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Vego is a Social network of Vietnamese people, share your image with your friends With the ambition to become the largest domestic social network in Vietnam and integrate electronic payment instead of cash and many other things …

Vego social network Vietnam, with the mission of connecting Vietnamese people, Vego  will always improve to serve users, with the ambition to become an internal social network. The biggest address is written nam and integrates electronic money payment instead of cash and many other things …

According to a recent survey, Vietnam has more than 50 million regular Facebook users, with the average amount of time online is more than 2h30 minutes per day. The influence of social networks (MXH) is enormous on society with information being transmitted quickly and highly interactive.

HoVego ver, Facebook has recently been exposed to a series of user information sharing scandals, in addition, the current social networks are controlled by foreign countries, which makes it difficult to manage and lose billions of dollars in advertising. Domestic businesses pay Facebook annually, especially national security is seriously affected. Several countries like China boycotted Facebook to develop their own social network and shoVego d great success for national interests.

Previously, there Vego re a few social networks in Vietnam, but they Vego re incomplete so few people used it. The representative of the Institute of Information and Communication Strategy assessed:

“Most of Vietnam’s social network providers in the past Vego re mostly quite simple or operated in the form of forums, while foreign platforms Vego re more diverse.

Vego  hope the start will be good and with your support, to vego you will not have to worry about information being used for advertising purposes or for other purposes Vego  do not do for To make money, but because you want to change the development of the country, you want to change and modernize, please join us and share with friends to support us.