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Vietnam Silicon Valley Accelerator (VSVA) is the first Business Promotion Organization established in 2014 in Vietnam, based on research from the Vietnam Silicon Valley Project – the first project of the Government of Vietnam directly supports for startup. VSVA is currently the only unit in Vietnam to fund startups from the beginning.


Vietnam Silicon Valley Accelerator Joint Stock Company was established by a team of founders and implemented the sponsored “Project” Commercialization of Technology in Silicon Valley in Vietnam “(Vietnam Silicon Valley – VSV). by the Ministry of Science and Technology. VSV has established the first business promotion organization in Vietnam and has become the most sustainable contributor to the formation and development of a startup ecosystem and calls for water investment. outside to Vietnam. During 5 years of operation, VSV has invested capital and incubated more than 80 startups operating in Vietnam, Korea, Singapore, Australia …, with the success rate of calling next round capital up to 38% ( while this rate in the world is only 10%). The successful startups coming out of VSV have been valued at up to 31 million USD, including Lozi, Base, Ship60, Hachi, Schoolbus, Minet … Besides, VSV has organized more than 100 training and coaching programs for more than 3000 startups and investors nationwide and in the region; connecting a network of more than 300 major partners and investors in the world such as Microsoft, Lotte, Baker McKenzie …

With 10 years of experience in researching startup ecosystem models in the world and more than 5 years bringing the Silicon Valley model to Vietnam, the founding team of VSV called and represented the Council of investors to become established Reidius Media Joint Stock Company with the mission of conveying information, knowledge, stories and multi-dimensional perspectives on entrepreneurship and business through multimedia communication channels. Besides, Reidius wishes to bring the image and achievements of the Vietnamese startup ecosystem to foreign investors and investment funds to call for foreign capital to invest in Vietnamese brainpower.

In particular, a number of startups graduated from the VSVA program have successfully called for the next round of investment with a multi-million dollar valuation such as TechElite, Lozi, SchoolBus, Ship60 … VSVA is the unit ready to pour capital for startups from the first paragraph with 20,000 USD.

Startups participating in the program can take advantage of available resources of VSVA such as working 1: 1 with advisors, co-working space and receiving many other supports from the network of partners and experts of VSVA.

VSVA’s partners include a portfolio of more than 50 startups and more than 60 institutions. Among them, there are big companies like VIB International Bank, Lotte Group, SamSung Group, Microsoft Group, VTC Mobile, Baker McKenzie, CocCoc …

VSVA executives believe that with each startup invested, advisors can build a network of appropriate strategic partners, creating a foundation to accelerate the growth of the business.

The opportunity of next round of funding for startups in VSVA’s portfolio is also becoming more open.

Activities connecting investors such as Demo Day, Prototype Day held in countries with developed venture capital industry such as Korea, Singapore … have become regular activities to create many opportunities. than for startups to directly access investors, investment funds.


The Vietnam Silicon Valley (VSV) project was launched to connect mentors and startups, provide basic and advanced knowledge about startups associated with innovation, then connect startups to investment funds and businesses. big.


Currently, the Vietnamese ecosystem only has 2% of startups that are real startups, the rest are still traditional business models and have applied a bit of innovation. Therefore, local startups need to find the right advisors suitable for the field in which their startup businesses are operating.They must understand the local products, be ready to listen, share and solve. difficulties from idea to business model.


  • VSV Mini Investor Bootcamp Hanoi 2018.
  • Accelerator Prototype Day 2017.
  • DEMO DAY 2018. 
  • TechElite, Lozi, SchoolBus, Ship60.


  • The investment amount is up to $ 40,000
  • One-to-one counselors gather for 4 months
  • Co-working spaces in Hanoi and HCM
  • Work with a network of 60+ advisors and large partner groups
  • Raising capital with a network of 50+ investors and VCs at home and abroad
  • Experience in investing and incubating 75+ startups, many of which have successfully raised capital and are valued at many million dollars
  • Follow up with startups in negotiating with major clients as well as organizing fundraising trips in Korea and Singapore


The investment program and training program of Vietnam Silicon Valley in 2019 will provide startups with capital of USD 20,000 and a 4-month training period.

Vietnam Silicon Valley startup acceleration program (VSV) recently announced “Bootcamp” training, training and investment for Vietnamese startups. The program aims to attract information technology startups and pioneering technologies, especially in the fields of High Technology Agriculture (Agritech), Financial Technology (Fintech), Education Technology (edutech), and Intelligence Artificial (AI) and Blockchains (Blockchain). However, VSV encourages all startups to apply.

Participating start-ups need a strong technology background, products that are close to or already available in the market. The program stated that revenue is not the deciding factor, but if any, it will be a certain advantage. Besides, the founding members of the company must also participate throughout the program.

Benefits of VSVA Bootcamp

  • $ 20,000 invested;
  • $ 100,000 benefits from partners Microsoft, Baker McKenzie, Grant Thornton Vietnam, Lotte Group, Samsung Group, Amazon Web Services, Apple, ZipCar (Global Accelerator Network), VIB International Bank, Asian Apple experts, Holistics, VTC Mobile , Coc Coc, and 40+ media partners;
  • Advisors and experts accompany the startup throughout the development process, from operational issues to business strategies and models;
  • Especially, activities to connect investors, helping startups raise capital in the next round: Demo Day, Prototype Day are held in countries with developed venture capital industry such as Korea and Singapore.

In the course of training in the investment program, startups are supported by a system of experienced consultants and experts, helping startups form close business models and development strategies. VSVA startups often increase their market value from 4.5 to 10 times after the program.


Vietnam Silicon Valley Accelerator (VSVA) was the first accelerator available in Vietnam, and is still one of the leading accelerators in this market. In the past 5 years, with nearly 1,000 registered records, VSVA has focused on training and training for nearly 60 startups, with 38% of the groups successfully raising the next round (in the world, this number is only about 10 %).

As of 2019, after 5 years of progressing in incubating for startups, it has brought a lot of fruit to the VSVA nursery. The numbers are the strongest testament to these achievements:

  • Calling capital for the next largest round of 1.3 million USD (,
  • Round-trip fundraising averaged $ 200,000, valuing the largest company at $ 7 million.

The experiences accumulated from the past 5 years’ success have helped VSVA sign more strategic partners, such as Microsoft Vietnam and Lotte Group, and at the same time help VSVA continue to invest and train effectively for new startups. of 2019.

VSVA cooperates with the Korean government in incubating and supporting 20 Korean startups to expand into Vietnam market

  • On March 30, 2019, “Vietnam – Korea Demo Day 2019” Festival (Startup Day was organized to expand the network of development cooperation between startup and foreign investors, taking place at the Department of Science – Public. technology in Nghe An province and supported by Vietnam Silicon Valley (VSVA).
  • This is a useful activity in the program of KISED Korean Investment Organization called “Global Accelerating Program for Startups”. This activity marks the strategic cooperation of the Department of Science and Technology of Nghe An province with KISED, promoting the province’s startup movement to develop stronger.