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I. OVERVIEW is the # 1 popular business management platform in Vietnam, trusted by more than 5,000 businesses in many different fields. Most of the market leaders and fast growing companies are using one of Base’s products (VinGroup, ACB bank, Sacombank, Decathlon, ..). All applications on Base can be easily used on browsers, smartphones (iOS, Android), tablets, or installed on desktop computers. All major applications support multiple languages ​​(Vietnamese, English) and upgrade continuously.

More than one technology application, is built with infinite scalability. Not only with existing applications, new applications to solve various problems in the enterprise are constantly developed and launched. Moreover, Base easily integrates all applications together, creating a seamless experience. In the era of digital revolution, Base will help improve the competitiveness of businesses on all fronts with the most advanced technology weapons. This open platform allows companies to quickly access and apply advanced technology products in the world from many leading technology companies.


Began development in 2016 and officially launched in 2017, founded by Stanford alumni Pham Kim Hung, is the first technology platform in the region built to unify corporate governance and governance process. Unlike traditional solutions, the applications on are specifically designed and optimized for each specific task in the business and simultaneously integrated together on a common platform. In addition, can integrate solutions of third parties, create a powerful toolkit, solve all problems of businesses such as human resource management, job management and talent. key on a unified platform. Many applications of Base have been popularly used such as Base E-Hiring, Base Wework, Base Request, Base Inside… provides the prestigious SaaS platform for Vietnamese Enterprises. In addition to the outstanding technology platform, also impresses the entrepreneurial community with its miraculous capital raising journey. As of the first 6 months of 2019, there have been 5 investment funds accepting “spending money” for this technology startup, including: Beenext, Alpha JWC, VIISA, 500 Startup and more recently Nextrans. Although the latest deal between Nextrans and has not been disclosed, previously announced that they have received $ 1.7 million after the first 2 calls and are stopping in the Pre round. -Serie A. This figure shows that after only 3 years of construction and development, has raised a “huge” capital of tens of millions of dollars from most major investment funds in the world.

Sharing about this investment, Mr. Chris, director of Nextrans Investment Fund, said: “In the past 2 years, we have studied about 600 different companies with more than 10 technology solutions for businesses, from specialized software to total costly solutions like SAP. Therefore, we have a solid basis to trust and appreciate’s solutions”.

It can be said that at present, has become a reputable SaaS platform for Vietnamese businesses, with more than 1,000 customers in many fields from Finance-Banking, E-commerce-Logistic, F&B, Education to Real Estate … Can include a number of large customers such as: VIB, ACB, ABBank, VinCommerce, McDonal’s, 7eleven, Pizza 4P’s, The Coffee House, Decathlon, Dat Xanh Group…

Sharing about his capital raising journey, Mr. Pham Kim Hung – Founder and CEO of, who also won the International Mathematics Gold Medal and graduated in Computer Science at the prestigious Stanford University, said: “We only focus on a single goal of creating good applications that bring efficiency and growth to businesses. Calling capital from the region’s leading investment funds is of course an important milestone, but creating true value for our customers is what we ultimately aim for. The funds have invested in Base not because we are experienced people calling for capital or good at negotiating, but the determination and tireless efforts of all members of the company for the mission. We set out from the first days. In addition, besides focusing on raising investment capital, businesses also have a lot of work to do and knows what to do. always knows that the development of an enterprise is not measured by the amount of investment but must be at the value that the business can bring to customers.



