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Duong Minh International Forwarding and Transport Co., Ltd Duong Minh Logistics ) is one of the reputable enterprises, has affirmed a solid brand name in the field of Freight forwarding and Customs procedures in the domestic AND International


With long-term operational experience, relationships with airlines, international and domestic ships, Duong Minh Logistics provides two typical services in the market. The first is the transport of refrigerated goods (fruits) to the northern border, with an output of 400 containers / month. The second is to provide processing and manufacturing-export liquidity services capable of reporting accurate daily inventory data to customers. Come to Duong Minh’s experienced consulting team, all difficulties are solved quickly, all questions are consulted wholeheartedly.

The biggest advantage of Duong Minh Logistics is not only a long experience, a global agent system (WCA members) but also a team of fluent foreign language staff and a team of talented lawyers. , profession. Customers who come to the company will be given specific and clear advice on customs procedures to stay informed, to avoid problems and risks later.

In addition, with long experience in the industry, the company will provide optimal solutions to the urgent and difficult requirements of customers.

In addition Duong Minh Logisstic also has strengths: Experience the best service without worrying about risks at absolutely reasonable cost.

  • Do not pay salaries and training for employees or take any responsibility whatsoever when errors.
  • Do not pay the cost of fixed assets, tools, stationery … Only pay once to receive a professional service, fast, safe and error-free.
  • Commit to finalizing monthly inventory data for customers and making settlement reports to customs with speed and accuracy to millimeters through information technology system and well-trained personnel from senior staff in the industry.


Mr. Duong Minh Hoa (1977) graduated from Ho Chi Minh City University of Law in 2000. Before founding Duong Minh Logistics Company, Mr. Hoa was a customs clearance and import-export policy consultant at freight forwarding company, this job gives him a lot of legal knowledge and experience handling problems in the field of customs. Understanding the needs and difficulties of businesses about this procedure, Mr. Hoa decided to set up his own company and help Duong Minh Logistics grow.III. BUSINESS OPERATION:



According to Mr. Hoa – CEO of Duong Minh Logistic, Vietnam has many logistics companies operating with fierce competition on prices and services. However, not many companies have customs services for this type of processed goods. This is a quite complex and risky type, if not done in the right direction, it will damage both the company and customers. Therefore, Mr. Hoa decided to focus on providing customs clearance services for outsourced businesses. 

Striking market demand, Duong Minh Logistics’s services are well received and appreciated by customers. After more than 12 years of presence in the market, the company now becomes a partner of more than 350 FDI enterprises.

DUONG MINH LOGISTICS understands that shippers must always find ways to optimize solutions to minimize import and export costs thereby increasing profits and competitive value of the business.
Solving the difficulties of businesses Duong Minh logistics completely free parking fees for import and export enterprises in bulk. Duong Minh Logistics currently provides customs clearance, transportation and liquidity services, processing and settlement reports for the most professional and complete FDI enterprises in the market.


Founded in 2000, formerly known as Le Hoa Logistics Services and Trading Co., Ltd., Duong Minh Logistics started out as
a small office with just over 20 employees. However, with the motto “Always put the prestige first, receive full
commitment and transfer all confidence”, Duong Minh Logistics has constantly tried to provide customers with the best
service. With these services:

  • Customs procedures
  • Import and export trust service
  • Customs brokerage services
  • Services for import permits
  • Service of product quality publication
  • Service of obtaining C / O certificate of origin
  • Package import and export services
  • Inland transport
  • Rail transportation
  • Water transport
  • Transport by air
  • Retail consolidation service
  • Goods packaging services
  • Warehouse for rent

In 2017, in order to reduce shipping costs, improve competitiveness as well as help businesses monitor goods during transportation. Duong Minh Logistics has cooperated with Tan Cang – Song Than ICD Joint Stock Company and Tan Cang Logistics and Transport Agents Joint Stock Company to operate a rail transport service with refrigerated containers equipped with the system. iSPOT monitoring system. It can be said that the advantage of transporting goods by rail will help businesses save about 20% – 25% of the cost compared to road. With the advantage of the volume of goods transported, fast transit time and ventilation for reefer containers, this is considered the perfect solution for the goods with strict requirements on temperature preservation as left. plants, seafood, …

Over 18 years of construction and development, Duong Minh Logistics has been on a journey of continuous improvement
to earn significant achievements in the company’s business activities.

With many years of experience in the import-export shipping industry and customs procedures, Duong Minh Logistics
understands the difficulties of enterprises when performing import-export and processing in the liquidity field of customs
procedures. . Therefore, the company provides customers with customs clearance services. Currently, Duong Minh
Logistics is proud to be one of the few companies currently able to provide businesses with high quality customs clearance services.


With the relentless efforts of all staffs, Duong Minh Logistics is honored to be honored with many prestigious awards:

  • “Top 10 Asia-Pacific Typical Brands of 2017, recognizing the contributions to Vietnam’s import-export economy. Asia Pacific Outstanding Brand (Asia Pacific Outstanding Brand) Award organized by BBT Asia – Pacific Economic Review. This is an award that big companies in the region are aiming for and want to achieve because of the strict evaluation and approval criteria for: Start-up and business, Management philosophy, Operations and technology. , Financial activities, Corporate social responsibility … The success achieved is also the affirmation for Vietnamese brands of the Asia-Pacific region, shining and integrating internationally. In particular, Duong Minh Logistics is a prestigious brand in the field of logistics and customs procedures are honored, Customers trust with a variety of services such as inland transport and international transport, consulting consultants. customs procedures, liquidation of processed and exported goods, final settlement reports of processed goods
  • Award of Quality Logistics Service Provider Certificate of the year (2016).

One of the achievements that we are most proud of is helping hundreds of farmers across the country export more than 144,000 tons (4,200 containers) of different fruits each year (only to the Chinese border). The main reason is that businesses have to pay for domestic transport services, so we have launched a North-South transport system combined to help businesses reduce their transportation costs by ½ , helping hundreds Our large customers save trillions of dong every year.

These awards are a source of motivation and pride for Duong Minh Logistics to continue efforts to provide and distribute optimal quality services, ensure prestige and improve services in the field of logistics Vietnam. customer.



  • Headquarter: 417/49/32 Quang Trung,10 Ward, Gò Vấp District, TP.HCM.
  • Address: 2 59 Trần Đình Xu, Cầu Kho Ward, 1st District, TP.HCM.

Tel: (028) 3837 1177
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