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    Dịch vụ is the # 1 platform in Vietnam for connecting homeowners with free suitable architects, contractors, painters and artists. I. OVERVIEW: Alobase started with the two founders when it was challenging to find a traditional home builder too time-consuming, not to mention the problems that arise during the design process. According to the World Bank, […]


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    Aimesoft is a Multimodal AI research and development company. Multimodal AI combines multiple input sources (text, voice, image, numerical data, …) and various intelligence algorithms into a single system to solve complicated problems and achieve high performance. These problems often cannot be solved with a single input source or a single processing algorithm. Aimesoft recently […]


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    HUE PACKAGING is a trading company in the field of printing model and packaging design, unique and unique online brand identity. I. OVERVIEW In the 4.0 economy, the design and printing industry has been increasingly focused, the aesthetic and quality requirements have become more stringent, requiring faster speed in response to the rapid development of […]


    Phòng I.102, Nhà A, Khu Công nghệ Phần mềm ĐHQG - HCM đường nội bộ ĐHQG - HCM, khu phố 6, Thủ Đức, Tp. Hồ Chí Minh

    Cohota stands for Learning Gate. Currently, it is the only cloud model of LMS Learning Management System in Vietnam that is currently being provided to universities. Recommended by National University HCMC. Cohota also provides training centers, learning socialization program and support for many free online education programs in Vietnam. I. OVERVIEW:  Cohota’s Learning Management System […]


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    With the corporate slogan: “Convergence of strength”, Electricity and Telecommunication Payment Solution Joint Stock Company (ECPay) is an intermediary of payment established under Resolution 292 / NQ-HĐQT of the Group. The electricity of Vietnam (EVN) on 7 May 2010 I. OVERVIEW: There are 4 EVN Corporations: Electricity Joint Stock Finance Company (EVNFINANCE), Mobile Telecommunications Company […]


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    Medlink is the first B2B platform in Vietnam to help connect pharmaceutical companies, pharmacies and consumers to reduce the maximum business costs in distribution. Medlink provides information about orders to be delivered to the system for pharmaceutical companies and pharmaceutical distributors. I. TỔNG QUAN: The solution that Medlink offers is to use information technology to […]


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    Tubudd stands for “tour buddy”, it’s a digital platform that connects travellers to local buddies in the city they’re visiting. II. OVERVIEW: This is now the solution for travelers to experience the views of the locals and get closer to the indigenous culture brought by the natives themselves. Many travelers around the world feel like […]


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    Rudicaf (short for “Invite to coffee”) is a unit operating in the field of dating services and connecting people. Rudicaf’s products are connected services, mobile dating apps, workshops, and other counseling, support, and dating services. I. BUSINESS OPEATION: 1. NĂM 2011 – 2012: Rudicaf’s predecessor was Ericamoon (full name is Nguyet Thach Thao Art and […]

  • HOUSE 3D

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    House 3D is a technology project launching a 3D graphic design to exploit for essential human activities in housing and shopping fields. With many knowledge of 3D and VR technology, startups quickly achieve many successes in the Vietnamese market. I. OVERVIEW: House 3D designed a commercial experience with 3D/VR and became an important trend in […]


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    Mantan Vietnam Digital Technology Joint Stock Company with ManMo- the project is a two-way platform connecting people wishing to rent short-term rooms with accommodation owners, ManMo provides the property with a set of management tools. Room management, this toolkit helps accommodation establishments manage guests checkin, checkout, manage reservations, collect and pay the debt, a warehouse […]