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Spiderum – a social network to share opinions and knowledge with the goal of supporting and connecting individuals / groups of knowledge in society. After a year of operation, Spiderum has nearly 12000 users and about 100,000 visitors per month with a total of more than 6000 current speed posts about 10 new posts / day. Spiderum aims to be a crowdfunding crowdfunding platform that provides premium, exclusive content for its readers in the near future.


Spiderum is a combination of “Spider” (spider) and “rum” in “forum”. Thus, Spiderum can be understood as a platform built by “spiders” (as each member) – individuals who are “weaving” together a web of useful and valuable information.

Currently, the most prominent items on Spiderum can be mentioned are:

  • Perspectives – Debate: This is the category that is most interested in because it stimulates users to express opinions, thereby improving thinking and critical skills.
  • Science2vn: Is a group of famous scientific and philosophical issues on Facebook. After being “moved house” to Spiderum, this group tends to focus and attract more users.

In particular, Spiderum can also function well on the mobile interface, so users can completely access it at any time.

VISION: Spiderum’s vision is to become the best content sharing – discussion platform in Vietnam. Over the next two years, Spiderum set a target of reaching 500,000 users and reaching the top 50 websites in Vietnam.


Spiderum cuts 10% of total transaction value.

  • Exclusive content: Content that is completed after crowdfund becomes exclusive content with a fee for consumption: Spiderum cuts 50%.
  • Advertising: Focus on education related partners such as publishers, education centers, NGOs …
    • Hanging short banner / text advertising in the post (profit sharing with the author).
    • Selling PR design articles with high quality layout (similar to magazine articles from parties such as Channel 14, Cafebiz, GenK …)
  • Provide some accompanying services:
    • Create and maintain, edit website / blog on Spiderum platform for individuals & organizations.
    • Support writers to publish books
    • Organize events / courses …


  • Writer growth:
    • Win – win cooperation with writers / experts or professional writing team / group of experts and has a certain number of fans on the basis of:
      • They want to quantify the “virtual” value of followers to “real”: How many people are willing to donate just for me to write about the problem of my forte?
      • They have a specific motive to support Spiderum platform media: The more people I contribute, the better it will be for me, why am I not calling out within my current fan base?
      • They create quality content and shape the brand of the Spiderum platform, thereby helping to attract more both quality readers and writers.
    • What benefit does Spiderum do for them?
      • Sources of additional income from the community.
      • The tool helps to quantify knowledge and connect with people who seriously learn about their forte. Website on Spiderum platform to build personal brands.
  • Reader growth:
    • Focus on developing the quality of content and interaction on Spiderum through the form of: Attracting existing individuals / communities to build a website on the Spiderum platform: using technological strengths in exchange for the community and quality content.
  • Increasing brand value: Organizing knowledge connection activities (offline community, talkshow, workshop …) to enhance Spiderum’s image as a progressive knowledge community.



  • There is not yet a strong enough platform for exchanging knowledge and views for the Vietnamese intellectuals to exchange and learn from each other. The current communities are operating disjointed and not stimulated to contribute and exchange from the majority, leading to the effect is not strong enough.
  • A platform does not yet exist that helps professionals (who possess knowledge) connect and get paid for providing knowledge to the crowd in need.
  • There is not yet a platform that addresses some of the limitations of the publishing industry in the information technology age:
    • Publishing industry is still limited to “books”. Meanwhile, there are many other types of content that can be exploited but not yet effectively exploited: in-depth research, documents, specialized knowledge, translation documents (longform articles, blogs …) , expert / celebrity perspective …
    • The industry has not yet expanded into the online segment: Currently, digital content providers are mainly newspapers and websites with the main source of revenue from advertising. This explains the tendency to post sensational news, headlines, and sentences to increase revenue, but it does not increase the amount of knowledge created for the community.


Social network Spiderum.com: crowdfunding platform and blogging platform for intellectuals in Vietnam.

