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The Coffee House is a chain of coffee shops in Vietnam. Although born late, but is growing faster than many competitors in the coffee market thanks to market knowledge and good governance. After the Passio and Urban Station Coffee brands, this is a successful example of a Vietnamese startup in a competitive coffee chain market facing foreign investors’ invasion. The success of The Coffee House today is due to the business having defined itself a business model focusing on high detail and finding the gap in the red ocean.


In August 2014, The Coffee House coffee chain was officially launched and continuously impressed with its rapid development. From the first store at 86-88 Cao Thang, up to now, The Coffee House coffee shop chain has been present in 6 major cities across the country (Ho Chi Minh City, Hanoi, Da Nang, Bien Hoa. , Hai Phong, Vung Tau). In 2015, The Coffee House was present in Hanoi and now has 14 stores in Hanoi city center. In Saigon, The Coffee House now appears in almost all major streets. For each The Coffee House store, this brand changes in its own ways based on the available concept to create a local space, close to customers.

In less than four years, The Coffee House opened 100 stores across the country. This is an extremely impressive number that surely any brand in the coffee shop chain market wants to achieve. Not only that, in the context of globalization, foreign brands are massively pouring into every corner, there is even more reason to be more proud of the success created by a collective Vietnamese. The country has about 18,000 cafes, while there are just over 100 The Coffee House stores and Vietnam has 100 million people, but by the beginning of 2019 The Coffee House has served 26 million customers.

The Coffee House brand has been “redefining” the coffee experience with an inspirational space, friendly staff and good product quality but at affordable prices for the majority. Not only that, after merging the coffee department of Cau Dat Farm, The Coffee House officially operated its own farm in Cau Dat – the golden strip of Arabica coffee beans, to provide clean coffee products. and quality.


  • TRULY: Starting from the mission of “Deliver Happiness” – Giving happiness, The coffee house believes that when working with all sincerity and respect for the original values ​​of each employee as well as customer, Everyone who comes to The Coffee House gets little joys, gets better and makes others better every day.
  • INTEREST: Every product and campaign of The Coffee House revolves around people. The Coffee House puts customers, employees and community at the center of every decision. Because when you have friends, The Coffee House is empowered to spread good values ​​to young Vietnamese people.
  • CREATIVE: The Coffee House wants to make a difference for Vietnamese coffee with kindness and care. Over the past 5 years, thank you for being the driving force that helps The Coffee Housei strive to innovate and create every day, to bring out the best products, to make your experience even better.
  • FEELING: At The Coffee House, souls work hard together and work together for great goals. Every day with The Coffee House is a day of learning, experiencing new things, taking challenges and taking steps ahead. On the next journey, The Coffee House wants to be with you to nurture your dreams and persevere to the end of your dreams.


Service quality at The Coffee House is demonstrated by optimizing customer experience, customer centricity, from macro to micro, demonstrated through 5P strategy.

