GIAO HANG TIET KIEM Joint Stock Company is an industrial shipping unit for e-eCommerce in Vietnam. GHTK specializes in providing delivery services (Last-mile Delivery) and cash-on-delivery (Cash-on-Delivery) for the Shop / Business online business. The advantages of GHTK are fast speed, wide network coverage nationwide, and especially flexible and friendly service thinking on the basis of technology. Delivery speed has a huge impact on customers in online retail activities. GIAO HANG TIET KIEM makes everyday effort to provide reliable, reliable delivery and collection services. GIAO HANG TIET KIEM believes that GHTK’s services are useful to society as a whole. Salespeople sell more, customers shop more comfortably, and shippers have more work and a decent income.


GIAO HANG TIET KIEM is a kind of normal freight service with average speed to be tracked. This type of service applies to all goods except food, and should not be urgently sent with this type of service. The biggest advantage is that the shipping fee is very cheap, suitable for businesses, business shops or delivery goods with large orders every day, which will save huge costs. is a shipping unit that greatly impacts customers in online retail. The GHTK makes every effort to provide reliable and reliable same-day delivery and cash on delivery. The main customers of the GIAO HANG TIET KIEM service are small and medium-sized online businesses, with orders of light weight and fast delivery times.

Differences of

  • Free collection.
  • Flexible, fast delivery.
  • Coverage in 63 provinces across the country.
  • Shop staff takes goods.
  • Storage time is up to 3 days and repeated delivery support.
  • Take photos of the order instead of the paper bill.


  • The cost of transportation is economical and has many incentives.
  • Free collection.
  • Take good care of other customers.
  • Support multiple deliveries, flexible when customers change address, phone number, support delivery in the evening.
  • In a large city and inner-city areas, fast delivery with good price.
  • The collection fee is paid quickly.
  • Have cargo insurance.
  • Defect:
  • Delivery by roaming or provinces is slow.
  • Many times, orders are overloaded, unable to serve the shipping needs of stores.

The great advantage of GIAO HANG TIET KIEM lies not only in the service but also in the shipping costs. There are many Online Shop that prefer to use the service because of its agility, staff attitude and reasonable delivery costs.


  • FAST: This is the core value that GHTK strives every day to bring the best customer experience. Fast goods are always moving without stopping. Fast is the process of improving productivity per employee. Is automating the delivery process based on technology.
  • FLEXIBILITY: It is the most difficult problem of the operating system, but GHTK believes that flexibility is a competitive advantage to help the GHG become different. At GHTK, we work every day for this goal. Focus on building an optimal Technology platform so that Shops / Enterprises can serve customers flexibly, creating a new shopping experience.
  • FRIENDLY: As an indispensable service industry, in GHTK, every employee always strives to bring satisfaction to customers from the very beginning. receive to handle the incident. GHTK understands that serving the buyers better is also helping the people to be more reputable. Not only human, technology system and operation process of GHTK are also simplified to be easiest to understand and most user-friendly to all users.


GIAO HANG TIET KIEM Joint Stock Company (referred to as the Company for short) is a technology company engaged in postal and delivery services, a professional transportation unit for e-commerce ( eLogistics); specializing in providing delivery services (Last-Mile Delivery) and collecting money (Cash-on-Delivery) for individuals, businesses and organizations doing business online. The Company’s advantage is the high speed, wide network coverage throughout the country and especially the strength in researching and applying new technologies for postal and delivery activities.

Founded in 2013, under 6 years of establishment and development, GHT has been present in 63 provinces and 11,000+ communes and districts nationwide with more than 20 operation centers, the number of road trucks. more than 1,000 ++ vehicles, over 700 branches with a total warehousing infrastructure area of ​​over 220,000m2. The number of employees and collaborators currently working at the GHTK has reached more than 20,000 employees.

As a company operating on the basis of technology, during the past 6 years, the goal of GHTK is not only human-friendly, but also the technology system and operating procedures in a simple, easy to understand, The easiest to use. So far, the GHTK is constantly researching, perfecting and improving more. Because, GHTK believes that technology products are the driving force for development, not only for its operation but also for the company’s staff.

The main service of GHTK is to transport furniture, goods from stores, or planned places to the place of receipt quickly.

Mode of operation:

  • Receive orders
  • Shop login and post orders to the GHTK dispatching center through its own management system.
  • Pickup
  • GHTK staff through the shop address to pick up the goods in place
  • Delivery
  • GHTK delivery goods to customers and collect money directly (Cash on Delivery)
  • For control
  • GHTK collects payment for shop (3 times / week) via bank account. Also send periodic reconciliation minutes to the email.
  • End
  • Transaction completed



  • Along with the hot growth of e-commerce, the forwarding industry is also forced to develop to keep up with this momentum. Besides traditional large-scale businesses such as VNPost and Viettel Post, the e-commerce forwarding market now recognizes many other names such as GIAO HANG NHANH (GHN), GIAO HANG TIET KIEM (GHTK), Ahamove. Vietnamese startups are quite mature. Besides, there are also large foreign enterprises such as DHL eCommerce, Grab (GrabExpress) or Go-Viet (Go-Send), Lalamove. That is not to mention a very strong delivery team built by e-commerce sites such as Lazada and Tiki.
  • To satisfy customers who buy online, one of the most important factors is the delivery time. Vietnamese people have enjoyed the rare national record delivery speed like delivery within 30 minutes, 1 hour from technology retailers such as Gioi Di Dong and FPT Shop, so the request is very high. High speed in e-commerce is delivery speed.


  • In 2012, just in time for Lazada’s presence in Vietnam and Sendo was born, a start-up in the delivery industry called GIAO HANG NHANH (GHN) also started. Many of the 7 founders of GHN were holding high positions in Mobile World at that time and should see the impending need of an independent delivery company, developing on the core of technology, and how to respond to the fast delivery needs of customers.
  • GIAO HANG TIET KIEM was established in 2013, is considered a professional shipping unit for e-commerce. This unit specializes in providing door-to-door delivery services for online stores and businesses.
  • In 2014, GIAO HANG TIET KIEM (GHTK) officially established, competing directly with GHN. Since then, many startups with many different models were born, but due to the limited operating model, poor governance foundation, lack of capital … makes no business really stand out. enough to compare with the two start-ups mentioned above.
  • Since 2017, GHTK has been acquired by SEA – the company has dominant stakes in Foody, Shopee, and Airpay. These parent companies create the ecosystem to increase competitiveness in Vietnam.


  • 99% coverage of Vietnam, taking immediate delivery throughout 11000 districts and communes.
  • Rated by the Ministry of Information and Communications as a professional technology company in the postal industry