  • Comprehensive recruitment management solution for businesses.
    • Free recruiting website worth 10,000,000 VND.
    • Integrating leading recruitment websites in Vietnam: Vietnamworks, Vieclam24h, Timviecnhanh, Jobstreet, CareerBuilder, TalentSolution, ..
    • Automating the recruitment process saves 85% of the time.
    • Take advantage of available candidate data source.
  • Making recruitment become a competitive advantage of the Enterprise:
    • Recruitment branding: It only takes 30 minutes to build the company’s recruitment website based on many of Base E-Hiring’s website templates.
    • Create an effective source of profiles: Profiles from job and social networking sites are automatically pushed into Base E-Hiring.
    • Enhancing the candidate experience: Not only is a management system, Base E-Hiring helps directly send and receive emails from candidates right on the system.
  • Base E-Hiring is the first application platform in Vietnam that helps businesses operate recruitment systems in a smart, convenient and effective manner:
    • Create candidates from all channels: Integrate automatically with popular recruitment channels in Vietnam
    • Professional recruiting website: Have a beautiful recruiting website customized even on mobile phones.
    • Automate the recruitment process: Automatically send an email for interview, reject candidates, … as soon as the employer decides with the candidate.
    • Automated reporting and measurement: Know exactly recruiting efficiency and cost to make future plans.
    • Building a professional and modern recruitment website:
      • Interface options: Diverse and modern website template repositories.
      • Compatible with all devices: Compatible with computer interfaces, tablets and mobile phones.
      • Company domain: Integrate with the official domain of the company (
      • Application form: Integrating application form for each position.
  • Talent Pools – Create and manage candidate resources:
    • Profiles from job and social networking sites are automatically pushed into Base E-Hiring.
    • Create multiple Talent Pools to manage different candidate segments.
    • Use search engines and keywords to find suitable candidates.
    • Send job announcement emails to multiple candidates at the same time according to the available criteria.
  • Search for effective candidates:
    • The system searches for key words in all candidate data.
    • Filter candidates by information fields: Education, height, application sources,…
    • Search candidates’ Facebook via phone number or email.
    • Discuss, evaluate, comment with other members about potential candidates.
    • Work directly with candidates.
  • Interview:
    • Automatically send interview schedule to candidates and interview council via email.
    • Notify the interview schedule for daily interview council by email.
    • Take notes and assessments directly on the system during the interview.
    • The set of interview questions and evaluation tables available helps increase the accuracy level when evaluating candidates.
  • View profiles, notes and reviews: Candidate profiles from all sources are displayed on the system so that the recruitment department and interview council can easily follow and make objective assessments.
    • Track resume and application information online.
    • Take notes and evaluate records during the hiring process.
    • Keep track of candidates’ applications.
    • Download the file and export the Excel file.
  • Report & Measurement: Being unable to measure means that the Company cannot improve recruitment efficiency. Base E-Hiring will measure and report on indicators, helping businesses optimize costs and make reasonable decisions.
    • Measure costs from recruiting channels.
    • Report the number of candidates from the source.
    • Report the status and conversion rates of vacancies.
    • Export the report to Excel files.

2. Base Wework – A comprehensive work & project management solution for businesses.

  • Collaboration is easy: Collaboration is now no longer difficult when all the essential features are integrated on a single common platform.
  • Intuitive progress: Actively update progress anytime, anywhere, supporting managers to make appropriate strategies through short-term forecasts.
  • Flexible management: Whether for short-term or long-term work, internal projects or collaborations with customers are always available.
  • Applying world-famous management models in the first E-management platform in Vietnam for operating businesses and projects:
    • INTELLIGENT PLANNING: Organize your work and allocate resources effectively on a unified platform.
    • COMPREHENSIVE COOPERATION: Optimize working efficiency by improving work efficiency.
    • AUTOMATIC REPORTING: Data-driven makes things more transparent and clear.
    • FLEXIBLE CUSTOMIZE: Meet most of the management methods and needs of the business.
    • Smart planning: Organize work and allocate resources effectively on a unified platform.
      • Quickly create a to-do list.
      • Track progress under multiple views, charts.
      • Resource allocation is more efficient thanks to accurate data.
      • Duplicate sample project feature with just one click.
    • Comprehensive collaboration: Coordinate and divide work among departments on the same platform.
      • Communicate and communicate internally on each job or project.
      • Comfortable cooperation with customers while ensuring confidentiality.
      • Sharing and managing common documents more conveniently and effectively.
      • Notifications and updates operate in real time.
    • Automatic report:
      • Monitor the situation anytime anywhere on any device.
      • Data charts are accurate and intuitive.
      • Control the success of projects.
    •  Flexible customization:
      • Display options: list (List), schedule sheet (Gantt) and drop-down table (Kanban).
      • Flexibly build additional data fields such as budget, weight, …
      • Decentralize use on each function to each object in each project.

