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CyStack Platform is a network security platform for businesses with separate applications to help you solve problems about network security, provided on cloud-based platforms.

  • CyStack Scanning: Automatically scans and detects security holes for websites.
  • CyStack Monitoring: 24/7 monitoring and warning of problems and disruptions to the website.
  • CyStack Protecting: The firewall comprehensively protects the website against hackers and malicious code.
  • CyStack Responding: Automatically scans, detects and cleans malicious code on website servers.


“CyStack” is a combination of two words Cyber ​​Security (network security) and Stack (this is a term in informatics representing a aggregation model of many layers). The CyStack name fulfills our aspirations and vision for creating an ecosystem of network security applications. Each application is the result of deep research, fully grasping the technology, thereby creating its own differences.


  • CyStack’s mission is to disseminate cybersecurity awareness to every person, every business in Vietnam by creating cyber security products that are good enough, easy to use and suitable for many people.
  • Most of the current network security solutions are confusing and confusing for the average user. With the CyStack Platform, this whole process is automated through an intuitive user interface. Whether you are a programmer, network security expert, administrator or general user, CyStack Platform can help you protect your website easily.


  • Scanning: Detect, detect and early warning website vulnerabilities:
    • Automatically scans and detects website security holes: Scans and uncovers more than 200 dangerous security vulnerabilities such as SQL Injection, Cross Site Scripting, Server Vulnerabilities and 1-day Vulnerabilities . After the scan, the user will receive a list of the vulnerabilities found, with a fix. The application also supports users to schedule automatic scans to continuously detect security vulnerabilities for the website.
    • 1-day: Newly announced vulnerabilities. Usually, applications or systems will not be promptly updated with these vulnerabilities, CyStack Scanning helps website owners automatically detect these problems to take corrective measures.
  • Monitoring: Monitoring and early warning of website problems 24/7: It allows real-time monitoring of website availability and performance. Monitoring is carried out in many different locations around the world and synthesized results, draw conclusions, and immediately notify users when detecting anomalies via email and mobile applications. In addition to monitoring the activity status (Uptime Monitoring), this application also supports the administrator to monitor other website issues such as: DNS Monitoring (monitoring unauthorized DNS changes); SSL Monitoring (monitoring of expired or changed SSL certificates); Content Change Monitoring (monitoring of unauthorized website content changes); Blacklist Monitoring (monitoring when the domain name or IP address of the website is blacklisted).
  • Responding: Detecting and cleaning malicious code on website: Automatically scans, detects and cleans malicious code on website servers: This application works as a dedicated anti-virus software for websites to detect files infected with malware, backdoors, webshell … Currently, CyStack Responding can detect more than 10,000 different types of website malware.
  • Protecting: The firewall system helps to protect the website from malware and hackers attacks. The firewall comprehensively protects the website from hackers and malicious code. This application acts as a shield between the web visitor and the website server. CyStack Protecting automatically analyzes the request (http request) sent from the visitor to confirm these requests are safe before forwarding to the website. In case these requests are malicious, have signs of attack and signs of attack, the firewall will automatically block to protect the website.



Over time, cyber attacks have become more and more popular and complex. In particular, website systems of agencies and enterprises are always an attractive target for hackers. Worldwide, up to 80,000  websites are attacked every day  and Vietnam ranks  101/193 on the level of ensuring network security. In 2016, Vietnam had  134,375 cyber attacks, equivalent to nearly 400 attacks per day,  with many forms of phishing (phishing), Malware (spreading malicious code) attacks, hijacking and Deface (changing transactions). website) … cause a lot of trouble and damage economic, value and brand name for website owners. Even many businesses, organizations and individuals have to completely rebuild their website.

The portal of state agencies also has many security holes, leading to the risk of attack: content change, information theft, malicious code … For example, according to a report of the Government Office on the implementation of Resolution 36a on e-Government in the first quarter of 2018, the Ministry of Public Security conducted an inspection of 80 websites / electricity portals. state agencies and it is found that 29 websites / portal sites (equivalent to 36%) still have serious security loopholes, in danger of intrusion, hijacking attacks.

Especially, with 43% of cyber attacks targeting small businesses, the website security story is not a matter of businesses or large corporations.

Not only that, nowadays, many Vietnamese businesses have difficulty in accessing appropriate network security services. Each unit usually costs an average of tens of millions of dong. Many network security companies even charge service fees of up to hundreds of millions for each website check and response, not to mention the monthly security maintenance costs … Meanwhile, most The current website only costs from 3 to 50 million VND to build.

In the face of this unresolved problem, Tran Quang Chien – CEO of CyStack – from his student years early started a concept of a truly comprehensive network security solution. Starting from the bachelor degree graduate project, he has found companions who are experienced security experts to realize that idea together. CyStack Platform is the result of Chien’s efforts. Built on the principle of SECaas ( Security As A Service ) and the first Cloud Computing (Software As A Service – SaaS) model in Vietnam, CyStack Platform has many outstanding features:

  • Fully automated: vulnerability testing can be performed without the need of a security expert through a simple, intuitive interface and a comprehensive customer support system
  • Affordable price: with the lowest cost of only $ 3 a month, all businesses have access to the cybersecurity applications in the CyStack Platform
  • Instant resolution: easy setup, no installation required, fast execution time, and constantly updated database

CyStack Platform was born to overcome the disadvantages of traditional website security solutions and meet the above highlight features.


CyStack Security – Member of Vietnam Association of Information Security (VNISA) operating in the field of cybersecurity, is a startup established in 2017. The company specializes in providing solutions and services for businesses and organizations in Vietnam.

In the 1st September of 2018, CyStack Security, a member of the Vietnam Information Security Association (VNISA), has officially launched a comprehensive website security platform called CyStack Platform at With a completely new approach on cloud computing platform, CyStack Platform provides features to help protect websites of individuals and businesses at an affordable cost , only equal to 1% of the cost of normal website security services.


  • The CyStalk Platform application is available on the Google Play store of the Android operating system.
  • Currently, CyStack is proud to be one of the 21  businesses member of NDO – The Vietnam Union for Development of Cyber Safety and Security Products. Currently, the list of participating in NDO includes 21 enterprises operating in the field of cyber security and security, the 21-member alliance initially committed to centralize resources, promoting the specific strengths of each enterprise to develop quality products, capable of competing with foreign products, forming a full ecosystem of Vietnam. Products of the enterprises in the alliance are interoperable, connected and interconnected, becoming a complete set of solutions serving e-Government, smart cities and important national information systems.