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VTGO is currently finishing and preparing to deploy a truck call app on a mobile phone device called VTGO. The application is a technology platform that allows the connection between the carrier and the cargo owner, the application provides the tools to the two parties can carry out the contents of an electronic cargo contract, perform the electronic bill of carriage, make the payment and evaluate the quality of the service


VTGO is a specialized truck call application with a technology platform built to connect the three main components of the freight chain, namely:

  • “Vehicle owners”: people with means of transport.
  • “Driving”: a person who is eligible to operate a vehicle.
  • “Goods owners” who have goods to be transported.

The platform allows the Owner to easily and flexibly assign drivers, and is well suited to the practical situation of the field of freight transport, the connection between drivers and vehicles through a The account information pair is the “Connection account and password of the vehicle on the application” provided by the Owner to the Driver, when the Automobile Owner wants to Drive which vehicle to drive.

By logging into the account and the vehicle connection pass on its application, Driver has been authorized to manage all contents of such vehicle such as quotes, order confirmations, order adjustment confirmations, receive merchandise, return goods, and other features …

By the application, the vehicle owner can manage all his vehicles such as transportation routes, orders that need to be quoted, signed orders pending transportation, orders in transit, sales. Transport during the month, especially through the application The owner of the car can transfer wages, traveling expenses for drivers quickly and conveniently.

With the motto “Connecting with development”, VTGO has been becoming a dynamic, friendly, safe and effective ecosystem in the field of cargo transport, and trying to become a truck call application. Vietnamese are trusted by Vietnamese.


Vietnamese transportation services are many advantages to develop such as global trade exchange, warehouse infrastructure, highways are increasingly perfected. However, the industry is also in front of many challenges of modeling, management and cost problems are too high.

  • Difficult problems: The car is teeming with cargo to empty:

The transportation infrastructure in Vietnam is increasingly being perfected, this is the advantage of the boom transport industry. In fact, the transport sector is still more redundant to grow. However, in front of the global trade exchange, the integration takes place deeper, the domestic transportation service also reveals many difficulties. The “car is full of cars” is going to be empty and the car is constantly leaving the car owners from headaches. The return of empty cars does not only cause waste, but also the cost of service increases dramatically. This resulted in a car parked in many beaches due to not being connected to the owner, the procedure of chip-proof, but still can not guarantee the safety of shipments. Meanwhile, more and more customers ‘ demands are yet to be met in time. So how to connect between the means of transport with the owner to create the supply chain?

  • The solution for difficult math: 

With the development of 4.0 technology This problem will indeed have direction solved. Recently, many applications have been developed to meet the increasingly high demands of transportation services. However these applications are operating according to the trading floor model of the transport Business company so have not really attracted the participation of the garage and the owner as expected. The launch of the free truck call app VTGO will be the perfect solution for this difficult problem. It is known that VTGO is a pioneering application in Vietnam that has advanced in the direction of technology, aiming to create many useful features for users in the process of transporting goods by car. VTGO helps to optimize the transportation of the garage by making it easy for the car to search for orders for an empty car. Coming to VTGO, the owner is allowed to work directly with the garage to select the transportation supplier with the most competitive price, the right requirement and the fastest, and the tracking owner is the most specific cargo route. A truck call app that optimizes the search for transportation needs, which helps the vehicle owner to connect with each other in a fast and efficient way. Businesses do not have to headache when finding a satisfactory carrier.

In particular, this application allows a variety of vehicles that can join the connection such as: Crate, truck sealed, refrigerated vehicles, container cars, rescue trucks, truck taxis, super-school cars, dump trucks, self-operated crane trucks, automobile vehicles. In addition, the application allows users to directly work with each other based on the platform of the application. This creates a diverse, automated ecosystem that provides total and comprehensive solutions in transportation operations. With this application users can easily search for vehicles, sign electronic transport contracts, electronic freight invoices, pay and evaluate the quality of service in a convenient way. In addition, complaints and complaint resolution are also strictly constructed to ensure the interests of users. With smart features, send the order to the right car responsive, the vehicles are suitable, thereby helping the owner to search for the most competitive and fastest freight vehicles, helping empty cars find the fastest order. Thereby bringing the optimum efficiency for the transportation service industry and is the basis for the near future of Vietnam’s freight rates will be lowered, contributing to increase the competitiveness of Vietnamese goods. According to experts, VTGO is the most comprehensive solution for cargo operation by car. As an in-depth application of technology, it will be very good support for media owners, drivers and other owners.


Coming to VTGO, users only need a smartphone to find a provider of transport services like that, can control the delivery, track the transport route, control the work. receive.

  • Professional solution:
    • VTGO is the first specialized ecosystem in Vietnam to transport goods by car.
    • With carrier information that has been registered and authenticated.
    • It is the place connecting owners, drivers and owners.
  • Optimize business efficiency:
      • VTGO helps to optimize the transportation journey by helping users find orders for empty running directions.
      • VTGO helps find more shipping orders.
  • Convenient search for carriers:
    • Come to VTGO Shippers are allowed to choose the shipping service provider with the most competitive price, right request and fastest.
    • Shippers can track freight routes.
  • Specifically, owners of goods participating in VTGO will:
    • Connect with multiple shipping service providers. Therefore, the owner will find the transporter for the shipment as quickly as possible, safely and at the most competitive price.
    • The signing of the contract of carriage is carried out in a simple but complete and confidential manner, through the contents shown in the quotation, order, through general transaction conditions, and especially through via terms and conditions when participating in the application.
    • The whole process of delivery and receipt of goods between the shipper and the driver and between the driver and the consignee are done on the application without the shipper having to make a paper bill of lading, and with the pair “Loading code” and “Code complete ”the confirmation of this process becomes confidential and convenient.
    • Besides these utilities, the application also has other utilities such as tracking the shipping route of the shipment, paying the freight for the shipment at any time if the shipper has pre-loaded into Vtgo pay’s electronic wallet. yourself.


  • Submit order information: Send order information, users will receive many quotes to choose a shipping service provider.
  • Contract of transportation: Signing a contract of carriage of goods with a single operation.
  • Delivery confirmation: Confirm delivery of goods to Driver by Loading Code without handover record, without handover directly.
  • Track shipping itinerary: Track shipping itinerary, pay freight.
  • Receive and confirm: Receive and confirm by issuing the Completion Code to drive the application into the application.
  • Quality assessment: Assessing the quality of transportation, sending late loading penalties. Propose compensation for damaged or lost goods.


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