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AntBuddy is a Cloud PBX solution provider platform that integrates BeeIQ CRM customer management software and Viber, Skype, Web Call / Chat, Facebook, SMS, Email … solutions, becoming Omni -Channel Contact Center complete. AntBuddy is developed by a team of Vietnamese engineers with the purpose of providing affordable telecommunications – IT solutions for small and medium enterprises in Vietnam.


Antbuddy was founded by an author group of H.T.K – I.N.C. Trading and Technology Co., Ltd. This is a software product SaaS (Software as a Service) that runs on the web and can be accessed from all Internet-connected devices such as phones, tablets, desktops, laptops … Currently this product is supported on smartphones with two operating systems, Android and iOS.

Therefore, Antbuddy users do not need to invest in infrastructure costs, they can use it directly on the tools that they are available in very convenient. Therefore, this is considered as an effective communication tool with low cost, high connectivity, which is applied by many small and medium enterprises.


  • Cloud switchboard system – Cloud PBX
  • Customer care through chatting from the website and calling directly from the website on Chrome, Firefox, synchronized with PBX system
  • Customer care through chatting with social networks like Facebook, Skype using Facebook Bot and Skype Bot, allowing businesses to chat with customers without logging into Facebook or Skype accounts
  • Integration with BeeIQ CRM smart customer management software to automatically identify customers from channels
  • Manage customer information, transaction history, interaction history (call recording, save chats)
  • SMS and Email marketing
  • Customer care center multichannel – omnichannel contact center – sales service, customer care
  • Work team on chat application and group call, share files, integrate other working tools in the enterprise
  • Real-time monitoring and reporting system


  • CALL CENTER (CLOUD & ON PREMISE) solution: This feature allows you to set up in a moment, allowing Agents to automatically access customer history anywhere without external services or hardware. . AntBuddy allows you to manage call centers in real time through specific time notification features, access to contacts, analysis and reporting of transaction history with customers at any time. what point. This solution helps improve productivity through the integration of comprehensive cloud communication solutions to help customers have a better experience and reduce your workflow effectively.
  • Multi-Channel Customer Care: AntBuddy allows you to link with customers through many popular channels such as Viber, Skype, Web Call, Facebook, Web Chat, SMS, Email, … In addition, this product also integrates easy with business tools in the business such as: Integration with computers: Working from CTI will help you take care of customers more effectively while improving business efficiency significantly.
  • Webhook and API: Connecting voice with business tools such as working mode available in Slack channel, saving call history … to help customers easily connect with businesses. Importing contacts from google: Receiving contacts from google and easily sharing them online with team members brings great customer care effect. Every time customers need it, there will be quick support.
  • Integrated BeeIQ data platform (or CRM available) intelligent customer identification. Professional solution of BeeIQ data platform allows building customer databases from website sources, facebook, zalo, call center, leads advertising, SMS … Not only that, AntBuddy also helps businesses build a chapter. Customer loyalty program with reward points, lucky draws and gifts from which businesses can set up a marketing campaign based on available customer data.
  • Regular group chat – effective business internal communication: Group chat helps businesses work more effectively internally. With AntBuddy, you can create yourself an internal group chat on multiple devices allowing members to freely communicate and interact effectively. This preeminent feature not only helps businesses find, manage, store and communicate optimally, but also easily integrates with Trello, Wunderlist, Github, Gitlab, Jira, Twitter, MailChimp … to help all activities. Dynamic communication within the enterprise through fast.


  • AntBuddy Call Center: Set up call center easily and quickly with the most STABLE system for business.
  • AntBuddy CRM: Create a multi-channel sales platform, thoroughly manage customers’ information, automate customer service processes and more
  • Alice Voice Bot: Make thousands of calls a day tirelessly. Help businesses save time and costs to the maximum.



Being originally from a small business, the group understands the difficulties of the business in expanding the communication system of the business. Therefore, the authors have focused resources to build cloud communication solutions that are suitable for small and medium enterprises so that all businesses can use them.

In order to fully understand market demand, the team spent 6 months researching the market, developing prototypes, product testing, and finalizing market access plans. “During this time, we met and talked with dozens of small businesses in Southeast Asia. More than 80% of those businesses expressed an urgent need to have simple, low-cost, high-efficiency communication tools with good scalability to connect with their customers. The majority of businesses said that they are still using office phones and personal phones to communicate with partners / customers, ”said team leader Do The Huy.


Antbuddy was launched in April 2016 and is more widely known as one of the top 20 IT products of Vietnam Talent Award.

In 2016, Antbuddy also honored to win the first prize of the STARTUP WHEEL 2016. Startup Wheel 2016 attracted 632 startups across the country in the fields of commerce – services, technology, agriculture, education and medicine. International. In the final round of the afternoon of August 27, 2016, 10 projects participated in the Pitching and Review within 10 minutes with the jury of experienced businessmen and investors in the community. starting a business. To get a “ticket” to enter the Top 10 to participate in the 2016 Startup Wheel finals, candidates must pass the preliminary round held in 4 key areas: Ho Chi Minh City, Hanoi, Da Nang, Can Tho. and semifinals with 3 challenges including writing business plan, designing brand identity and mobilizing community capital. At the same time, the contestants also have to go through the challenges of selling ability, approaching customers, surveying the market, developing marketing strategies, presenting and persuading investors, … at the Trading and Investment Exchange. Entrepreneurs are organized within the framework of Startup Day. Startup Wheel 2016 is also designed to create a training environment, practical experience for individual / startup groups and provide especially important opportunities to create momentum, build a startup development platform. Through this program, the organizers hope to create more special ideas, methods and policies for startups; contribute with the City to have a more comprehensive view of startup trends.

Antbuddy was founded by an author group of H.T.K – I.N.C. Trading and Technology Co., Ltd. This is a software product SaaS (Software as a Service) that runs on the web and can be accessed from all Internet-connected devices such as phones, tablets, desktops, laptops …

Currently this product is supported on smartphones with two operating systems, Android and iOS.


  • The only representative of Vietnam attended Tech in Asian 2016
  • First prize in The Startup Fair 2016
  • The representative of Vietnam at IPP Finland attended Slush 2016
  • Top 50 Sao Khue titles 2017


Full name: Công ty Cổ phần AntBuddy

Short name: : AntBuddy JSC

Address: 89/26, 59 Street, 14 District, TP.HCM