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CleverTube is an application that provides smart tools to support English learners on Youtube. Users can use Video recorder tools and mirrors to compare oral apertures. CleverTube uses artificial intelligence that allows users to learn English vocabulary by pointing the camera at any English word on a newspaper or real-life English text.


CleverTube with a backend system (the system for mobile users to access) uses smart tools to build lesson content by itself. CleverTube backend can recognize content and generate lessons at lightning speed (average 3 seconds per video). All lesson content including vocabulary, exercises … are automatically generated thanks to intelligent C-Crawler tools. This is a tool running in the backend, will automatically upload to YouTube the content of the video, then select new words related to the topic of that video and at the same time generate exercises for the new words.

Users can use the Video recorder tool and the mirror to compare oral speech, dictionary, learn new words. CleverTube uses artificial intelligence that allows users to learn English vocabulary by pointing the camera at any English word on a newspaper or real-life English text.


There are currently around 40 million very useful English learning videos on YouTube and countless English videos can turn into extremely effective English lessons, but YouTube doesn’t provide the tools needed. so that learners can learn English from these videos. CleverTube was born to solve that problem.


Developed in 6 years, Clevertube has been used by 5.000 users. This platform can help people improve their English through supporting tools o that users can learn English such as: Multilingual dictionary, vocabulary review, vocabulary saving, word memorization, … or pronunciation learning support tools such as: Video recorder, mirror, comparison play minus, …

At the same time, CleverTube also uses Machine Learning technology and artificial intelligence, to add many other features such as: learning English through real objects, translating actual documents. Just point the camera at an object, CleverTube will detect that object and tell you what it is called in English. Or users simply point the camera at any English word such as signs, English documents, … in real life, CleverTude will translate that English word into the local language for users.

At CleverTube, developers use Machine Learning, Natural Language Processing to build data. All lesson data such as vocabulary, practice exercises, … are self-taught and built by an intelligent machine learning system.

Currently, CleverTube is available on Google Play and has received very positive signs from users. In the near future, Nguyen Huu said that he will continue to develop more excellent tools and expand the content of the lessons. At the same time, self-building premium English videos are professionally and exclusively scripted English lessons that users will have to pay to experience.

In addition, the team will build a feature that allows English Teachers to sell their premium courses through CleverTube. Currently English learning videos on YouTube are completely free, but with CleverTube English teachers can sell their premium courses to learners and share profits with CleverTube.


CleverTube excellently won the first prize at the Startup Wheel startup contest by the Youth Start-up Support Center (Vietnam Youth Union in Ho Chi Minh City). Young Nguyen Huu An is noticed and supported by investors, especially businessman Le Dang Khoa. From this push, in October 2018, An left Hanoi for Ho Chi Minh City, and founded TESO. He outlined the way to train with TESO to daily train high-quality Vietnamese software engineers who can create technology solutions for the world’s IT market, which is booming and full of competition. .

Just over 8 months of officially starting a business, the company of 29-year-old Nguyen Huu An has made nearly 50 contracts for domestic and foreign partners, including well-known corporations such as Ricoh, Softbrain … Gathered nearly 30 excellent software engineers from big technology companies, most of them very young. An sets a target that by the end of 2019, this number will double to 60 people.