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Dịch vụ is the largest online hotel reservation system in Vietnam with more than 1 million international hotels and more than 11,000 hotels in Vietnam.


With the desire to bring visitors interesting and comfortable vacations, VNTRIP OTA Co., Ltd. was born with the great mission of “Hotel booking”. The reservation is made on the website: and application, with basic and updated functions, customers can simply and conveniently make a living room reservation. Best price hotels at more than 11,000 hotels across the territory of Vietnam and more than 1 million international hotels. Coming to, customers will be consulted, supported 24/7, can use modern online services, free airport pick-up service along with many preferential programs and customer gratitude. Simplified operations, easy access, stable costs, taking advantage of time, booking anywhere are what customers will feel when choosing to book at


  • Vision: To become the largest and most modern online stop in Vietnam for all travel needs.
  • Mission: Delivering the leading convenient and fast customer experience through the application of high technology to provide customer care and service


  • CHEAPER HOTEL RATES: Whenever you find another unit providing the same room type, staying at the same hotel, at the same time with a lower price, is willing to sell at the cheapest price. There are more than 11,000 domestic hotels and more than 1 million international hotels always updating the best prices on, you do not need to wait for quotes, lack of transparency and take as much time as other services.
  • FLEXIBLE PAYMENT, SECURITY: You do not have a credit card or worry about using online payment channels? It’s okay, because is flexible with all forms of payment. You can use: Domestic card, International card, Bank transfer, or through reputable payment gateways and wallets such as: ZaloPay, AirPay, VnPay, Momo … Ensure flexibility, not necessarily use. credit card, keep personal information confidential, avoid the risk of being exploited by bad guys.
  • 24/7 PROFESSIONAL SUPPORT: Having problems with your trip or booking at 2am? is ready to support, free consultation to help you solve the problem through the switchboard 0963 266 688 . Because customers forget themselves – wholeheartedly serve!
  • Honesty with 360 ° HOTEL PHOTOS: Concerned about the fact “not like the internet”? For the first and only time in the world, helps you experience the hotel in the most authentic way with 360 ° photo technology, giving you more peace of mind when booking.

II. BUSSINESS OPERATION: was founded by businessman Le Dac Lam and a team of associates. In July 2016, received a $ 3 million investment from Alibaba’s angel investor. Only 1 year later, continued to receive 10 million USD from foreign investment funds. In August 2018, was honored to be valued at 45 million USD by a reputable Swiss investor IHAG Holding, to become one of the most valuable startups in Vietnam. In September 2018, officially merged – the leading unit in providing cheap flight tickets. This merger perfectly complement the service and price level for both brands, aiming to build a comprehensive travel service for customers, creating a true Vietnamese Online Travel brand, for Vietnamese people.

At the end of 2018, Vntrip officially acquired ATADI – the leading ticketing company in Vietnam. Vntrip will bring the most comprehensive and convenient travel service to customers, creating an authentic online travel brand of Vietnamese people, for Vietnamese people.

In 2019, successfully raised capital from Swiss investor IHAG Holding with a valuation of $ 45 million. is currently headquartered in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh, in a modern office with an open and comfortable workspace that inspires anyone who comes to the company. Proudly possessing a young, dynamic and enthusiastic team, we are burning together on the way to conquer the top of technology. At, we always believe that the only way to succeed is to give our customers absolute satisfaction.

Information from online travel platform Vntrip said that this startup has successfully raised capital from investor Jubilee Capital Management. Based in Singapore and mainland China, Jubilee is an ASEAN-China cross-border venture capital fund (Venture Capital) that invests in early-to-growth stage technology companies. It also allows Asean startups to participate in their global networks, especially the Chinese technology industry and the internet support industry.

Notably, JCM has observed the tremendous growth that Vntrip has achieved over the past few years. JCM believes this momentum will continue to accelerate with Vntrip’s ambitious and capable management team as well as the promising Vietnamese online travel market scene.

Google & Temasek reports on Southeast Asia’s digital economy show that the online travel market is one of the fastest growing industries in Southeast Asia. In which, online tourism Vietnam is forecasted to boom with a CAGR of 15%. JCM believes that Vietnam’s online travel market penetration is quite low compared to other countries with similar potential in the region.

Looking at the broader tourism value chain in Vietnam, the booming aviation industry and the strengthening of the government’s transportation infrastructure such as airports and highways are also key factors in the growth of the tourism market. Accelerated online calendar.

Jubilee’s founding partner, Mr. Stanley Zhang emphasized: “We believe that Vntrip has a successful and highly scalable business model with a strong management team and suitable for Vietnam’s tourism market. This investment will allow Vntrip to continue its impressive growth trajectory to dominate Vietnam’s online travel market.”

Jubilee’s other founding partner, Mr. Gan Fong Jek, also said that he himself has worked and invested in many Vietnamese founding teams and companies in his investment journey. The ability to combine international perspectives with local experience is one of the core values ​​of Vntrip’s team. The combination above has allowed the startup to respond to domestic market needs while at the same time gaining market knowledge and capital from more developed markets.

At VNTRIP.VN, we are deeply aware that human resources are the top priority for any business and we believe that every employee should be treated like a customer – with conscientiousness, thoughtfulness and respect. The company always appreciates the excellent staff, the employees who bring success to the company with their dedication and excellent service quality. This devotion will be acknowledged!

Life of each employee VNTRIP.VN is colorful, lively and meaningful. The employees of the Company not only receive salaries from their work results, but are also rewarded for their outstanding efforts. Our commitment:

  • You will be working in a dynamic environment, high team spirit, but still maximizing the ego of each individual in the team.
  • The professional working environment at VNTRIP.VN and the partners of VNTRIP.VN will challenge every working individual to all their potential, hone your skills, and you will make a mark. My personal impressions at work at VNTRIP.VN.


In the travel industry, the OTA (Online Travel Agent) model is currently very popular in the world with famous names such as Priceline, Expedia, Agoda, Ctrip … It is estimated that the OTA channel accounts for 35-40% of revenue. of resorts and hotels.

In recent years, Vietnam’s booming tourism market has also attracted many Vietnamese businesses to join the OTA. In addition to Vntrip, there can be names such as:,,

However, according to the Vietnam E-Commerce Association (VECOM) in 2018, the market share of domestic OTAs only accounts for less than 20%. The remaining 80% belongs to powerful foreign entities such as, or

Vntrip’s opportunity, like so many other startups, is that this market has great potential for growth. Most Vietnamese tourists have yet to give up the habit of booking directly with hotels and resorts.

However, the hotel booking market and airline tickets are often fierce competition and there is no chance for many companies to coexist and succeed. If it does not succeed quickly and becomes a leading company, Vntrip will be lost in the market by other competitors in the long run.

In fact, in some big tourism markets like the US or China, only one or two companies dominate this market, the rest have to close or be acquired.


  • Successful fundraising on the Shark Tank program.
  • Top 10 Vietnamese brands in 2016; 
  • Top 5 Vietnamese Startup in 2016, 
  • Top 10 excellent services for consumers in 2017, 
  • High quality services Asean 2018
  • Trademark is also a partner of the Vietnam National Administration of Tourism, performing national work to promote Vietnam Tourism. Typically, two programs “Super Selfie” – Asia’s largest panoramic selfie and “#WHYVIETNAM” utilize the power of social networking and online marketing to spread the best image of Vietnam. Male to international friends.