3. Base Workflow – Platform for managing and automating business processes in Enterprise 4.0.

  • Comprehensive linking of processes and departments on the same platform.
    • Manage all business processes in the enterprise: Easily set up, digitize and standardize all business processes, avoid errors and repeat work.
    • Coordinate more smoothly across departments: Link to automatically transfer between processes, immediately detect bottlenecks for improvement.
    • Standardize and optimize the flow of information exchange: Work more efficiently and smarter, automate tasks, save time and costs
  •  Applying world-famous management models in the first E-management platform in Vietnam for operating businesses and projects.
    • COMPREHENSIVE MANAGEMENT: The workflow is standardized and easy to follow.
    • LINKING PERFORMANCE PROCESS AND MEASUREMENT: Automatically transfer work between processes and measure results.
    • DATA STANDARD, MINIMUM REDUCTION: All data and jobs are standardized for control.
    • SETTING FOR ANY TYPE OF PROCESSES, AUTOMATION OF TASKS: Building an easy and fast standard process for all company operations.
    • Comprehensive workflow management: Standardized workflow and easy tracking:
      • Process management: Manage business processes in a comprehensive way.
      • Standardize processes: Establish and standardize processes according to stages.
      • Track progress: Track work progress in real time.
      • Easy exchange: Coordinate more smoothly between departments.
    • Linking processes and measuring performance: Automatically transfer work between processes and measure results.
      • Transfer tasks: Connect to automatically transfer jobs to other processes.
      • Shorten time: Avoid repetitive work, shorten waiting time.
      • Work efficiency: Measure performance, ensure progress.
      • Standardize processes: Quickly identify process bottlenecks.
    •  Standardize data, minimize errors: All data and work are standardized for control.
      • Accurate: Defining data correctly for each stage.
      • Minimize errors: Minimize forms, minimize errors between stages.
      • Connect to platforms: Easily connect to other platforms to update data yourself.
      • Process control: Ensuring compliance with the process, easy job control.
    • Set up for all types of processes, automate tasks: 
      • Develop standard procedures easily and quickly for all activities of the company.
      • Business setup: Complete set of settings for all types of business processes.
      • Flexibility between platforms: Flexible connectivity with other platforms to automate tasks.
      • Job statistics: Statistics job by status, conversion rate.

4. Base Inside – Internal communication network for businesses. Where businesses tell their stories and where employees are tied to business stories.

  • Technology makes a difference in the way businesses do internal communications:
    • Building corporate culture: With Base Inside, information will be organized structured, systematic and clear to help shape the face of corporate culture.
    • Aligning employees with the organization: Internal communication network helps convey important values ​​of the company, thereby associating employees with the business mission.
    • Promote internal interaction: Highly interactive interface helps to strengthen cohesion among members, contributing to spreading internal culture.
  • Internal and shared communication network: The application promotes internal interaction and associates employees with businesses.
    • HOMEPAGE OF ENTERPRISES: A unique interface for businesses to convey important messages.
    • CEO LETTER AND PRINCIPLES OF WORK: Internal communication must come from the leadership.
    • CONSTRUCTION OF INTERNAL NEWS PAGE: Create a VNExpress page right in the enterprise.
    • SHARE POSITIVE MESSAGES: Employees are involved in contributing and sharing the values ​​of the business.
    • Homepage of businesses: A unique interface for businesses to convey important messages:
      • Information: Emphasizing information about Vision, Mission, and Core Values.
      • Sharing message: Every employee knows the message of the business.
      • Consistency: Business messages are consistent across all interfaces in Base Inside.
    • CEO Letter and Working Principle: Internal communication must come from the leadership:
      • Message transmission: Company leaders are oriented to continuously communicate messages to employees.
      • Notification to employees: Immediately send notice on the system and to email to employees.
      • Transparency: Transparency in business principles.
    • Build an internal news page: Create a VNExpress page right in your own business:
      • Information flow: Creates information flow in an enterprise.
      • News updates: News updates easily and quickly.
      • Science: Clearly store and present scientific news.
    • Sharing positive messages: Employees are involved in contributing and sharing the values ​​of the business.
      • Interaction: Create new content and interact freely on the system.
      • Clarity: Information is structured in a clear and consistent manner.
      • Sharing: The shared message is all associated with the company’s value: honoring members, sharing ideas, welcoming new members, …

