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TADI – TADI system was born to serve the search and connection of travel needs, transportation, loading and unloading goods between service providers and users conveniently, transparently, make use of redundant resources in the society, improving service quality, reducing transportation costs, and at the same time helping businesses increase their ability to apply information technology in business processes.


TADI allows customers wishing to post information in the form of bidding packages, carriers can find and review information about posted bidding packages and submit bids. After closing the bid, the carrier will sign the contract online and make the trip, and make payment transactions for the package.

TADI’s goal

  • Create absolute initiative for users
  • TADI does not interfere in any stage of the negotiation and transaction of the customer / user. The system does not propose rates, all are decided by customers and partners.
  • Create professionalism for transport jobs

With TADI, the car shortage – the lack of passengers will be minimized. Customers can freely choose the garage that suits them, with the most competitive price; do not have to call everywhere to find “acquaintances” or get lost in the “matrix” of Google search results. The carrier also does not need to try to “invite” but still have customers, to avoid unstable income situations.


Specifically, TADI acts as an online exchange between the shipping needs and the carrier in the form of bidding. TADI guarantees the interests of both parties:

  • Helping customers to have better choices in terms of both price and service quality.
  • Helping the transporter to reach a large and stable number of customers with the most economical cost, optimize work efficiency.

With TADI, the transport problem will be solved very FAST – SAVE – RELIABLE

Differences with other shipping applications:

  • TADI provides newsletter registration service. When a customer submits a bid on the application, package information is immediately sent to the carrier using the service. As a result, the carrier will capture the information and participate in the bidding immediately, helping to save maximum time for both parties.
  • Package scan feature: allows the carrier to receive information about the bidding packages according to the GPS scanning location of the vehicle without having to launch the app or follow the GPS scanning location of the phone with a self-selected radius.
  • TADI offers automated bidding, which allows taxi drivers to focus on the steering wheel, freight agents, courier carriers with focus on customer service, and customers receive instant quotes. after “enter” without having to wait long.
  • TADI offers limited bidding, creating groups of carriers, inviting familiar carriers: Customers are allowed to create groups of carriers, submit separate applications to selected, loyal groups of carriers. me.
  • Money-guarantee function helps create certainty and reputation between customers and carriers. Security money is an amount that binds the two parties’ responsibility to perform the contract. Security money will be used to compensate for contract failures. In case of successful completion of the trip, the customer’s guarantee will automatically be converted into part of the freight payment to the carrier. If the carrier provides TADI with a bank guarantee certificate, TADI will pay the carrier in advance and receive it from the carrier later.
  • TADI supports all types of transportation: road, rail, waterway and air – Facilitating all carriers involved, regardless of owning any vehicle.
  • TADI connects supply – demand of transportation in the form of bidding. Create a civilized and fair competitive environment.