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FoodHub is an application that provides clean food at home, go to the fresh food market on the app and receive online at home with 100% clean food, with clear origin, of which 80% is organic, native. , natural farming.


Launched in early 2019, FoodHub is a platform that provides clean food with pre-made food packages or synthetic food combos to families.

FoodHub announced its goal of providing a quick online shopping experience with about 3 minutes of in-app selection and delivery in up to 2 hours. At the same time, a commitment to products with clear origin and ensuring food hygiene and safety.


  • SAVE TIME: Just 3 minutes surfing the app to go to the market, receive goods at home with clean, fresh food.
  • SUPER SPEED DELIVERY: Pick your order up to 2 hours after booking or choose to schedule an appointment suitable for a time convenient for you
  • PRELIMINARY PROCESSING OF FOOD: Basic basic food processing such as slicing, filtering bones, peeling, picking vegetables and fruits as required to shorten cooking time
  • SAFE FOOD: 100% Clean, concentrated food with organic, natural ingredients, selected from reputable sources, carefully checked before delivery to customers.
  • WARRANTY POLICY: Warranty 1 for 1 for defective products
  • PEACE OF MIND SHOPPING: Connect directly with store staff, provide real product images and easily respond to changes in orders.
  • SUGGESTIONS MENU: Buy from menu with over 250+ recipe suggestions with available recipes, ingredients and order ingredients on the app.
  • REASONABLE SPENDING: Save money when you know the price of the product, access purchase history, accumulate bonus points on each order and hunt for many discount vouchers


Vinh Nguyen, founder and CEO of FoodHub, shared that this is the time when FoodHub accelerates its expansion, with financial support and other values ​​from investors.

After successful fundraising, FoodHub will focus on increasing key indicators such as increasing order value by three times, increasing shopping frequency of each customer in the month from 1.3 to 3.5 times.

Capital poured into FoodHub comes from investor MP Solution, through the connection and consultation of ThinkZone. MP Solution is a technology company that develops solutions for business and user ecosystem. MP Solution also commits to invest in farms to assist FoodHub in perfecting a farm-to-table model.

ThinZone – a unit that connects FoodHub and MP Solution through its ThinkZone Accelerator startup accelerator program, supports Vietnamese and foreign startups from the early stage to successful fundraising.

Through ThinkZone’s partner ecosystem, FoodHub also serves as a fresh food background application for other e-commerce applications …

The household market in Vietnam is becoming more active as more retail companies develop. Saigon Co-op and BigC – two large traditional retail companies have linked to bringing goods online to serve the increasing demand of household markets. Be and Grab – two tech ride-hailing apps also provide shopping services during the epidemic season.

1. What was the concept of FoodHub?

Perhaps it is a mission I volunteered to undertake after joining the Fulbright Vietnam public policy training (later Fulbright University). There, the teachers taught me the responsibility to create new value for the people who follow this program.

I was working in the public sector at that time, and was thinking about the future, where can I create value?

Like many other energetic young people, 2015 is the year when the whole Vietnamese society is frustrated with the problem of clean and dirty food, many people have given up their high-paying jobs to pursue a farming path. Karma. I was one of them.

I started by re-analyzing the entire food value chain and came up with various experiments such as providing an integrated agricultural information service to farmers through a Mobifone service; Start an agricultural business, support food chains on sales technology and organize many markets in apartment buildings, urban areas, even open an agricultural product store to do business on their own.

During that process, I realized that farmers would produce the product that the market demanded, while the market would be very confused if there was a sales solution that got consumers through. Cutting the chain closer to the farmer, that will be the key to solving this problem.

And that is also the reason why – Clean food solution for busy people was born, with the expectation of bringing consumers closer to producers.

2. How does Foodhub model work?

The first is that Foodhub IS affiliated with supermarkets, clean food stores, farms, and producers in the community that Foodhub has a history of working with, evaluating together, people who share our determination to solve the problem of clean food.

And Foodhub started forming transit service stations in the regions, where goods were stored and distributed daily according to traditional methods. At this stage, FoodHub serves as an additional solution to help optimize online sales for partners.

After installing the FoodHub application, customers will be linked directly to the nearest service station (a supermarket or a clean food store), where they can directly transact with the manager at the store. through the application.

As a result, customers are always interacted with and supported in choosing the best and suitable product for their family. It is a completely new experience, customers go shopping by themselves at the supermarket, without intermediaries, without any barriers to communication, and they are satisfied with real-time requirements.

So how is Foodhub different from the apps of other food suppliers?

If Foodhub talks about similar solutions, in terms of shopping application, there are many providers on the market such as VinID, VnShop, Chopp, even systems like Bach Hoa Xanh, Saigon Coop, Big C. , EAON has applications for customers to order, and recently Tiki also started allowing customers to order fresh food online.

However, most of these are intermediate systems, with too many barriers to optimizing the fresh food industry. FoodHub is a dedicated solution exclusively for the fresh food sector, and Foodhub focuses only on removing barriers from customer to seller.

3. How to order Foodhub?

Fortunately, as an open system, FoodHub customers join us in building sales solutions, not just by FoodHub itself.

FoodHub customers have recommended us for improvements, such as creating more convenient service packages, adding more essential and popular products, and making products on the application more convenient … Foodhub always finds and optimize the experience to help customers go shopping quickly on the app and still have the product they want.

These solutions are analyzed, continuously learned by the R&D department, and tried to formulate the most, from which they can be applied in reverse to the whole system.

However, the truth is that FoodHub is still at a fairly early stage, the customer base is still small, the problem of scaling still has many things not been resolved. Foodhub is still continuing to find new keys for this.


FoodHub launches the market in 2019 with the goal of helping customers buy fresh food through a mobile application easily. FoodHub also said that the organic food market currently does not have the participation of Vietnamese e-commerce platforms because organic food has a short shelf life, complex packaging and difficult storage, and quality. difficult to synchronize.

FoodHub said that the unit realized the potential of this field and has rapidly grown in size 3 times compared to the time of its launch. FoodHub is an online food ordering system through a mobile application, and the warehouse is arranged into hubs like a miniature supermarket that sells similar product categories. FoodHub specializes in providing food with uniform quality, fast delivery distribution, and freshness for products. Users can buy vegetables, tubers, meat, fresh fish, seafood, dried foods, spices, … to ensure the family meal is well-prepared and does not lack any ingredients.

After joining ThinkZone Accelerator and receiving investment capital from ThinkZone Ventures in 2020, FoodHub has redirected its business model and focused on growing key metrics, such as increasing order value by 3 times, increasing purchase frequency. in the month from 1.3 to 3.5 times / customer / month. Through ThinkZone’s partner ecosystem, FoodHub serves as a fresh food background application for many e-commerce applications such as FPT Play’s Shopping TV with millions of users and many other major partners, …


  • Growth rate reached 140% after 2 months of launching the brand.