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Tanca is the latest time attendance software in Vietnam. This software can be run online and offline. Capacity to install Offline on user’s computer is only 10Mb, for Online you use Web and App versions. This software is the trend of timekeeper distributors because it is possible to view timekeeping data on Iphone or Android phones, calculate the exact shift including overtime. It is possible to create leave, late leave, business schedule … All data used on Tancais online so as long as having an account you can access it, no need to buy Key to enter use. The highlight of Tanca is that it is able to read timekeeping data for complex Shift systems and read all timekeeper.



Tanca’s vision is to build a people-centered platform that helps businesses understand their employees, thereby promoting efficiency at work.


Tanca was built by a team of Vietnamese engineers who have worked in the technology field for more than 12 years. Tanca also receives consultation from leading experts in the IT field, directors, HR managers of large companies in the development of human resource management standards. In particular, Tanca listens to each customer suggestion, thereby improving and upgrading the product to best suit the business model.

Tanca applies the most advanced technologies of the 4.0 CN revolution. Tanca is the first human resources software to apply timekeeping with a phone that integrates artificial intelligence (AI) technology in facial recognition. This technology helps the software to recognize employees when timekeeping through the phone and CCTV at the business.

Tanca  also uses IOT (connecting things) technology, Tanca can connect with fingerprint timekeeper, CCTV and smartphone to synchronize data from which to analyze this data.

Tanca is built under the model of Cloud (online), customers only need to use phones, computers with internet connection and do not need to install anything. Customers don’t need servers, don’t need IT staff, and don’t have to worry about product upgrades. Customers can use according to the time, features and number of employees desired.

Towards a vision of understanding each person in Tanca business will focus on data analysis combined with artificial intelligence to help provide information for businesses to better understand how to manage human resources. in my busines


From day one, Tanca team has aimed at creating global products. The domain name Tanca is chosen instead of Tanca for the goal of becoming a product beyond Vietnam. “Tanca” is a name chosen because Vietnamese and foreigners are both easy to read. “Tanca” will be built as a product reminiscent of comfort, fun after the end of a session or a working day.

Tanca brings the world’s leading technologies to apply to Vietnamese businesses, whereas Tanca is also optimized to create products that can compete in the world technology market. Tanca aims to roll out in another country by 2021.


Tanca creates more value than it costs businesses. Instead of businesses having to use foreign software with expensive costs, Tanca brings even better technology, built close to actual needs and at the most affordable cost. The value that Tanca brings will exceed business expectations.

Tanca promotes organizational transparency. We place the integrity, honesty, and responsibility of each employee who creates Tanca products to spread this out to Tanca customers. With transparency and clarity, Tanca will help businesses create a culture of fairness from which to motivate and motivate each employee.

As HR software, Tanca also puts security as one of the extremely important factors. Tanca always signs confidentiality agreements (NDAs) with customers. With Tanca products using security technologies such as SSL, OTP, Google Authen … Human resource, salary and bonus information systems are decentralized and strictly confidential. Tanca also offers On Priseme packages for businesses that need to purchase license packages on their servers.


  • ONLINE SIGNATURE: Timekeeping on your phone via Wifi or GPS location, through Face Detection Camera with AI technology.
  • AUTOMATIC SALARY CALCULATION: Build salary system, automatic salary calculation for many individuals and departments. Staff updated daily pay stubs right on the phone.
  • FLEXIBLE SHIFT MANAGEMENT: Easy shift registration on phone, quick approval, flexible shift arrangement.
  • KPIS-BASED ASSESSMENT: Set KPI based on appropriate criteria, evaluate the performance of each individual / department and record objective results.
  • INTERNAL COMMUNICATION SUPPORT: Using software to send announcements (holidays, salary policies, bonuses …), set up online bulletin boards for all employees to read.
  • ATS STANDARD RECRUITMENT SUPPORT: Build a separate recruitment page for candidates to easily apply, automatically communicate (by email, SMS …) to help businesses solve problems of finding employees quickly.
  • SMART REPORTING: Every day, the manager can keep track of important reports, to make timely decisions, ensure the stability of the business. Tanca has built a system of all intelligent reporting on the total staff of the organization, the total working time of the organization, the salary structure, the average change of employee income …


