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The Tourzy platform is the only platform that can stack various media types, including regular videos and photos, 360 videos, 360 photos, etc., directly connecting to the official website, making it easy for customers. Access to information from a multi-dimensional perspective.


TOURZY MEDIA is a media company specializing in the application of augmented reality and virtual reality technologies in the field of VR web design, Media 360 and event organization.

One of the most notable features of Tourzy Media is the technology of photographing and filming most important and interesting places in Vietnam with virtual reality technology. Tourzy owns a media warehouse including: 360-degree photos, 360-degree videos, 360-degree Timelapse videos, 360-degree livestream videos of big events, VR 360-degree tours, etc. at locations in Vietnam and in Southeast Asia. 

With the desire to bring the beautiful images of Vietnam tourism to the world, as well as bring the world image closer to the people of Vietnam, Tourzy Media always expresses creativity and enthusiasm in each photo, every movie footage. Products are always carefully invested from content to technology with modern cameras and 360-degree cameras. Tourzy Media is confident to apply and integrate the latest technologies in this field into professional image production.

Starting and sticking to travel from passion, therefore TOURZY MEDIA products are always invested in the brain and enthusiasm. Not only capturing beautiful, sharp images of nature and life, Tourzy also breathed soul into each work by scripting with depth in both content and art. With many years of operation in the field of tourism, up to now, the stock of photos and videos made by TOURZY MEDIA spread everywhere in all regions of the country, with the quantity – quality is extremely diverse and rich.

The key to the difference between Tourzy and other recording units is product quality. With the support of state-of-the-art equipment and professional post-processing capabilities, the product is always at the highest resolution with FULL HD 4K quality, 8K adapts to every device that will surely bring User the best experience.


  • VR TOUR 360: By creating 360-degree panoramas and linking them together, Virtual Tour 360 has been helping viewers create their own virtual reality tours. The recipient can actively choose the viewing angle, choose the location, freely zoom the photo. With virtual reality technology and the ability to arrange images, Tourzy will help you visualize most visually and vividly about the nature and scenery at the location. In recent years, Virtual Tour 360 has continuously occupied the “hot” position when popularly used by travel companies and businesses in advertising and PR products in many different fields.


  • PICTURE 360: Tourzy creates high-quality photospheres with sharp resolution and performs professional post-processing. 360 photos compatible with all smart devices, supporting Flash and HTML5. Moreover, allowing you to enjoy the space at any angle, there will certainly be no black spots or obstacles in the image. To maximize the viewing angle, Tourzy uses a combination of different moving and stationary devices such as tripods, monopods, cars, etc. during 360-degree photography. When shooting from the air, drones and drones will be used with the farthest range of control depending on the complexity of the location. Descriptive information and buttons can be placed in the image, which is extremely helpful for the user during the image experience.


  • VIDEO 360: By shooting 360-degree videos, Tourzy possesses a large number of high-quality videos, collecting images from the ground and from above. All videos posted on the Tourzy website are watermarked and copyrighted. 360-degree video in Full HD quality with 4K, 8K resolution. To fully feel the work, Tourzy always advises people to use additional devices such as virtual reality glasses, touch screens with high resolution, wear headphones or use external speakers with sound. quality. All 360 videos are posted and divided by categories to help customers find and select easily.


  • VIDEO 360 TIMELAPSE: 360-degree timelapse creates time frames with panoramic views, allowing you to experience nature, scenes or events in multi-dimensional space. With the advantage of modern equipment, equipment and professional image processing, Tourzy Media’s 360 timelapse 360 ​​video products have high resolution up to 8K, ensuring sharp and true Best.image quality.


  • LIVESTREAM 360: Livestream with 360 technology is made by Tourzy by combining 360-degree VR technology, bringing a completely different livestream experience. In addition to being directly interacted, for the first time, viewers are not limited by space. To experience all angles, simply rotate the phone screen or drag and drop the computer mouse. With virtual reality technology, events, seminars, liveshows, .. will become more realistic and vivid than ever, bringing emotions to viewers. Tourzy ensures to show the scale, happenings, main characters and important moments at the event. In addition, you can also review the 360-degree livestream video on Tourzy’s album.


  • ORGANIZATION OF REAL VIRTUAL EVENTS: Faced with the drastic change of 4.0 era technology, Tourzy Media realized that businesses need to change the method of communication, promotion, and homogeneity in both online and offline segments. Therefore, the event organization needs to be innovative and creative. Instead of the traditional events that are expensive but still boring for guests, unable to stimulate demand as expected, Tourzy came up with the idea of ​​organizing virtual reality events. In virtual reality events, Tourzy will assist you in preparing event content, scripting, stage design and machine installation. In addition, it also provides your business with necessary equipment such as virtual reality glasses, LED screens, projectors, high-resolution touch screens, smartphones, … With experience of producing content and communication by virtual reality, you can be assured of the virtual reality event service provided by Tourzy. Tourzy is committed to bringing your business the best quality events at the most reasonable cost.


  • WEB VR: Tourzy Media is one of the leading companies in Southeast Asia developing virtual reality and augmented reality applications for media and event organization. Web VR is a 4.0 brand storytelling method that allows customers to interact and experience products and services in a way that is true and vivid like never before. This product allows:
    • Overlay various types of Media: Video & Traditional Photos, 360 Photos, 360 Videos
    • Provide full and truthful information about the business as well as products and services.
    • Easily share on social networking sites, compatible on many smart devices including Desktop, Smartphone, Tablet, Headset.


  • TVC: Tourzy Media can create quality movies with high resolution and depth of content and art. TVC products have always been carefully invested from stage to script, choosing locations, angles to staging and processing techniques. Tourzy Media’s video products with 4K quality combined with high technology such as Flycam and underwater recording, .. are an effective solution to help businesses introduce space and services in a variety of industries: Du Calendar, Real Estate, School, Health, Manufacturing Industry, …


Adopting new technologies will give you more confidence to outperform your opponent, which is key to success as you do marketing, and you’ll get a lot of benefits in partnership with Tourzy Media– the leading unit of application of virtual reality technology in marketing.

Virtual reality VR technology increases user experience while keeping page loading speeds low below 3 seconds. This is a great option to present all new ideas, attract attention from customers, make shopping and experience become true to the unexpected.

This virtual reality app also brings a new stream of retailers when allowing users to interact on online tools. Customers can completely sit home and watch the products you prefer in 3-dimensional image and comfortably rotate every angle you desire.

Virtual reality is an indispensable development trend in the future of the technology sector. So when using, the immersive experience and interoperability will bring customers immersed in that space. The adoption of new technology in marketing will help business owners create groundbreaking opportunities, catch up with the development of the whole society.

In addition, access to marketing via virtual reality, the customer experience will also be more enjoyable when the most genuine product is seen through the perspective of the photo or video 360 degrees. From there, the business builds a brand impression and gets more loyal customers.

Not to mention the virtual reality VR in marketing will bring products to customers in the fastest way thanks to the spread from the campaigns, even with remote users.

Thanks to VR technology, products to customers are easier to understand as information is quickly approached, seeing details of color, size without having to watch too much advertising about it. Through exciting experiences, customers will enjoy and buy more products, creating high-share effects.


YEAR: 2018



ADDRESS 1: 6192 Coastal Highway, Lewes, Delaware 19958, County of Sussex

ADDRESS 2: 113- 115 Lê Duẩn, Cửa Nam, Hoàn Kiếm, Hanoi

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