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Browzzin – a fashion technology company based in London and Singapore, whose mission is to create an innovative shopping platform, driven by influencers in the foreign fashion retail industry. online and online. Browzzin was awarded the List of the top 50 technology companies at Intercon 2019 and was nominated for the “Best Digital Innovation” award in the UK’s Drapers Digital Transformation Awards ceremony, competing with other players. Play world famous fashion like Farfetch, BESTSELLER, Zalando SE and NET-A-PORTER.


Browzzin is the first fashion social commerce platform for everyone who truly loves fashion. It is a platform for inspiring and sharing creative ideas as well as incorporating online and offline shopping experiences.

Browzzin develops AI technology (fashion image search engine) with extremely simple steps to link users’ photos with products that can be purchased, allowing users to apply. when creating content that receives commission for each successful transaction.

Browzzin’s user group includes 2 types: Users in the “content creators” group have the opportunity to make money from their content. Users in the “shoppers” group can search for apparel ideas, and suitable products. Currently, the Browzzin application has hundreds of thousands of users.


Provide a platform that benefits all: consumers, brands and style leaders.


Create a shopping platform that influences creators for offline and online fashion retail.

  • First you build your people, then you build your product
  • A great product must create values for users
  • Build [product/ features] to validate first, then scale
  • Find the root causes, not only the quick fixes
  • Challenge the status quo: Why? Why not? Is that really so? Is that really all?


Browzzin’s main market is located in Europe and the company is planning to develop into Asia and America. The company’s near goal is to develop perfect features that provide the best user experience, along with increasing the number of users, the amount of product data in the system, as well as labels. cooperative goods on the platform.


By uploading images to content creation applications, Browzzin users can become a fashionista or influencer. Browzzin’s AI technology helps connect similar products, turning images into products. When these products are purchased by users in the platform, content creators will receive a share of the funding from brands.

Browzzin AI technology can identify more than 60 different types of fashion products, analyze more than 500 different types of product attributes, along with gender identity, color, context and suggestions. suitable fashion style

Browzzin application is available on AppStore and Google Play to bring the best experience for users when used with the highlights:

  • EXPLORE, SHARE & CONNECT: Share your style and connect with fashion influencers across the globe. Discover featured collections from more than 10,000 fashion brands.
  • PUBLISH, UPLOAD & TAG: Upload your photos and tag exact match or similar products suggested by AI technology.
  • SHARE & EARN: Share your styles and earn commision.
  • SHOP: Shop, Share and Save your favourite items with just a few clicks.
  • GET INSPIRED & SHOP IMMEDIATELY: Explore daily updates of latest ready-to-buy fashion inspiration.


1. IDEA:

Talking about the idea of ​​founding Browzzin, Zean Vo – CEO of Browzzin said that she spent a lot of time searching for images shared by famous and influential people in the fashion industry and wondered: “ Where can we buy this stuf? ”. Researching more deeply about the market, Zean Vo found that the trend of social commerce (the combination of social networking and e-commerce) is a viable business idea.

She decided to devote all my time and effort to building and developing Browzzin, bringing AI technology into fashion. The application will assist in analyzing images posted by customers, thereby giving exact or similar suggestions about fashion products, helping viewers choose to buy products from partners and brands. Up to now, Browzzin’s AI technology can recognize more than 60 different fashion products, analyze more than 500 different types of product attributes, along with gender, color and context recognition. and suggest suitable fashion style, CEO Browzzin confidently said.

It is the artificial intelligence system hidden in the background that makes Browzzin something completely different from Instagram or Pinterest every time a picture is posted. Each item in the outfit is processed and automatically linked to the brands that are selling that item, rather than having to be done by hand. If users like the shoes you are wearing, they can connect directly to the brand selling the shoes or brands with similar shoes with different price segments for you to purchase on the Browzzin platform.


When starting to build in 2018, Browzzin met many difficulties, from building staff, to product development, connecting with users, raising capital and building relationships with investors, brand promotion…

After more than two years of debut, Browzzin has identified more than 60 different types of products (shirts, t-shirts, dresses, miniskirts, long skirts, jeans …), analyzing more than 500 types of attributes of products (color, pattern (plaid, leopard), material, left or right chest pocket …), with gender identification, color, context and fashion style suggestion well suited. To do this, Browzzin’s development team has researched and categorized the image data of different fashion products, giving a definition for each product (what is blue, what is it? short-sleeved shirts, leopard motifs, chrysanthemums, camellia …) and then put into machine learning. Then, the development engineers continued to check the values ​​returned by the system and then let the machine learn again from this true-false validation.

Overcoming initial difficulties, in 2020, Browzzin faced the impact of Covid-19 again. Along with the unnecessary cost reduction, Zean Vo and Browzzin management team have considered and selected to retain important personnel, optimize the apparatus, develop strategies, and keep up with market trends post-Covid-19 period.

Currently Browzzin has more than 10,000 brands bringing more than 2 million products to users. Users create content (content) and Browzzin’s AI help to connect similar products, making these images “shoppable” (buy now). When these products are purchased by other users of the platform, the content creator gets a share of the money from the brands.



  • In addition, the project CEO – Zean Vo is the representative of Singapore in the Top 30 under 30 Asia in 2020. In 2019, she was also one of 11 Vietnamese chosen as the future young leader of the Obama Foundation.
  • And last but not lease, she is also an international award winning photographer, an abstract painter and a volunteer activist. Perhaps those outstanding qualities made Zean win many design awards when he was a student of the Lasalle Academy of the Arts, becoming one of the few Vietnamese alumni who left their mark at a university. Singapore’s best school.
  • About her future plans, Zean Vo expressed her desire to continue the path of a startup in the field of technology and innovation, bringing Browzzin to expand into new markets serving tens of millions of users. The highest goal in life Zean Vo wants to achieve in the future is to work in the education industry, helping to create great innovation for the education sector in Vietnam.


  • Top 50 leading technology companies at Intercon 2019
  • Nominated for the “Best Digital Innovation” award in the UK’s Drapers Digital Transformation Awards.
  • In addition, Browzzin is also the only startup in Singapore chosen to display products at two typical startup and technology events: Bits & Pretzel in October (in Munich, the most representative startup event in Europe this year when former US President Barack Obama arrives and gives the opening speech at the event) and the world’s largest technology conference Web Summit (taking place in Lisbon, Portugal).