  • People & Physical Evidence: The Coffee House’s space is designed to create the feeling of “home” as possible: golden-tone lights increase a cozy feeling, high-rise architecture combines the use of many glasses, windows, creating space. open and open space, tables and chairs are arranged according to each area, there are long tables in the style of “Co-working space” – an open working space, and a round table for friends to meet … “Details” such as the design of the outlet in the store so that it is convenient, play the music smoothly, friendly staff … are also cared for by The Coffee House to bring the best experience to customers.
  • Promotion: Content of the Coffee House always takes the customer’s story at the center, instead of paying attention to the product, it’s not all about: lemongrass peach tea, coffee with milk, … besides also the first recorded thoughts. “Home” is not a place to come and go, “Home” is a place where you can be heard and shared. “Home” is also a place to capture the emotions of you and your loved one. Therefore, images and posts in the shared and confided categories, “Humans of The Coffee House” are very interested by investment brands. All activities in The Coffee House’s marketing communication strategy closely follow the position of “Home” and insights from your target audience.
  • Price: The Coffee House’s price strategy is set when you put yourself in the role of a customer and ask the question: How much is the experience at a cafe like this, how much does the customer spend? reason? Is that cost commensurate with the things they enjoy? Can they afford to go to that cafe often? … Since then, The Coffee House aims to be priced from 30,000 – 40,000 VND / person – a reasonable cost, enough to entice customers to sit regularly.
  • Product: Go for coffee but not necessarily just drink coffee. F&B is a very competitive category due to the wide variety of alternative products. Therefore, it is quite common for stores to continually improve their menus. The Coffee House is no exception. In addition to the popular coffee product, the brand has also developed many other products, such as milk tea, ice-blended … most recently, the launch of a series of Macchiato products, which are very popular with young people. This has brought many alternatives for customers, when coming to The Coffee House, greatly contributing to consumer retention. About packaging, The Coffee House has many times changed its packaging for customers’ convenience. The Coffee House started from a common plastic paper cup, used for all products. Next, the cup with insulation, combined with a special plastic lid for hot products. The most recent image is a large capacity plastic cup, heart cap, suitable for customers using Macchiato line.
  • Place: Not only makes its mark through the dense appearance in big cities, the brand also enjoys points by choosing a location that suits the target audience very well. The Coffee House’s stores are always located in easy-to-find, easy-to-park locations, central fronts of the districts, which possess eye-catching street views. With the right business philosophy: “Starting from the customer and doing everything based on the customer’s mind”, the deep understanding of Customer Insight and the good application of the 5P strategy have helped The Coffee House progressively. closer to the Top-of-mind destination for Coffee brand in the hearts of consumers. In parallel with the development of the Coffee chain, Start-up brands in the Vietnamese F&B market are also gradually transforming with “putting God first” by improving service quality and differentiating products. products for customers.


Launched in 2014, the expansion of The Coffee House is quite fast. After only 1 year, this chain has 11 stores in Saigon, with the average turnover of each store reaching over 20 million VND / day.

  • 2014:
    • FIRST STORE OPEN AT 86-88 Cao Thang.
    • After 3 years, The Coffee House has more than 60 stores in Ho Chi Minh City.
  • 2015:
    • To date, the House has 14 stores in the central areas of Hanoi Capital.
  • 2016: In June 2016, The Coffee House launched its own mobile application, which was a “ahead of the time” decision considering the customer behavior of the Vietnamese market at that time. – very few people buy or order through the app, especially in the F&B industry. After more than 2 years, The Coffee House app has been downloaded more than 100,000 times and received positive feedback from users. With the spirit of learning from major brands in the market such as Starbucks, … The Coffee House’s mobile application integrates features such as push notifications, membership accumulation, ordering and delivery, store locations, coupon, … help The Coffee House to reach users quickly, economically, stimulate the navigation of customers to continue using The Coffee House’s service (through promotions sent to customers via push notification or reward redemption program, ..). This is also how Branding for the company, the application when downloaded and located in the user’s mobile device will “accidentally” save its brand name in the minds of users.
  • 2017: THE COFEE HOUSE brings the “Go for coffee” experience to spread more widely, to Da Nang, Bien Hoa and Vung Tau.
  • 2018:
    • Conquer the Journey “From RURAL TO COFFEE”
    • OFFICIALLY OPERATING THE FARMING: After Cau Dat Farm’s Coffee department is merged into The Coffee House, the 1,650m high mountain strip will be the place where we instill our dream of bringing Vietnamese coffee beans to the world. .
    • OPEN FLAGSHIP STORE THE COFFEE HOUSE SIGNATURE: Where The Coffee House shares the full story of coffee passion with fellow people.
    • OFFICIAL 100 STORE: After 4 years of launching and operating in Vietnam, The Coffee House officially surpassed 100 stores, with the desire “Everyone has 1 The Coffee House near home”.


ADDRESS: 62 Tran Quang Khai, Tan Dinh, Quan 1 Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam

TEL: 02871 087 088

EMAIL: [email protected]