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Vietnam Artificial Intelligence System Company (VAIS) is the AI company leading the technology of converting voice into text (Speech-to-Text)


In 2018, after reviewing the Vietnamese speech recognition technology available on the market, VAIS realized that the products at that time were still limited and had not effectively dealt with the problems when applied in practice. , customized systems take a long time to deploy, and require many services to maintain and improve.

Since then, VAIS needs a different core technology and needs a new company with a different deployment and vision – That is the motivation to set up Vietnam Artificial Intelligence System Co., Ltd.

Leading the Vietnamese Voice Recognition and Processing Revolution in Vietnam – VAIS creates solutions to change the way organizations operate their jobs by leveraging artificial intelligence. Currently, VAIS solutions are also deployed at Vietnamese government agencies to solve basic problems that have lasted decades.

  • Quality – Speed ​​- Optimal: VAIS builds products that make the work of many people more efficient, and more importantly interesting.
  • 95% accuracy: Optimize domain identification with the ability to operate effectively in environments with noise, long distances and real-time display.
  • Normalized Text: Standardized output text for abbreviations, numbers, dates, from abroad, email and auto capitalization and punctuation insertion.
  • Optimal Capabilities: Proven technology can be implemented immediately, adapting to any programming language and a variety of devices (computers, mobile phones, microphones) in offline conditions.
  • Core technology of speech recognition: 3 years of intensive research on speech recognition technology by VAIS Technology Director – Dr. Do Quoc Truong.

Solution of Converting Vietnamese Voice into Text of VAIS is a product that helps journalists, reporters and secretaries can perform the tape removal (listening to audio files and typing into documents) quickly quickly. In addition, the company also successfully deployed the National Assembly’s Office at the 7th Session / National Assembly XIV and directly removed the tape for reporters at the 8th National Assembly. VAIS is currently supporting nearly 300 reporters from more than 50 newspapers using products such as VTV, VOV, VnExpress, Forbes, Vietnamnet, CafeF, CafeBiz, VnEconomy, etc.

When applying the VAIS software, all questions and answers, as well as the delegate’s name, are displayed right on the tablet in front of National Assembly Chairman Nguyen Thi Kim Ngan, making it easy for her to follow. without paper notes. Normally, in each questioning session, the Secretariat of about 30 people will have to retype the content of the meeting, and if the meeting is in the morning, it must be typed in the afternoon. But when applying VAIS software, only about 60 minutes later, the entire content of the meeting was recorded into a text file.


  • Mr. Hoang Minh Thanh – Ceo
    • 8 years experience in industry E-commerce, communications, Advertising using machine learning technology;
    • Senior manager at RTB House, Insider Vietnam and TOPICA Native Indonesia;
    • Establishment and development of companies Startups such as Kratus Agency, Fresh Deli and Tailor Bros.
  • Ts. Do Quoc Truong – Chief Technology Officer
    • Received his PhD in science Computer at Nara Institute of Science and Technology, Japan;
    • From 2014 – 2019, announced 14 Research topics in handling Natural language, speech-handling As speech recognition, the Speech Translator, extract Information from speech.
  • Ass. Ts. Luong Chi Mai – Academic Advisor
    • 30 years experience in the field Text recognition processing area and Sound;
    • Deputy Director, Institute of Technology Information and communication, University of Viet France. Award Receipt Kovalevskaya in 2010.
  • Ts. Nguyen The Loc – Software Manager
    • Received a Ph.D. in Semantic and Web Ontology, Information
    • Extraction at the University of Montpellier, France
    • 13 years of experience in training, Teaching technology information.
    • Deputy head of University of Mines training Geology;
    • Published more than 6 papers on Domestic and international magazines Web programming and databases.
  • Mr. Do Quoc Works – Director of market development
    • 3 years of experience in Auditing of multinational companies With a wide range of professions;
    • Auditor at KPMG.


