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Cohota stands for Learning Gate. Currently, it is the only cloud model of LMS Learning Management System in Vietnam that is currently being provided to universities. Recommended by National University HCMC. Cohota also provides training centers, learning socialization program and support for many free online education programs in Vietnam.


Cohota’s Learning Management System (Learning Portal) is implemented according to a holistic learning solution that should serve a variety of management types and levels. Used in Universities, Colleges, Vocational Colleges, High Schools, Training Centers or socialization programs.

The Cohota Service System, in addition to providing direct services, also enables other Edtechs to provide services into the Cohota system to increase functionality, as well as the content of materials to improve the ability to help. teacher in designing online teaching plan.

Once incubated in Korea, Cohota with the intention of expanding the market and the influence of the solution to countries in the region, especially Korea, Indonesia, Cambodia, and India.

Cohota has a partnership with the National University Data Center of Ho Chi Minh City with the amount of infrastructure investment in 2021 amounting to 200 billion VND.

Some schools and units are using services such as:

  • College of network security iSpace:
  • An Giang University – National University:
  • Da Nang University of Education:
  • Bac Lieu University:
  • East Asia University:
  • HCMC Department of Education:
  • Hanoi University of Mining and Geology:
  • Future Skill:
  • Edspace:
  • GiapSchool:
  • Timeschool:
  • InnEdu Online:
  • KDI:
  • Nam Long tutor:
  • Good Student:
  • Tran Manh Tuan Saxophone Center:
  • The Will to Live:
  • Browlash Academy (US):
  • Indochina training institute:
  • Innotek Edu:,
  • Cambodia Disease Control Center:
  • Innedu coding:
  • Flyup:
  • Software Technology Park, National University of Ho Chi Minh City:
  • Combined Learning:


  • Simple, more connected learning
  • Diversity of materials
  • Powerful survey and evaluation tools
  • Various forms of collaboration
  • Reporting and statistics throughout the teaching and learning process
  • MOOC & Website Introductory Course: Open the classroom to the world in a minute! This is very effective for businesses, schools or business units online course
  • Virtual Classroom: Turn online conferencing into a classroom with teaching and web collaboration tools


  • Going deeper into educational methods and converting methods to help learners be more active than traditional learning methods, teachers can reduce time, and be more effective according to the old method, teachers transmit knowledge directly to students .
  • Teachers can freely demonstrate their methods: teaching projects, teaching in groups, teaching face-to-face or online conversations,
  • Diverse learning materials,
  • Powerful survey and evaluation tools.
  • Various forms of collaboration.
  • Reporting statistics throughout the teaching and learning process.


Mr. Thai Chuong is the founder of COHOTA, having studied in Korea and served in non-governmental organizations operating in Asia and Africa. He has also been and is actively participating in domestic startup activities. Chuong currently runs Cohota and also serves as the Mentor for many other prominent startups.

In 2015, the Chapter participated in writing proposals on the E-learning system of sex education in 9 South Asian countries for IPPF (International Planned Parenthood Federation). As a result, he unintentionally realized the development of E-learning and found the reason for the inadequacies in awareness about digital transformation in education in developing countries is the lack of force. experts and specialized units. When returning to Vietnam, Chuong had the opportunity to meet with many brothers and sisters who own online training systems or innovative teachers, companies, faculties / schools / institutes. First steps in applying E-learning. Realizing their difficulties in developing an information system for training, the Chapter envisions that if people can help remove this barrier, not only them but also their knowledge brothers and sisters. Overseas Vietnamese can convey knowledge about Vietnam in a more professional and professional manner, thereby attracting the participation and response from interested forces that need domestic knowledge. With that vision, the Cohota development team has put “Education is Key” – “Education is key” as their mission.

By mid-2016, alone embarked on the implementation with the support and encouragement from the brothers and sisters to do education and start-up support programs, Chuong studied and met and exchanged with experts at Vietnam to test open source solutions such as openEdx, Moodle, but has not chosen a platform that meets expectations. During that time Shopify’s solutions became famous all over the world, many companies, even in Vietnam, implemented a similar model, but only deployed a sales website, not with the system. training management. The chapter explored Shopify’s technology & the open-source Canvas educational administration system, a platform being used more and more at US and European universities and corporations, replacing its industry leaders. Blackboard.

In 2017, Chuong decided to write and talk to the Canvas owners organization and invited them to return to Vietnam. Chuong has invited his colleagues, including colleagues in India, to Vietnam, to seek support from businesses that love them and love education to realize the concept of “Shopify in Education”. COHOTA, short for Learning Portal, is an E-learning platform launched in 2017 to help teachers innovate traditional teaching methods and spread knowledge in developing countries.

Cohota’s difficulties when deciding to choose EdTech to start a business:

  • Education solutions in Vietnam are often superficial, but on the surface it requires a lot of features and professions. Online training is a long journey because can not be in a hurry, it takes a lot of time and human resources to always explore and learn to improve service quality.
  • Cohota had to research and invest a lot, firstly in terms of human resources. In Vietnam, it was very difficult to find human resources because EdTech was not well developed at that time. ProjectCohota is joined by Indians, supported by Koreans, and friends from other countries.
  • The second difficulty is capital. In addition to the angel investment funds of Vietnam, the acceleration and incubation fund from Korea, Cohota himself had to spend a lot. to create long-term products.

Up to now, COHOTA has attracted 3 groups of users: teachers / schools, businesses and MOOC (mass online course). The number of teachers is still increasing although the development team has not yet completed preparations for workshops, marketing or materials in Vietnamese. Traffic is showing signs of globalization, but still very small. While the Cohota teachers / schools segment is a non-profit, the corporate sector is helping to balance the business model. With each source of revenue from a customer belonging to the enterprise group, the COHOTA team not only improves the quality of resources to serve business goals, but also supports at least 6 teachers to improve traditional classrooms, Help provide more than 200 skilled resources to serve society and business.

COHOTA’s plan: Desiring to smoothly distribute the distribution of 3,000 free accounts to teachers, including 2000 accounts in Vietnam and the rest in Indonesia and at the same time supporting schools running on the COHOTA platform. Achievements and business successes.

Targets for 2020:

  • Cohota will connect teachers, businesses and students, support 500 businesses in training, and support 3000 teachers.
  • In addition to supporting teachers and students through app development, Cohota will expand into the enterprise market. Cohota recognizes that the training needs of businesses in improving the quality of their staff, internal training, partner training and recruitment are huge.
  • Cohota can both link with training units for businesses, but also link units with expertise and ability to evaluate training units, helping to improve the effectiveness and quality of the instructors. and learn.
  • Cohota not only helps correct misconceptions about online training, but also aims to help businesses overcome the crisis in personnel training, create training programs that are technology-appropriate and have enough vision for businesses. Karma.


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