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Tubudd stands for “tour buddy”, it’s a digital platform that connects travellers to local buddies in the city they’re visiting.


This is now the solution for travelers to experience the views of the locals and get closer to the indigenous culture brought by the natives themselves. Many travelers around the world feel like their trips do not provide the authentic experience they desire. Books or online booking websites tend to focus on more attractive areas and destinations, and those traveling abroad may miss out on the experiences and places that people local like.

Tubudd is a group of tourists fed up with the old way of traveling, where guests cannot experience local culture, explore destinations in a different way, meet local friends and learn their language. With Tubudd customers will not be bound to the tourist destinations that everyone will come. Tubudd offers a new travel experience, where customers can make an appointment with a local friend wherever they go for a reasonable price. Customers can see and experience everything from the perspective of indigenous people. They can also design their trip as they like. Each trip will be designed exclusively for themselves, their family, and friends.

The difference between Tubudd and other travel companies is that it is a personal experience under the guidance of local buddy. Activities will depend on each person’s needs. Some people like food culture, some people like historical sites, some people like picnics and adventure … Tubudd also attaches great importance to safety, indigenous guides have to go through the selection round. slots such as face recognition, ID checks, letters of recommendation, foreign language skills and especially local knowledge. The guide information is public on the web for visitors to choose.

Tubudd is operated in a fairly simple manner. Visitors just need to go to the website or application, choose a destination and “order” a local guide at a given time. At the home page, tour guide information is displayed for customers to choose a suitable companion. ” The difference of Tubudd is focusing on personal experience, under the guidance of indigenous buddies. ” Founders share. Activities will depend on the needs of each person, some people like to explore museums, historical sites, cuisine or picnics, adventure … Local buddy with the understanding of local culture and history will be the travel companions to advise and design the trip according to the needs of visitors.


  • CEO Annie Vu – 7 years experience in media, marketing and events in both the UK and Vietnam. During her time studying abroad and working in the UK, Annie Vu has been absorbed with the culture here, confident with the knowledge and culture of communication and working with indigenous Westerners. Not only that, Annie also traveled through 15 countries, understanding the regional culture, the difficulties of self-sufficient travel. Thereby, there are interesting experiences in the role of a tourist when entering a new and strange country. Currently Annie and the main operator of the Tubudd machine and in charge of connecting with partners, as well as raising capital.
  • COO Anthony Cruickshan k – Has 6 years of experience working in the field of tourism, business and customer service in the UK. In particular, as a native Englishman, during 1 year working in Vietnam, Anthony knows very well the psychology of European and American tourists when coming to Vietnam. Understand the difficulties and direct obstacles of foreigners without the help of indigenous people. Anthony is currently in charge of policy, sales and customer service of Tubudd.
  • Next is CTO Ethan Dang – Having 8 years of experience in e-commerce platform in Korea, Singapore and Vietnam. In particular, more than 1 year as a Software Engineer at Zendesk- Singapore; 1 year as a Software Engineer at Shopee- Garena Singapore, Vinagame- TP. Ho Chi Minh and more than 1 year doing iOS software development in Hanoi. Currently, Ethan Dang is the company’s main technology developer who directly operates the Tubudd website and application technology platform.


In July 2017, Thai An – CEO of Tubudd and two co-founders founded Tubudd in Manchester (UK). After a period of researching the Vietnamese market, in June 2018, Tubudd moved back to Vietnam, the operation of Tubudd is quite simple, visitors only need to go to the website or application to choose a destination and order 1 Local guides at certain times. At the homepage, tourguide information is displayed, enabling customers to choose the most suitable companion.

But like other startups, the first difficulty in running a startup is that the problem of capital, including human resources, technical development,… To solve this problem, Tubudd has received support from angel investors and especially Vietnam Silicon Valley Accelerator (VSVA). Currently, the company is continuing to raise funding for the following round to develop native guidelines for approval of applications.

The second challenge Tubudd faced was building a human resource, how to find local guides with both knowledge and language proficiency. Local people’s access to Tubudd is limited and the number of people who know other languages ​​besides English is very small, making it difficult to find local guides in different provinces. However, Tubudd has been working with universities and foreign language clubs to connect with students who already have a foundation. In addition, local guides will undergo a short training course and quality censorship through customer evaluation. In order to ensure a large team of people with a solid connection and culture of Tubudd, the company representative said that there are currently groups and exchange activities to connect the guides with together. Tubudd hopes to create a community of “friends”, accompany and share with tourists the perspective of a native, not merely a guide.

Sharing the upcoming plan, Thai An – CEO of Tubuss said, Tubudd will develop in all provinces and cities in Vietnam and some Southeast Asian and Asian countries to develop well in tourism, not only. serving international tourists to Vietnam, but also Vietnamese tourists wishing to travel abroad. Tubudd is heading to the Korean market and has just opened a representative office there.


Tubudd is present in nearly 10 countries and more than 20 cities around the world, especially in Southeast Asia and first of all Vietnam. With nearly 500 local friends, Tubudd is now the solution for travelers to experience the views of the locals and get closer to the indigenous culture brought by the natives themselves. After 8 months of operation in Vietnam, Tubudd now has more than 150 bookings every year, mainly from foreign tourists.

In 2018, Tubudd achieved many successes, the most voted Startup and Top 10 startups at TECHFEST VIETNAM 2018 of the Ministry of Science and Technology, and reached the Top 10 Pitch @ Palace Vietnam 2018 organized by the British Royal. . Moreover, this startup also reached the Top 30 Pitch @ RISE Hong Kong 2018 …

By 2019, after more than 1 year of operation, Tubudd has built a network of more than 500 companions in 14 countries, across continents; in which the most exciting market in Australia, Russia, South Korea … On average, Tubudd has 200 visitors per month, the revenue of more than 300 million per month. “We set a goal in the next year, need to increase sales to 6 billion / year, while promoting market expansion in the UK and the US.

Currently, Tubudd has been deployed in 12 countries, 20 cities around the world with a network of 300 local guides, expected to expand in countries such as Myanmar, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand …

Tubudd also honored to win the second prize of Vietnam Smart Tourism Startup Contest 2019 by the Vietnam National Administration of Tourism and until now is moving towards the Top 6 Vietchallenge globally.


ADDRESS: R402, Tầng 4, 87 Vương Thừa Vũ, Khương Mai, Thanh Xuân, Hà Nội
EMAIL: [email protected]
WEBSITE: http://www.tubudd.com