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VBC is the Vietnam Blockchain Country project, under Infinity blockchain Labs (IBL). IBL is a Blockchain technology research and development company with a commitment to promoting social development with future technologies. With the leading position of the Blockchain ecosystem in Vietnam and global market coverage, IBL is oriented towards the vision of becoming the R & D unit that brings future technology to the practical application for existing and daily life businesses. Ibl was honored in Top 10 Blockchain Technology solutions providers IN 2018 BY APAC CIO Outlook, more than 200 members at IBL aspired to bring Vietnam into a pioneering country in blockchain research and development in the world.


VBC is a leading blockchain technology company, bringing future technology to global service, always aiming to make Vietnam a pioneer in researching and applying Blockchain technology.

VBC has a team of engineers with intensive research and academic background associated with universities across the country, Blockchain Labs network at universities, with extensive experience in presentation & training. about blockchain.

VBC has experience in developing Blockchain solutions, proving the feasibility of the solution through successful practical application: Traceability, Smart Ballot, Digital Identifier.

In addition, VBC also has a network of associates with global partners to research and develop blockchain technology. Integrating & updating global advanced blockchain technology.

Mission & Vision: Create a leading playground for blockchain experts and a bridge of blockchain technology from Vietnam to the world.


  • VBC applies blockchain technology to agriculture to improve the fundamental ability of management, monitoring, production and processing of agricultural products through the value chain. One of VBC’s products – Agridential – is a blockchain-based traceability solution to GS1 standard. According to Mr. Do van Long – General director of the company “This is a combination of ‘ agriculture ‘ and ‘ value-accumulation ‘ certification, we provide the endorsement solution for agricultural products in Vietnam”. Agridential has been successfully deployed for my bone mango products, in Dong Thap Province, Vietnam. Each mango is labeled with a QR code to identify, and also matches the GS1 standard to increase the transparency of the product. Blockchain technology for consumers to verify the quality of agricultural products and minimize fraud in the supply chain, enhance brand reputation and business. Consumers can monitor and inspect the process of agricultural products from fertilizing, spraying, packaging to harvesting and distribution. All of the above information is recorded from individual parties such as farmers, cooperatives, and distributors to avoid manipulating information from any party. Since all information is recorded using blockchain technology, no one can delete, modify, or fake. This means that all information is invariant (immutable).
  • Besides Agridential, VBC is researching and developing two more projects which are ‘ Smart Ballot ‘ and ‘ user credentials – Self Sovereign Identity ‘. Smart Ballot of Vietnam Blockchain is a pioneering blockchain application on voting solutions to improve traditional ballot methods. Smart Ballot makes voting process simple, fast, accurate and unmanipulated by any party. The important thing about the solution is the transparency of the voting process that allows individuals to verify the accuracy of the results but still ensure the anonymity of the vote.


In the strong development wave of technology revolution 4.0. Sectors such as banking and finance, retail, freight, manufacturing, telecommunications, etc. are in need of a technology that quickly and accurately stores and transmits information. Blockchain is considered a “key” technology for digital transformation and building future information technology platforms.

What is blockchain? According to experts, blockchain is a technology that stores and transmits information with blocks that are linked together and expand over time. Blockchain is designed to resist data change. Information in the blockchain cannot be changed and only added with the consent of all nodes in the system. Even if part of the blockchain system falls, other computers and nodes will continue to work to protect information.

In order to develop Blockchain technology in Vietnam, Vietnam Blockchain Corporation (Vietnam Blockchain Corporation – VBC) was born, providing customers with blockchain technology solutions and services for key areas such as Agriculture. Manufacturing, Supply Chain, Logistics, E-Commerce, Sharing Economics, Financial Technology, Public Services and Smart Cities.VBC aims to make Vietnam a pioneer country in the research and application of Blockchain achievements.

With the mission of creating a leading playground that brings together Blockchain experts, VBC is also a bridge connecting Blockchain technology from Vietnam to the World, striving to become a leading technology company, bringing Future technology serves the globe. Vietnam Blockchain currently has a team of engineers with strong and solid research and academic background. Accompanying that advantage is the experience of presenting in training on Blockchain. VBC has become a reliable companion in cooperation projects with universities across the country.


  • Building the entire system on the Blockchain platform for businesses
  • Integrate Blockchain into existing system
  • Blockchain Consulting Services for Enterprises: Blockchain Training and Research; Blockchain legal advice; Blockchain Application Consulting


  • Agridential: A solution for traceability of information along the value chain based on blockchain technology. The solution allows access to information along the value chain, from the production process to the consumption stage, helping farmers, cooperatives, consumers and markets have transparent information about the product, contributing to price increases. agricultural products.
  • Smart Ballot: A pioneer voting application that applies blockchain technology to improve traditional voting solutions. Smart Ballot provides a new voting method that makes the voting process simple, fast but accurate and cannot be manipulated. The salient feature of the solution is transparency in the voting process, any individual has sufficient methods to verify the correctness of the results but ensure the anonymity of the votes.
  • Self-Sovereign Identity: Applying Blockchain technology in digital identifiers helps replace customer identification with conventional manual methods such as face-to-face meetings, by comparing troublesome paper documents. Thereby, the Government, banks and financial institutions save time, money and human resources, and help build a transparent, safe and reliable management system serving the community & society.


Over the years, Vietnam Blockchain Joint stock company has collaborated with ministries, Governments, NGOs in propaganda activities as well as developing Blockchain technology application into practice. In 2016, VBC launched the Asia Blockchain Education Labs (ABEL) project, which provides intensive blockchain courses developed and taught by leading professors in Vietnam. ABEL’s goal is to further strengthen the blockchain training activities, which will help to improve the expertise of human resources in this promising new technology. Cooperate with leading universities, technology facilities and research institutes across the country, along with dozens of specialized laboratories. VBC keeps the human element as the core, and VBC acts as the guide as well as expert advisor for businesses through training of developers as well as technical consultancy in the production, trade and service processes for enterprises.

  • Best IoT Startup 2019 at Vietnam Rice Bowl Startup Award
  • Top 10 groups of Innovative Entrepreneurs at the I-Star Innovation & Entrepreneur Award
  • Received the title “Typical products and services of Ho Chi Minh City” in 2019
  • First prize in High-Tech Agriculture group in the final round of AIoT & Smart Cities 2019
  • Top 10 Prestigious Trademarks of Integration Period 2019
  • Top 15 potential startups in Asia Pacific Agriculture 2019.
  • Awarded the World Blockchain Award-Asia 2019 at the World Blockchain Forum in Singapore
  • Vietnam Blockchain Corporation was honored with the Top 10 creative startups Group at I-Star Innovation Award
  • On November 11, at the Singapore Fintech Festival 2019, Vietnam Blockchain Joint Stock Company (VBC) introduced Fintech Solution based on Blockchain called Trustless Credentials. This is the only Fintech solution representing Vietnam to participate in this event, among more than 400 representative booths from 40 countries. Trustless Credentials is interested and interested by many visitors. This achievement is to mark VBC’s remarkable development, with international projects, demonstrating the company’s relentless efforts in recent years.




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