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Bluezone is a warning application, if you have close contact with someone infected with COVID-19, the application uses Bluetooth low energy positioning technology, abbreviated as BLE (Bluetooth low energy) will not consume much battery on the phone. .


In fact, Bluezone is a solution to apply BLE low-power Bluetooth positioning technology on smartphones. Phones that install the app will be able to communicate with each other within 2 meters, thereby recording information about close contacts for 14 days. When opening the app with this screen, users will know if they have contact with F0, F1, F2 … or not. This screen shows how many bluezoners (app installers) are nearby at the present time. This screen shows the total number of times users have contacted with other people who have installed the app in 1 day. Not to be exposed to the form F. In case of appearance of F0, the Ministry of Health will enter this data into the system and automatically send it to all phones in the Bluezone community. The schedule that Bluezone users have gone through will be saved by the system, then analyzed and compared with the information of F0, if it matches, it will immediately alert users at risk of COVID- 19. Not only alerts for F1s but this application can also send notifications to the F2.

With Bluezone, simply setting on your smartphone and turning on bluetooth makes every contact recorded. Not only that, Bluezone does not require entering personal information to only store data on the user’s computer, absolutely not posted on the server, not collecting location. Bluezone only records two people having met each other sometime and for how long, so users do not worry about being monitored location. Bluezone installed smartphones can identify each other via Bluetooth at a distance of 2 meters without requiring 3G / 4G / WiFi network connection and record when and how close and how long the contact was. When there is a case of infection, the Ministry of Health will have the right to enter patient information on the Bluezone application and alert users of Bluezone applications that have been in contact with that patient. Bluezone will notify you as soon as you open the application. In particular, Bluezone only stores data on users’ computers, not uploads to databases, does not collect locations. Specifically:
The application only stores data on the machine, does not transfer information to the system so all your information will be absolutely confidential.
Although recorded information about devices installed Bluezone have close contact with each other, but this application does not collect data about the user’s location.
Everyone who joins this community will remain anonymous to others.

The most prominent feature of Bluzone is to alert if you have close contact with people infected with Covid-19, contributing to reducing the risk of spreading in the community. When installing Bluezone, if it detects that the device has been in contact with a person infected with Covid-19 for a sufficient time, the system will notify the user about the risk of infection when he becomes F1.

BLUEZONE’S PHILOSHOPHY IS: let users protect themselves and then protect the community. Its users will know right away that when F0 is available, whether it is in F2, F3, F4, … or not. When users connect to the system, this network is big enough to protect the community.

THE PRINCIPLE OF BLUEZONE IS: confidential, anonymous and transparent. Contact history records are encrypted and stored locally on the phone, not transferred to the system nor required to identify, do not collect the location of the user.


  • The idea of ​​using Bluetooth to identify close contacts in Vietnam was formed early, almost at the same time with many other countries around the world. The Ministry of Information and Communications has directed four groups of Memozone, VNPT, MobiFone and Bkav to independently develop applications but together share technical difficulties and challenges. Finally, Bkav Bluezone application is most appreciated.
  • To join this application, users will need to register for authentication before they can participate in the Bluezone community. The app will then record the contact itself via Bluetooth. All information about the location of F0 cases (direct contact with patients) will be constantly updated by the competent Health authorities for the Bluezone community.
  • Thereby, for those who are using this application can scan unsafe places accurately and quickly.
  • In addition, Bluezone will also record cases of contact with F0, issue warnings about infection and consult the nearest health facility for people to contact. Finally, this app will allow you to alert others to the current status.
  • In general, Bluezone is the best solution to control the current disease situation. With an easy-to-use, lightweight interface, Bluezone is compatible with almost all devices. With the current epidemic situation, the appearance of Bluezone is a much needed occurrence. In order for this app to work best, there is a need for the active cooperation of everyone in the fight against the Covid epidemic. The more people participating in Bluezone, the more control is gained through this application.10



To control the disease situation, one of the measures that community health experts are using is to detect cases, and then continue to track those who have been in contact with these patients for 14 days. before. However, not all people with Covid-19 can remember where in the two weeks they went, who they met, and in what time period. In addition, when the number of cases increases, there will be a shortage of resources and human resources to check the easy epidemic history of each case.

To solve this problem, Bluezone – the application of Bluetooth low energy positioning technology BLE – was born with the goal of supporting people to protect themselves and the community, contributing to controlling the spread of the virus. Bluezone smartphones can communicate with each other at a distance of two meters, noting when and how close the contact is. When there is a new case of Covid-19, health authorities enter this F0 data into the system. The system then sends F0 data to other smartphones with Bluezone installed. History of exposure to F0 in the previous 14 days will be analyzed, collated and if matched, Bluezone will alert users at risk of infection, and instruct them to contact health authorities to receive the help.


Right at the first stage of Covid-19 epidemic in March 2020, the application of Bluezone has been implemented by the Ministry of Information and Communications and the Ministry of Health under the direction of the Prime Minister. With the speed of spreading to the community in Da Nang and some localities today, the Bluezone application continues to be recommended by the Ministry of Health and the Ministry of Information and Communications to all people to download and use to protect protect yourself and the community.

Bluezone is an application developed by BKAV, and has been deployed since April 2020. The current version of Bluezone is 2.0.2, released in May, available on both iOS and Android platforms.

It is estimated that if 30 million Vietnamese installed Bluezone, our country will reach the optimal rate for early detection of close contact with infected people. The Ministry of Health and the Ministry of Information and Communications encourage all citizens to install and use Bluezone software to protect themselves and the community, to join hands in combating epidemics.