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S-World Vietnam is an organization that operates in the field of culture and education. Help Vietnamese young friends have the opportunity to access and learn about the vibrant cultural life of the world, but the introduction of Vietnam’s beauty and culture S-World wishes to create an open exchange space so that young children can develop their ability in the most natural way through innovative activities.


Sworld Vietnam is a professional social enterprise operating in 2 fields: Culture and Education. With the slogan: “EXPLORE YOURSELF – DISCOVER THE WORLD”, Sworld carries out the mission to accompany confident youth and become global citizens, preserve the culture and bring Vietnam’s image closer to the world. !

Sworld implements youth development programs through non-formal education – an experience based on the European Format for young people aged 10-25 years. The program aims to develop English skills and leadership to help young people integrate and become global citizens. The program is entirely in English with international coordinators from many different countries. In addition, Sworld organizes courses and cultural experiences for students and introduces Vietnamese culture and beauty to international friends. Sworld is currently cooperating with many schools such as Ban Mai school system, Genisis … University of Social Sciences and Humanities, University of Foreign Languages ​​and NGOs such as VPV, CSDS, AIESEC … and national partners. : Indiana American University, VSA Thailand, organized international ICF summer camp …

Vision: To become a leading cultural and educational organization in Vietnam in the field of English language and skill development training for young people willing to participate in international exchange programs. 


  • Accompany with young people 10-25 years to develop skills, confidently become a global citizen.
  • Creating an environment of learning, practical experiences and international cultural exchanges for Vietnamese youth.
  • Arousing the cultural and historical interest of Vietnamese youth.

Social Responsibility: As a social enterprise, SWorld aims to create a more equal education for all students to bring a positive impact to society. Currently, SWorld is implementing a free counseling and support program for students wishing to enter the world, as well as organizing motivational workshops for young people and advanced contests. skill.


  • EXPERIENCE: We have been organizing many youth development programs in schools and in Hanoi with a team of experienced coordinators.
  • PROFESSIONAL: The Coordinator has experience working with youth abroad. And are carefully selected and have a wide range of skills and knowledge from prestigious partners in the world.
  • SHARE: Sworld creates an open and multi-coloured space where young men can freely share, create, express their opinions without fear of anyone who reviews it.
  • GLOBAL: Accompany young people to help develop the necessary skills and become global citizens and be confident to step out into the world with international friends.


In The coming year, S-World Vietnam will focus on developing and guiding the Organization in two main directions of the organisation, culture and education, so next time there will be more projects:

  • The project “The English Language book Library”
    Aims: To create 1 environment and culture reading for Vietnamese young people, lovers of English books and help improve the language ability of the reader.
  • Project “Regional Cultural Explore”: The member is the coordinator from all the country’s domain to promote, dive into the cultural life of Vietnam and promote to international friends. (Projected may 4/2018 launching project)
  • “Youth opportunity” project: to open up online, offline opportunities for youth, to gain deeper access to opportunities and scholarships for an opportunity to abroad to learn and develop themselves
  • The project “Cultural Visiting”: Organizes tours for students, young people in Hanoi and other provinces in the vocational villages, cultural points for participants to experience and experiment with local culture to understand the beauty of Vietnam’s physical and non-physical culture.


  • Completely new learning method.
  • Learning through experience:
  • Experiential learning is a developmental education model, understood by experts: “Experiential learning is a process by which knowledge is gained through practical experience, and the knowledge gained is the result. of doing and transforming from experience to experience. ”
  • The purpose of the programs and courses applying this model is coordinated by International Volunteers from many countries around the world to help you participate in improving English skills in the most natural way and improve the Social skills for subjects 9 to 25 years old.
  • Applied under the Advanced European Youth Development Program Format:
  • Sworld’s English and skills development course is organized in accordance with the European framework for youth development, and is developed by EUROWEEK with over 20 years of experience.
  • Moreover, the program promotes an increase in social skills focusing on the needs of: Multiculturalism, changing living environment, independence, social and creative skills. Prepare your luggage for young people on the path to becoming a global citizen in the 4.0 era

III. Products of SWORLD.

1. English and skills courses:

The course develops English skills, social skills and international cultural exchanges with international volunteers based on the model of non-formal education. Use 100% English.

The course helps:

  • EXPERIENCE EXPERIENCE: Students wishing to participate in the exchange of free programs abroad and study abroad need a training and companion path
  • SKILL TRAINING: Students who want to improve their skills and confidence to participate in international contests and exchanges
  • HIGH QUALITY: Students who want to confidently communicate English in an international environment with a foreign coordinator naturally
  • SOCIAL CONNECTION: Teenagers want to be aware of their values, improve their social skills and be active in learning and life.

2. English Summer Camp:

SWOLD CAMP is summer camp programs held in the country (Hanoi) and abroad (Poland, Thailand, …) with a series of creative experience activities through the form of education. Non-formal, European format. The program uses 100% English with indoor and outdoor activities, focusing mainly on improving the English ability, skills, lifestyle of children in the 4.0 era.

The SWORLD CAMP Summer and International Coordinator team has a lot of experience working with children, always accompanying the development of young people, giving children 100% English environment to share sharing, discussion, presentations, arguments, etc. on current hot topics such as: abuse of social networks, environmental pollution, dirty food, prevention of sexual abuse, … Especially, students will practice the minimal lifestyle to prepare for independent life in Vietnam as well as anti-cultural shock when abroad.

In addition to the useful lessons, the children enjoy fun times with their teachers throughout the day, participating in fun activities such as mindfulness, dancing, physical exercises, cultural trips. , performing arts competition with SWORLD CAMP GOT TALENT, ..

3. Cultural program:

  • Before the program: Introducing the purpose of the program, forming groups, assigning tasks for students to find out information in advance. You will learn about folklore and folklore and interview artisans yourself
  • Main experience program: The main activity for students to have information, data for the exhibition and get photos of the actual material. You are free to create, create your own wood carvings and experience the whole process of making Dong Ho painting.
  • Project implementation: Students develop and organize art exhibitions that they design and make. Use all the knowledge you have learned and what you experience to present your achievements. Develop teamwork skills, data synthesis and presentations.

4. On-demand skills development program at schools:

  • MAIN SKILL SKILLS COURSE: Speech, presentation in English, career orientation (for high school students)
  • EXTERNAL SKILLS COURSE: Apply European learning experience model with the coordination of International teachers
  • TEAM BUILDING: Extracurricular, teambuilding experience program, at cultural sites
  • INTERNATIONAL SUMMER CAMP: Applying a learning model through European experience with the coordination of International teachers



INDUSTRY: Education

ADDRESS: Tầng 9, Diamond Flower Tower, 48 Lê Văn Lương, Quận Thanh Xuân, Hanoi

TEL: 0866 848 699

EMAIL: [email protected]

WEBSITE: https://sworld.com.vn