VAIS builds artificial intelligence technology to solve the fundamental problems that have existed for decades and provides a complete solution with an approach to building products based on the concept of: “people. control, support devices. ”

Speech recognition core technology: Integrates ASR core technology into existing solutions such as virtual assistants, IVR and ChatBot.

1. Advantages:

    • Accuracy to 95%
    • Works well in noisy environments
    • Including nearly 7000 Vietnamese vocabulary words
    • Display real-time results with delay less than 0.5 seconds
    • Optimize speech recognition in 3 regions: North, Central and South
    • Identify from a distance within 5 meters
    • Normalize output text: name, date, month, number …
    • Support identification of many types of audio

2. Integration method:

    • CLoud Service and Dedicated Server
    • Phone (IOS / Android)
    • Types of devices (computers, microphones, smart wearable devices)
    • Online – Offline
  • OPEN LIBRARY: Flexible deployment with 3rd parties through API libraries, adapting to all programming languages ​​such as Python, C +, C #, Objective-C, Java, …
    • IoT device
    • IoT devices such as speakers, microphones, and clocks are all in use
    • for voice control.

3. ORIGIN NOTE conversion solution:

The ability to convert voice has been improved, from hardware to APIs based on Cloud services or to combination devices. Text-to-speech software helps reduce conversion times by 10 times at a reasonable cost and can be used immediately after registration through Cloud Services.

    • Export meeting minutes as .docx or .pdf;
    • Payment according to the use flow;
    • Online editing / editing;
    • Use the product immediately after registering on Chrome, FireFox, IE.
    • Turn your smartphone into a voice converter;
    • Convert recordings to text;
    • Works everywhere, only requires an Int     `ernet connection;
    • Multi-platform support both iOS and Android.


The speech recognition technology that has been transformed into writing has long been studied by the world. For the English language, the recognition can be as accurate as 99%. Virtual assistants such as Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa or Apple Siri have shown how well English voice commands are perceived. For Vietnamese, a number of studies to convert voice into text have been carried out many years ago but have not brought significant success, except for the newly launched VAIS product – Tri Co., Ltd. Vietnam artificial intelligence. This product has just been tested in a number of questioning sessions of Congress and is highly appreciated.

In the domestic market with nearly 100 million people, about 700,000 enterprises, 126 million mobile subscribers, the proportion of Internet users reaching 68.7% (in 2019) is the vast balance to become and team of VAIS exploitation, promote the advantages of the speech to text technology platform. Besides, the state agency block, consisting of ministries, branches and 63 provinces and cities nationwide are also very potential customers.

In particular, VAIS has successfully tested the voice conversion system to text at the 7th session, the National Assembly of the XIV course, and supports the removal of live tape for the correspondent at session 8. VAIS is continuing to support nearly 300 reporters of over 50 press agencies in converting voices to text, which saves time drafting text without having to type the keyboard.


  • First prize in Vietnamese Language and Voice Processing contest with an accuracy of 93.6%
  • Certification of Science and Technology Enterprise
  • First prize in Voice recognition category with 95.2% accuracy at the Vietnamese Language and Voice Processing Contest 2019
  • Letter of commendation from the Secretary General of the National Assembly after the successful implementation of the Speech-to-Text Solution at the 7th session, National Assembly XIV, 2019
  • Typical solution of Vietnam Number Conversion 2019 for automatic software Convert Vietnamese voices into text
  • On Jul 19, 2019, in the VTV news information about Vietnamese speech recognition software is used by artificial intelligence. The software is praised by the Congress general Secretary.
  • In 2020, The Vietnam Artificial Intelligence Systems TECHNOLOGY (VAIS) is one of the 2 selected units to participate in the launch of the digital technology platform, organized by the Ministry of Information and Communication. The launch ceremony was in the series introducing the digital platforms Make in Vietnam implementing the National Digital Transformation program until 2025, oriented to the year 2030 has been approved by the Prime Minister.


YEAR: 2018


INDUSTRY: Technology

ADDRESS: 60B Nguyễn Huy Tưởng, Thanh Xuân, Hanoi

TEL: +84 92 799 9680

EMAIL: [email protected]