5. Base Request – A Request & Processor that saves you up to 90% of your working time.

  • Reduce 90% of paper processing time:
  • Saving 44,800 working hours: This is the annual time consuming of a 100-person business for processing internal requests and proposals.
  • Information transparency: Requests and proposals are digitized and homogenous in common forms that make it easy to create, process and statistic.
  • Mobile app: Quickly handle all requests and suggestions right on your smartphone, wherever you are.


  • Convenient. Transparent. Easy to synthesize:
    • DIGITIZATION OF PROCESSES: Develop standard forms for the entire process Request – Internal proposal.
    • INFORMATION TRANSPARENCY & COMPETENCE TO DECISION: Solving the most difficult task for businesses is to build clear tasks & responsibilities for each individual in their daily work.
    • PROPOSAL HANDLING & INTERACTION: Base Request helps to process proposals quickly and flexibly in any situation.
    • Digitizing the process: Develop standard forms for the entire process. Requirements – Internal proposals.
      • Create form templates: Simple, flexible initialization forms for all types of Requests – Proposals (Vacation, Business Fees, Contracts, …)
      • Grouping: Grouping the proposed types and allowing each department / department to use. Select whether to approve in turn or concurrently.
      • Aggregate & Report: Summarize proposals in the same group, export to excel file for easy reporting & archiving.
    • Streamline proposals: No more struggling to find & process countless suggestions that are sent randomly to you from SMS, Phone, Facebook, now it’s easier than ever to handle tasks.
      • Transparent & complete information: Each proposal is full of information for review & processing.
      • Flexibility in handling: Can choose Agree, Reject or Forward to another person.
      • Clear classification: All proposals of the same type will include the same information fields, for quick review.
    • Information transparency & decision making authority:
      • Clear responsibilities: Each Request – Proposal team is built with clear information on who should handle that type of proposal.
      • Help employees save time: Employees do not have to ask / search who will be able to review something because everything is digitized.
      • Help the company operate effectively: All issues that need to be reviewed are clear & transparent to everyone.
    • Processing suggestions & interactions: Base Request helps you handle proposals quickly and flexibly in all situations
      • Flexible: Agree, Decline or Forward on each proposal.
      • Easy interaction: Exchange, upload files and comment in each proposal.
      • Easy search: Search history of sent / processed suggestions by smart filters again.

