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WISAMI is an online software that helps small and medium-sized companies maximize automation of their founder’s administrative and personnel tasks, and with the combination of automated online software and accounting and legal experts. .


With the idea of ​​eliminating cumbersome paperwork, payroll and automatic notifications as set, updating internal policies according to state regulations, WISAMI is designed to serve small companies and can operate, without the need of administrative expertise, personnel, accounting. Just enter the information according to the instructions 1 time, the system will automatically run the results.

WISAMI’s vision is to become the foundation of administrative tools and human resource management services such as recruiting and training talents for small and medium-sized companies; at the same time increase the operational efficiency of the business, so that the director can concentrate on the core business activities.

In the immediate future, WISAMI will provide features including: automatic drafting of contracts with new employees; applying for leave online; time attendance, payroll, send detailed salary to each employee; Calculate insurance, monthly and year-end personal income tax for each employee.


  • Attendance recognition Wifi / GPS
    • Attendance online on the WISAMI GO mobile app or website go.wisami.com
    • Attendance recognition Wifi / GPS on mobile applications
    • Attendance recognition Wifi on the computer
    • Detect attendance and report to management
  • Attendance automatically when coming to the office
    • Automatically records time attendance when detecting wifi network access from an Android device or a browser on a computer.
    • Automatically record timekeeping when phone into Wifi coverage area
    • Automatically record timekeeping when turning on the browser with Wisami Extension installed on the computer
  • Timekeeping photo
    • Take photos of timekeeping on mobile apps, avoid staff timekeeping.
    • Take photos in real time when timekeeping
    • Information notes with timekeeping photos
    • Check photos when at timesheets & when approving timekeeping


With a pioneering effort in digital transformation and automation of human resource management, WISAMI brings practical benefits to businesses:

  • Liberation from paperwork, manual input: Save time for the whole company, and especially the human resources department from the internal paperwork, adjust complaints at the end of the month.
  • Remote management: Accurately and closely monitor the working situation of any branch, market staff … anywhere in or outside the office.
  • Real-time updates: Immediately display all information of timekeeping, leave, overtime, shifts to ensure the entire company is updated easily and conveniently via phone notification.
  • Digitization of personnel data: Records, contracts, wages, personnel history are stored centrally, easy to search anytime anywhere.
  • Install applications and use immediately: No server installation or deployment time required. It takes less than 1 hour to complete setup, go into use.
  • Data entry at least, maximum automatically: Only necessary information is needed to set up WISAMI on the first use. Later, the numbers were calculated correctly according to the company’s policy settings.
  • Streamlining costs: No deployment fees, no setup fees, based on quantity and time of use, with customer support answered almost immediately.


Currently, companies in Southeast Asia are still manually marking with excel hands or even traditional handwriting. With manual notes, it is difficult to synthesize, time-consuming and inefficient with a large number of employees. With the manual operation from the excel file requires careful, meticulous, until the end of the month the employee can see the day as well as inconvenience when working for employees outside the office or can not time for workers in field (site) … Meanwhile, people are familiar with messaging apps and social networks. The development of smartphones and the internet has driven the development of technology applications, ensuring automatic synchronization and data processing as well as delivering the most accurate results in real time.

Aware of the need to time attendance, take leave anytime, anywhere, WISAMI has built a timekeeping app for chain restaurant, store, office, remote management staff members anytime, anywhere via website, updates in real time, reports going home late, taking leave, full shift.

In addition, the difference in Wisami’s business model is that while the market has a lot of start-ups with B2C model (businesses and individual customers), Pham Khanh Hoa, founder of WISAMI, chose the business model. B2B business (business and enterprise). This choice is said to be less secure than the market trend, which is “hard to swallow” for any start-up.

With WISAMI, B2B products can package solutions sold to a few large customers to get cash flow early, minimizing risks for the early stage of startup. B2B customers select a product based on their ability to meet and address urgent needs. At that time, although the interface was bad, the experience was incomplete, and the technical errors were frequent, they were patiently suggesting to solve the problems they needed. Once B2B products are rooted in the organization’s working process or culture, the percentage of customers leaving the product will be very low.


Launched in August 2015, Wisami is a mobile time management and remote management application for factories, construction sites, restaurants and offices. By connecting to the Internet for devices such as fingerprint machines, mobile magnetic card filters via smartphones, using network addresses and locations, Wisami meets all timekeeping methods accurately and transparently.

As of 2018, Wisami has more than 200 customers including small and medium businesses. They proved quite satisfied with the application. Currently, nearly 100 businesses are in the process of testing products and will sign a contract with Wisami after 30 days of free use. Wisami also receives contracts and trust from businesses in Bangkok City (Thailand).

Wisami’s immediate goal is to perfect the application technically, then call for strategic investment and market expansion. In the future, Wisami will not only develop payroll timekeeping software but also develop other administrative management features such as tax and insurance to become an administrative management support tool for businesses. Wisami’s solutions help businesses liberate people, manual jobs, and transform the businesses’ focus on their value-added work.

“Currently, the Wisami application is about 70% complete. We are in the process of optimizing the application. The new version is expected to be released in June, ”said Mr. Pham Khanh Hoa – CEO of Wisami.

According to Hoa, a common challenge for B2B products is to expand the business scale towards rapid growth, for three reasons:

Firstly, the time and resources available to each customer are easily increased. B2B customers often demand to build their own products, following the processes and culture that the company inherently, even willing to pay a lot for a solution package that meets the requirements. This increases the time and resources to serve each B2B customer; The product is easily torn in many directions, obscuring concentration, making it difficult for the business model to expand.

Second, B2B products are complex in their business, requiring experienced programmers. People who produce products in addition to normal design capacity, must also be knowledgeable about the business of the field they are serving in order to analyze and build features.Third, the product must be both simple and satisfy many different business requirements. In this market, WISAMI chooses how to make small, standard measurement, fast adjustment. The product must focus on a fundamental problem that many organizations face … Identifying the product, orientation and target customer helps the team reduce barriers and go faster.


In 2018, Wisami was one of three start-ups receiving investment capital before graduating from Topica Edtech Group – TFI startup training course when newly introduced. The current project received US $ 10,000 from the G&H Foundation in Hong Kong.

There are more than 1,000 businesses, individual business households (shops, restaurants), more than 1,500 people are using WISAMI timekeeping daily. Including big customers is Industrial Cleaning Service VFIC services, using WISAMI timekeeping for more than 1,000 employees in Thai Nguyen, Hanoi, Hai Phong. WISAMI is also in contact and building for Topica Thailand in Bangkok.


ADDRESS: Nhà 22A, ngách 97/121 đường Khương Trung, Thanh Xuân, Hà Nội
CEO: Phạm Khánh Hòa
TEL: 0934445663
EMAIL: [email protected]