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After years of working and understanding the fisheries sector, Tep Bac has developed Farmext – a solution for high-tech aquaculture farm management. Farmext includes: IoT device for automatic water environmental monitoring integrated with farm management application on mobile phone and automatic control system integrated with equipment on farm. Providing the fisheries industry with an effective and risky working tool. Contribute to the transparent agriculture sector.


Thu Bac is an information and application center for individuals and organizations operating in the field of agriculture and fisheries. Dedicate yourself to the sustainable development of the fisheries sector.


Aim to become the leading seafood data center and perfect the foundation to promote Fisheries in a sustainable direction.


Develop really useful tools and build a value chain link in the fisheries industry.


  • In 2012, Website https://tepbac.com/ was born and became the first seafood news site. tepbac.com updates the knowledge and experience in the fisheries industry to help farmers equip with knowledge and experience to reduce risks in classical farming.
  • In 2013, Silver Shrimps became one of the two largest aquaculture farmer forums in Vietnam
  • 2016 intent on a software to help aquaculturists record farming diaries, calculate costs, warn of abnormal developments in the environment and connect with experts through the application. Not only that, Farmext classifies products through the farming process and gives a traceability number each season of finished shrimp / fish.
  • 2018 Farmext develops automatic water environment monitoring equipment integrated with software, solving risks of environmental change and saving fuel
  • 2019 Tep Bac – Farmext starts building AI virtual assistants for the aquaculture industry.
  • 2020 Farmext has more than 1700 users of the farm management application contributing to a modern, efficient and transparent future fisheries.