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TopCV is a technology company that provides a platform to connect job opportunities through the first CV & the largest in Vietnam, where candidates will be actively hunted, albeit in any position. There are now over 1.5 million people who regularly use TopCV to search for job opportunities for themselves.


TopCV was established in 2014, after only 3 years, TopCV has led the Vietnamese market in providing high quality young human resources for businesses. With 2 key products, Online CV creation tool and High-quality job channel, TopCV have connected millions of young people who are looking for work with reputable employers.

With a young but talented staff, TopCV always strives every day to improve the quality of personnel and change the Recruitment – Employment market in Vietnam.

  • Vision: To become a leading provider of Human Connectivity and Career Development services in Vietnam.
  • Mission: To bring the best career opportunities to young Vietnamese.
  • Core values: Always be proactive and creative, taking technology as the core platform to develop services. Professional and dedicated customers.


  • No.1 online CV creation tool in Vietnam: TopCV provides the first and largest solution to help users write CV Online in Vietnam.
    • Provide online CV creation tool with many beautiful, professional CV templates, easy to use, fast and effective.
    • Helps job seekers increase their chances of being hired successfully by 80%.
    • 80% of CV sent to employers is now made from TopCV.
  • High-quality jobs channel for young Vietnamese: TopCV offers thousands of good job opportunities for job seekers and is currently one of the best job search channels in Vietnam.
  • Supplying high-quality human resources: TopCV supports businesses to recruit personnel quickly and effectively with 3 core services:
    • Search smart candidates
    • Post your free recruitment
    • Supply package personnel



“The recruitment market in Vietnam has now Been a backlog of many problems. Job search has many job channels, many choices, but it is therefore time-consuming to selectively find the best fit. In addition, information about the company such as environment, policy, culture or job description is sometimes not fully provided, causing difficulties for job search, “Said CEO TopCV Tran Trung Hieu. In addition, 95% of enterprises in the country now have small and medium scale. These young businesses have problems in finding and hiring appropriate personnel. Meanwhile, young human resources are difficult to navigate career, not to determine whether the company is suitable for him or change very quickly, tastes complementary.

To solve these problems, TopCV provides a solution for creating online CV for users who need job search. Accordingly, by accessing the website or mobile application only, applicants can design their own CV in 5 minutes from the data warehouse with hundreds of CV templates updated in trend. In addition, TopCV also builds a job channel to connect candidates with employers. In particular, the data gathered from the CV will be analyzed by the system and give a hint of appropriate work. The AI algorithm helps optimize this process. CEO Tran Trung Hieu said making decisions based on data may differ completely from what candidates and employers think about human resources, job search. In particular, a candidate wants to recruit a business staff position. However, after analyzing the data, based on the results from the tests of personality, preferences, the system can make suggestions about other professions if the person reviews the match. Through this platform, the enterprise can also comprehend personnel and access to appropriate, potential candidates.


Starting with just a few employees in a room not exceeding 20m2 in Chua Lang street in October 2014, with a miraculous effort, relentless effort, desire to contribute, change Vietnamese recruitment market. More civilized and modern, today, TopCV has become one of the 5 largest recruitment channels in Vietnam, with a huge number of candidates and employers.

6 years of establishment TopCV always holds in itself a mission to bring the best job opportunities for Vietnamese young people. TopCV started its career with online CV creation tool with the desire to bring candidates the fastest, most beautiful and most professional CV experience. After that, TopCV has gradually asserted its position as an effective bridge between businesses and candidates.

  • 10/2014: Released CV Online creation tool
  • 06/2016: Launching high quality job channel and recruitment channel
  • 12/2017: Reached 1,000,000 users, 10,000 employers
  • 03/2019: Launching applications for candidates on both iOS and Android operating systems.
  • 01/2020: Reached 2,500,000 users, 110,000 employers and is the only recruitment unit to receive Sao Khue Award 2020


After 6 years of operation, TopCV has contributed to changing the recruitment market in Vietnam as the recruitment units have focused more on CV and online CV creation tools.

  • More than 3,000,000: Candidates use CV creation and job search tools, of which 60% are candidates with experience of 2 years or more.
  • More than 2,500,000: Visit candidates monthly
  • More than 40,000: Partner businesses using the service, including many large partners such as Samsung, Viettel, Vingroup, FPT, Uber, …
  • More than 180,000: Candidates are directly connected with the Employer monthly.

The number of candidates using the service reached 2.2 million. 65,000 employers with impressive achievements such as Top 200 websites with the largest traffic in Vietnam, Top 1 in the world for online CV creation tools, successfully connecting 50,000 candidates suitable for employers every month …

These are all talking numbers, proving the brilliant achievements that TopCV has made every effort to achieve. 6 years is not a long way on the development path of every business but it is enough for TopCV to affirm a certain position in the field of Recruitment in Vietnam with a starting point as a fledgling startup. With wisdom, perseverance and a spirit of innovation, TopCV has built a strong recruiting brand for candidates and employers across the country. “With the goal of becoming a leader in providing leading human resource and professional development services in Vietnam, TopCV has been and will always be learning, innovating, proactive and bright. create technology as a core platform to develop services. Effort, professional, dedicated TopCV bring value from the smallest things, ”Mr. Tran Trung Hieu – TopCV CEO emphasized.

NextTech-Group and startup investment fund Next100. Tech announced the investment of nearly 10 billion into the recruitment platform of TopCV personnel. This platform will help employees have more opportunities to increase earnings from remote jobs. From this capital, TopCV quickly launched the recruitment portal remotely working at the address to help nationwide workers find more opportunities to increase income from remote jobs not to office; The company can choose a reasonable cost of payroll personnel to promote their business activities during and after the season. The COVID-19 epidemic is increasingly complex, causing production and business to stagnant, which in turn has increased unemployment. According to TopCV statistics, after 3 months of translation COVID-19 takes place in Vietnam, the number of employers has decreased by 30-35%. Many businesses have to operate with or close the door, pulling in many labour loss jobs, reducing income or “unemployment” temporarily, while having the capacity and fund excess time. “It is up to the business to be flexible not only in the business model, but also in the way of recruiting new type personnel, enhancing the ability to work remotely,” said Tran Trung Hieu-CEO TopCV.

For this reason, TopCV has launched a Remote job portal, which specializes in remote employment for workers and businesses who are seriously influenced by disease. Accordingly, Remote employment will connect the opportunity to work remotely between businesses and candidates wishing to find work in the translation season. The platform will synthesize the types of work by Project, part-time, Online collaborators or other full-time jobs… From there, workers nationwide can find more jobs to increase income without having to come to the office. In contrast, the business can choose to be quality personnel at reasonable cost to continue trading more efficiently.


YEAR: 2014


BUSINESS LINE: Human resourses


HN Headquarters: 19th Floor, 169 Nguyen Ngoc Vu, Trung Hoa, Cau Giay, Hanoi.

Ho Chi Minh City Head Office: Nam Giao 1 Building, No. 261 – 263 Phan Xich Long, Ward 2, Phu Nhuan District, Ho Chi Minh City.

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