6. Base Booking – Solutions to internal corporate resource management.

  • Help businesses optimize the use of shared resources:
    • Booking meeting room: Create shared meeting rooms, set up usage rights, allow people to register for meeting rooms & approve.
    • Car Booking: Manage cars, booking & approve specific weekly or daily schedules.
    • Any shared resource: Easily set up and manage the use of all different types of shared resources within the enterprise.
  • Easy management of enterprise resources: The application helps classify and optimize the use of internal resources of the enterprise:
    • RESOURCES MANAGEMENT: Internal resources of the enterprise are classified and managed transparently and clearly.
    • REGISTER RESOURCES: Easily select and register resources.
    • APPROVED APPROVAL: Quick selection of resources and automatic approval.
    • WORKING SCHEDULE & NOTICE: Calendar reminders and easy information exchange.
    • Resource management: Internal resources of the enterprise are classified and managed transparently and clearly.
      • Internal resources: The channel of booking internal resources of businesses in a smart and effective way.
      • Resource management: Flexibility in managing resources of the business.
      • Transparency, clarity: Initializing lists and sorting resources transparently and clearly.
      • Reports: Reports, planning real time use.
    • Resource registration: Easily select and register resources.
      • Resource registration: Enterprise Resource Booking system.
      • Easy to select: Easily select and register resources.
      • Automation: Automate the approval process.
    •  Registration Approval: Quick resource selection and automatic approval.
      • Automated reporting: Automated reporting makes the use of resources more transparent and clear.
      • History: Synchronize calendar using resources on Calendar.
      • Notifications: Reminder on booking schedule.
      • Time used: Accurately measure real-time resource usage.
    • Work schedule & notifications: Calendar reminders and easy information exchange.
      • High performance: Optimize resource usage performance.
      • Clear: Streamlining resource management.
      • Clear information: Overview of resource use time through tables and lists.
      • Control: Control real-time usage.

7. Base Test Center – Solution for managing internal exams of enterprises. Organize, test and evaluate online – quickly, effectively, and transparently.

  • Help businesses organize contests quickly, effectively and transparently:
    • Manage interview questions: Create interview questions suitable for each position.
    • Organize internal examinations: Examination of staff competencies in a transparent and convenient manner.
    • Evaluating staff after training: Easily assess the level of knowledge acquisition of employees after training.
    • Comprehensive test management:
      • Manage business tests holistically.
      • Create tests on many topics with diverse customization.
      • Divide the scale according to each part of the test.
      • Notify relevant members when the test content is updated.
    • Take the test online easily:
      • Take the test online anytime, anywhere.
      • Intuitive interface, user friendly.
      • Make sure it works in all browsers.
      • Connect with Base E-hiring – send tests to candidates with 1 click.
    • Evaluating effective staff capacity:
      • Transparency in evaluating candidates and staff capacity.
      • Assess the employee’s level of knowledge acquisition after each training session.
      • Keep track of employee development.
      • Basis for considering salary increase, promotion.
    • Sort, search easier:
      • Summary of all information accurately and real-time.
      • Detailed monitoring of test taking of employees
      • Convenient and convenient search and sort tools that save time.


Mr. Pham Kim Hung 0 CEO Base once won:

  • International Mathematics Gold Medal IMO 2006, 2007.
  • Graduated from Stanford University.
  • In 2016, ranked on the list of 30 outstanding faces under 30 years in various fields in Vietnam – Forbes Vietnam’s “30 Under 30”.
  • In 2017, it was one of 16 typical young Capital entrepreneurs.

Regarding the future plans, will continue to launch new products, expand in Vietnam market and start developing in the region. Modern technology solutions and a unified integrated platform will be the core values ​​for to conquer large corporations, small and medium enterprises, startups from all industries. , field.

Regarding products, will continue to develop applications to solve specific problems of enterprises, in addition to perfecting existing applications such as work management software (Base Wework), recruitment management software (Base E-hiring) or business target management software (Base OKRs).



YEAR: 2017


INDUSTRY: Corporate Management Technology



  • Hanoi: Tầng 3, Autumn Buiding, Gold Season, 47 Nguyễn Tuân, Thanh Xuân, Hanoi.
  • Địa chỉ 2: HCM: 8 Floor, MBAMC Tower, 538 Cách Mạng Tháng Tám,11 Ward, District 3, TP.HCM
  • Email:
  • Tel: (+84) 969 688 159
  • Hotline 1: (+84) 24 2244 1313/ Hotline 2: (+84) 896 69 1313