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Unica is an online training system, an expert gateway to the students. The mission of Unica is to share practical knowledge of up to 10 million people in Vietnam. The UNICA online training joint stock company is a member of the iNET Group, an online training system, an expert gateway to the students. Since founding Unica has received the attention of many young friends as well as businesses and partners. Unica is a young, dynamic, energetic, solidarity and growing collective with many talented individuals… The goal of Unica was to share the knowledge and practical experience with millions of people.


Unica is one of the largest online supermarkets in Vietnam with more than 200 quality courses from experts, the leading speaker in Vietnam in a wide range of fields, with many years of experience instructors detailed guidance through online training courses, online support is also the strength to take courses on Unica closer and easier to apply than ever before.

1. Unica owns three main partners:

  • Students: With nearly 500 courses for ages 23-50, help them add new skills, improve their quality of life and business efficiency.
  • Instructor: The foundation of Unica helps more than 400 instructors create online courses easily.
  • Marketers: Distribute courses by Unica.

2. Advantages and disadvantages of Unica

The selection of online courses is subject to the subject of your choice of study. Here are some advantages and disadvantages about online teaching website Unica.vn:

    • You only need to pay 1 time the course is owned forever
    • You can learn anytime, anywhere just the PC connected to the Internet
    • Unica will refund you if you are unhappy
    • Unica will send the course activation code to your home completely free of charge
  • CONS:
    • For the original (non-promotional) course the price is relatively high.
    • The course quality is uneven.


Courses cover most areas of businesses – orientation to enhance skills and competencies for employees: soft skills such as communication, presentations, cooperation, problem solving…
For leaders and managers: human resource management, leadership skills, team building, business culture, meeting management,business operation…
In addition, there are a variety of specific courses for departments of the business such as HR, Marketing, IT, Accountant…

1. Meantimes, Unica offers courses on many topics such as:

  • Web development
  • Adwords Advertising
  • The secret to making money from youtube, real estate business
  • Great ways to increase sales
  • SEO Website from A-Z to top 10 Google
  • Copy writing to shot the hearts of customers
  • Facebook Advertising
  • Interior architecture design
  • Feng shui to choose partners and resolve problems
  • English, Japanese communicate
  • Yoga for weighting loss, meditation
  • Instruments: guitar, piano…
  • Magic
  • Nurturing and raising children …

2. Unica business divides into 3 main partners:

  • Students: with nearly 500 courses for ages of 23-50, helping students gain new skills, improve their quality of life and business efficiency.
  • Trainers: Unica’s platform helps more than 400 lecturers create easy online courses.
  • Marketers: Distributing Unica’s courses.

3. Current payment of Unica:

  • ATM card, Internet banking
  • Visa, Master, JCB
  • Paypal
  • Phone card
  • Collect money at home
  • Other forms (bank transfer, money order, iNet e-wallet)

4. Advantages:

  • Diversity of curriculums and abundant resources.
  • Sources of teachers and lecturers required high levels of diploma as professionals, experts in special topics, committed 100% in Vietnamese.
  • Variety topics, academic fields, lifestyle, business, family…
  • According to the criteria for selecting lecturers, Unica has extremely strict requirements such as requiring lecturers with professional knowledge as well as the ability to interpret and communicate easily.
  • The lecture slides are simply presented, easy to follow fonts.
  • Flexible learning time, students can learn online anytime and anywhere.
  • Connecting with lecturers online facilitates favorable exchange.
  • Quick and simple form of payment such as bank transfer, payment by visa or payment support at home.
  • Refund policy within 7 days (will not exceed 30% of the curriculum) if the participant is not satisfied.
  • After the course is purchased, students receive an activation code so that he/ she can take the course. There is no limited use the course can be taken.
  • In addition, Unica regularly offers attractive promotions, including a 40% discount on all courses which is one of the great incentives for students.

5. Disadvantages:

  • Courses are not designed specifically for any learners.
  • Most online learning platforms have basic curriculums to advance, the content of presentation has similar levels. Therefore, those content has not been read yet by the learners, it is necessary to have the ability to read and search more. In the classroom, the lecturer will grasp the situation and make adjustments from the curriculum and teaching methods accordingly.
  • Do not exchange directly with lecturers.
  • Despite the fact that it is possible to interact, ask questions with the instructors via online channels. However, this interaction has a certain delay, learners receive the answer more slowly than learning directly with a teacher. This is also a drawback concept if the learner’s self-study ability is not good.
  • Take a responsibility of self-awareness
  • In the learning process, there is no tutor, lack of rules as well as the urge from lecturers or any courage to students. Hence, learners are easily discouraged, leaving the course in the middle as well as not having the spirit of learning. The best way to overcome this problem is to find a partner to study together.
    For the original course (no promotion), the price will be relatively high.
    Qualified courses are also uneven.


  • Unica is mostly reviewed as one of the best E-learning platforms in Vietnam so far.
  • Carrying the mission of sharing practical knowledge to 10 million people in Vietnam. With over 1,000 courses from over 500 lecturers and experts, Unica has attracted more than 200,000 students nationwide. With the desire to bring knowledge to everyone and wherever you are, Unica can help learners study qualified courses.
  • Hundreds of courses in different fields are lectured by leaders, speakers, entrepreneurs and experienced experts across the country; All are realistic and ambitious, yearning to share their values along with Unica practitioners.


YEAR: 2016

CEO/ FOUNDER:Cao Xuân Hoài Vương

INDUSTRY: Education

HANOI: 247 Cầu Giấy

TP.HCM: 25 Ngô Quyền, District 10, Tp.HCM

TEL: 090 488 6095

EMAIL: [email protected]