  • Easy online timekeeping: Up to now, Tanca is known as the number 1 online timekeeping software in Vietnam. Because the product can provide all the comprehensive timekeeping solutions for businesses, specifically:
    • Phone attendance over Wifi and GPS: Employees use Tanca to check In / Out of the shift through the allowed wifi list or through GPS location positioning in the radius of the set manager.
    • Attendance through facial recognition (AI): Timekeeper by taking pictures directly through smartphones or tablets located in the office. The data will be posted to timesheet immediately.
    • Most of the common human resource processing services rely on timekeeping machines (fingerprints, magnetic cards, cameras …) or POS machines, and then output to an Excel file, creating a lot of troublesome and time-consuming operations. space. With Tanca, the software will automatically synchronize the timekeeper, all data will be posted online, staff and personnel do not need to export timekeeping files anymore. This helps the company to:
      • Reduce the cost of buying timekeeper.
      • Clear time and attendance management, all information and data are transparent, employees can use their phones to control the time of attendance, time and attendance, get information in late-out early …
      • Reducing the possibility of being scrambled, falsifying timekeeping data from employees.
  • Automatic accurate salary calculation: When using Tanca, the manager builds a unique salary system of the business right on the software. All information on salary management, ranks, salary increase progress, income policy … are flexibly adjusted. Tanca payroll software is based on the formulas entered to create automatic payroll each month for many departments and many different individuals. In fact, a company with a size of 50 employees, if applying the manual method of calculating salary, it takes 1 employee to complete the salary calculation profession in 2-3 days. Meanwhile, if applying  Tanca HR software, it only takes about 30 minutes – 1 hour to be able to calculate salary for all employees, reduce workload, save time significantly.
  • Integrating many smart features: In addition to being known as smart payroll and attendance software, Tanca is also appreciated for its other outstanding features, notably:
    • Employee evaluation through KPI: Managers easily set up KPIs to evaluate the performance of departments, measure the performance of each individual. KPI results are available immediately after evaluation and linked with the salary calculation system, as a basis for the business to pay wages and bonus accurately.
    • Document digitization: Suggestions for buying, paying expenses, requesting work or taking leave … will be approved or denied right on the software, instead of via email or directly sending documents. Thanks to that, all problems are handled quickly, the job is done smoothly.
    • Applicant Tracking System (ATS): This is a new feature deployed by Tanca to help businesses build a professional recruitment process according to international standards. Candidate’s profile is collected centrally, avoiding breaking information, losing records. Categorize and manage documents that share common characteristics such as vacancy, capacity, experience, education … to support the accurate assessment of candidates. At the same time, Tanca automatically creates email / SMS templates to notify candidates to schedule interviews.
  • Fast deployment time: Tanca operates under the model of software rental (SAAS – Software as a service), fast deployment time. Enterprises only take about 15 days to apply the software, no need to install, no server management costs or IT staff. In particular, Tancais programmed on a cloud platform, so updating or upgrading happens faster. Customers have more opportunities to experience upgrades or to respond to bugs and to fix immediately.
  • Fast deployment time: Tanca operates under the model of software rental (SAAS – Software as a service), fast deployment time. Enterprises only take about 15 days to apply the software, no need to install, no server management costs or IT staff. In particular, Tanca is programmed on a cloud platform, so updating or upgrading happens faster. Customers have more opportunities to experience upgrades or to respond to bugs and to fix immediately.
  • Many design packages suitable for businesses: The Tanca software founder currently designs a variety of product packages for businesses to choose from to suit the size of personnel, financial ability and usage needs. Customers can flexibly choose a package that provides 10 – 1000 accounts with different storage capacity, expiry date per year or month.


1. IDEA:

Tanca started from the “pain” of a coffee chain when they opened new stores in 2017. With paper shifts and timekeeping, this chain of stores cannot manage employees, thereby creating a problem. cost loss. From the idea of ​​creating timekeeping software with a phone through a Wifi system, Tanca sees a bigger problem than the difficulty of managing people in the enterprise. From there, Tanca was built as a human resources management platform.

Grasping the current trend, corporate governance solutions are becoming very popular and necessary in all fields of production and management of society. Center for Science and Technology Information and Statistics (S&T) (Cesti – Department of Science and Technology of Ho Chi Minh City) in collaboration with Green Mobile Application Joint Stock Company held a seminar to introduce: “Application of Tanca software in corporate governance”.


Tanca is the first human resources software to apply timekeeping with a phone that integrates artificial intelligence (AI) technology in facial recognition. Besides, Tanca software also has the ability to locate all employees outside the company during working hours accurately. Tanca built ATS-standard recruitment system to help create a professional recruitment process that could manage the system of questions, interview documents, evaluation criteria for each position …

Accordingly, Tancahas helped businesses apply new management technologies to reduce costs, increase operational efficiency and create a smarter working environment. Specific issues will be addressed such as: management of employee profiles and professional vacancies; remote staff management via GPS navigation; track employee movement, speed and time; assign work, manage work and report from staff; automation of timekeeping and payroll systems. In particular, it is possible to digitize 90% of business paperwork and electronic approval.

In addition, the software also establishes a KPI system to evaluate the performance of employees and each department. Human resource, salary and bonus information systems are decentralized, strictly confidential, and transparent.  Tanca software is built in Cloud model (online), customers only need to use phone, computer with Internet connection and no complicated installation.  Tanca uses security technologies such as SSL, OTP, Google Authen …

Currently, Tanca.io software is developed and applied in 10 business areas such as: Retail, technology, education, hospital, construction, real estate, manufacturing, distribution, beverage and restaurant. In addition to the strength of online timekeeping over the phone,  Tanca also develops other services such as automatic payroll, human resource management, asset management, communication management … can personalize services according to the requirements of units and businesses that need support.

During the Covid-19 season, Tanca.io developed rapidly, with the slogan of working from home, consistent with the trend of the season, attracting a large number of users, solving the problem of marking. public service of many units and enterprises via online form. However, according to Tran Viet Quan – Founder of Tanca.io, Covid-19 is not entirely good news for its business. The good side is that  Tanca is more popular, helping the number of customers increase by 20%; But the bad side is that the monthly revenue is reduced a little, due to difficulties, many of their customers ask to defer their debt payment or even stop using Tanca‘s services. In order to keep customers and support them in difficult times, Tanca has allowed many of its customers to continue using the free service.


For payroll applications, Tancais highly rated for “timekeeping” with more than 40,000 downloads and is always in the top 50 applications in the Business field in the Apple Store and Google Play.

Up to now, Tanca.io really stands and develops. The figure grew evenly during the season from 20%, up to now more than 50% in the number of customers using. It is important that Tanca .io software has contributed to supporting them, helping units and businesses in difficulty in the post-Covid-19 era to use and try for free on the system of Tanca’s software products.


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