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Tima is a technology startup specializing in providing the first peer-to-peer online lending platform in Vietnam (P2P- Peer to peer). In essence, Tima acts as a financial exchange, creating a favorable environment for user and borrowers to meet and handle their own borrowing or lending needs in fiancial.



  • SIMPLE: TIMA uses technology as a platform, allowing the user to register for loans online, browse quick registration information by phone, sign contracts at designated customer locations. Simple procedures, flexible loan terms help you easily access the necessary capital.
  • FAST: After filling out the application form, we will call you within 30 minutes to report the approved amount for the loan. Immediately after signing the contract, you can receive money disbursed online or at more than 4000 transaction offices nationwide.
  • TRUST: TIMA owns a nationwide transaction point system, providing high quality financial advisory services. We provide complete and honest information about the loan, interest and related costs when applying for a loan. You will be consulted enthusiastically and thoughtfully from the call center 1900 633 688 to consider before deciding without having to worry about unclear service fees.


Borrowers register loan application at Tima . After receiving loan registration documents from borrowers, the Tima system will base on the information provided to analyze, evaluate and give credit scores of borrowers. Next, Tima will send the borrower’s loan + credit score to its partners (lenders) at Tima for application appraisal. After the lenders approve the loan application, the borrower and the lender will contact, appraise and sign a loan agreement.


  • For The Borrower
    • Quick, simple loan procedure, flexible loan form
    • Have the opportunity to access loans from many different financial units, thereby easily negotiating, considering and selecting loan packages suitable with the needs and financial capacity of the borrower.
  • For finance companies that lend:
    • Access to many different types of lenders
    • Minimize bad debt based on borrower credit scores provided by Tima.
  • Simple, fast service, receive money immediately: Unlike the usual form of borrowing found at banks or financial institutions, online loan service at Tima attracts customers by its ability to provide services extremely quickly. It only takes 5 minutes to complete the registration of personal information, then an employee will call you immediately to confirm the information and advise. Especially in Tima, the disbursement takes place within the same day, you will have the opportunity to receive money within 24 hours.
  • Extremely convenient, just sit at home and complete the file: With the form of borrowing money at any place you want, you don’t have to go far, no time to complete the procedure. With only 4 easy loan registration steps, complete your application at home and sign the contract at the address specified by you.
    • Provide a variety of loan forms and loan packages: Unlike some other hot loan sites online, Tima does not stop at providing short-term small loan packages, we offer customers a variety of unsecured loans and mortgage loans with limits. attracting 10 million – 50 million – 500 million – 1 billion in flexible time of 10 – 100 days or 6 – 12 months.
  • Transparent and clear records : The safety of the loan is the first requirement of the customers. At Tima, we provide a clear process of registration, approval, and contract finalization. Before signing the contract, customers do not need to pay any surcharges. An intuitive and transparent loan profile. Tima commits to provide full information related to loans, interest rates and fees before signing the contract. Customers have the right to choose whether to borrow or not without worrying about being manipulated or forced.
  • The most attractive interest rate in the market: Interest rate is the issue that customers are most concerned about when borrowing money, especially for online loan service, which is the type of question about interest rates. At Tima, with the model of operating as a P2P peer-to-peer exchange, customers are directly connected with many individual lenders without going through a third party, a bank or finance company, so the interest rates are is more preferential. 
  • Reputable brand has been certified:
    • In 2017, surpassed hundreds of excellent products and services to officially enter “Top 10 excellent products and services in 2017”
    • In 2018, Tima is honored to be the only Startup in the top 10 Sao Khue out of 73 awarded IT products and services, alongside famous brands such as Viettel, BIDV, FPT …
    • As strategic partners of: VIB, NCB, Nam A Bank, MoMo, Bao Minh Insurance, …
  • Strictly in risk management: Risk in loan transactions is always an issue that worries many customers, both borrowers and lenders, when coming to exchanges. That is also the reason why many lending partners push interest rates up when participating in transactions. Understanding this issue, Tima always focuses on risk management by providing specific and transparent information to borrowers to borrowers. Providing credit scoring system based on both credit history (CIC) and Big Data source, ensuring safety for both parties.


  • Borrowers : Like the finance company online lending market, borrowers in Tima is people living and working in the territory of Vietnam, aged between 21-60 years of age, income level more than 2 million / month
  • Financial institutions lending (lender ): any organization or individual who has the money idle threads can become investors on financial exchanges Tima


With an initial investment of 150 billion VND, TIMA started participating in the financial technology market in 2015 as the first peer-to-peer (P2P) loan technology platform provider in Vietnam.

In June 2016, TIMA started implementing financial consulting and connection services, providing simple, fast and reliable financial advisory services to customers nationwide. Up to now, TIMA has successfully called 3 million USD from Belt Road Capital Management Fund, raising the company’s valuation to nearly 500 billion VND.

In the Series B fundraising round in October 2018, Tima said it had raised $ 3 million at a company valuation of $ 20 million. The company said it will use the raised capital to expand its business network to 63 provinces nationwide and invest in technology and human resources. 

In October 2018, TIMA signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Vietinbank Insurance Corporation. In which, Tima uses VietinBank Insurance services to provide loans to borrowers. When borrowers unfortunately encounter unforeseen risks, VietinBank Insurance will help them repay their loans. As of March 2018, Tima has successfully connected to more than 22,000 billion VND (nearly 1 billion USD), meeting the borrowing needs of more than 1.1 million customers.

And in early 2019, TIMA continued to sign a cooperation with Nam A Commercial Joint Stock Bank (January 8, 2019), making the company’s brand reputation even more enhanced. According to this cooperation agreement, the Lender’s money on the Tima Floor will be managed by Nam A Bank, the Lender will actively disburse to the borrower. Meanwhile, the Borrower account on San Tima has been integrated with payment channels of Nam A Bank. Therefore, the borrower can quickly and conveniently receive disbursement as well as interest and principal payments. This partnership helps secure the Lender’s money, and opens a more flexible online payment channel for Borrowers.


The actual numbers are impressive

  • An average of 5000 loans per day
  • More than 7 million loan applications in the system
  • The total disbursement amounted to more than 93 trillion
  • 5 million people registered to borrow on the system
  • 50,000 people participate in lending

The numbers are too impressive for a 4-year-old financial exchange to show the confidence of customers in online loan service at Tima.