  • Crowdfunding platform (crowdfunding): Starting with the written content, later other forms can be developed – photos, videos, livestreaming, event …)
    • Beneficiaries: 
      • Readers: Easily and proactively access the source of knowledge with the lowest cost. Spiderum readers can create crowdfunding projects to post writers or experts right on the Spiderum platform. Each person will only have to spend the minimum cost equivalent to inviting the author a cup of iced tea, or coffee. Any project (depending on size and complexity) can be “valued” by the author and the community by 50 – 100 – 150, etc. iced tea / coffee cup.
      • Writer: Reach a quality reading community and are willing to pay for their knowledge / opinion.
        • Satisfying the ego: someone who reads, someone appreciates and is willing to pay, does not have to edit, does not have to “grab a view”, build a personal brand …
        • Articles with a lot of value can then continue to be exclusive content that adds passive income to the author when someone pays a fee to consume.
        • Provided personal website on the Spiderum platform.
    • Operation model:
      • Goal: Make digital content trading incredibly easy and simple.
      • Solution: Build an online payment system with the unit “iced tea” or “coffee cup” to visualize and help exchange behavior become closer.
      • Support readers to top up or pay user fees to convert into a certain amount of “iced tea” or “cafe”.
      • This amount of “iced tea” or “coffee” can then be used to call or contribute to projects.
  • The platform offers premium content exclusively
    • Content after crowdfunding will be converted to exclusive content on Spiderum.
    • Readers pay for later use, generating passive income for the author and Spiderum platform
  • Platform for creating website / blog for individuals or groups of knowledge:
    • Technology support: Using Spiderum’s technology platform but can be supported in changing domain names, interfaces.
    • Provide the reading community:
      • Readers from Spiderum: currently has a community of 11,000 members, the number of monthly visitors is about 80,000 – 100,000.
      • Readers from fanpage, group (self-built & collaborative) channels on Facebook with the total number of members up to hundreds of thousands.
      • Readers from other community groups will engage with and use tech support from Spiderum: bringing together small communities to make a big effect.
      • Support individuals & knowledge groups to generate more income with crowdfunding, donation, and advertising models.


When it was born, Spiderum’s idea won the second prize and won the audience’s favorite idea in the Vietnam Startup Fair 2016 contest and received capital from an angel investor. However, the result of 6 months of programming and content preparation was a social network that was not well known by many people. Spiderum just opened a short time, then had to close to apply for social media license and change the interface and model due to poor traffic.

By the middle of 2017, Spiderum’s staff split up to work one place per person, only doing Spiderum part-time to “wait for the opportunity”.

A year later – in 2018, Spiderum doubled, the CEO of Viet Anh and his team were determined to find a model to return to. Learning to avoid the previous “trauma”, this startup has set a goal to do something to make money right away, and so the idea of ​​making books was born: both can generate revenue but also help partners. fake in the community feel more attached.

In early 2019, Spiderum founder left his full-time job to work with another Russian cofounder Levi to build Spiderum. Their mission at that time was to continue publishing books and looking for investors to ensure that they had enough money to run until a steady turnover was reached.

After a difficult year that seemed to want to give up, Spiderum finally concluded an investment deal from Singapore in the end of 2019, while the book business also grew and began to achieve some success. on original trade

Today, Spiderum becomes a social network to share opinions and knowledge with the goal of supporting and connecting individuals / groups of knowledge in the society. Currently, they have more than 50,000 active accounts, with more than 30,000 quality articles and more than 30 new posts per day and have closed a “deal” from the Singapore venture capital fund.

Spiderum is aiming to build a product ecosystem to help Vietnamese young people develop themselves, with the focus on online user community on the social network Spiderum.com. But the story of founder Tran Viet Anh to have today is not easy.


Currently, Spiderum has over 3,000 registered users & 80,000 to 100,000 visits per month. It can be seen that the website is gradually attracting young people to participate and gradually creating positive values in the community. At Spiderum, young people have the opportunity to express personal opinions, are encouraged to train them to think and practice expressive thinking as well as establish a solid perspective system. Discussing and commenting on each topic helps connect young people with common passions and interests while increasing critical thinking. Developing a young community full of passion, enthusiasm, daring to speak its own opinion and willing to share and connect with everyone, perhaps this is the greatest value Spiderum wants to bring.


Email CEO: [email protected]

Email: [email protected]

Website: http://spiderum.com

Tel: 0946042093

Address: Flook 11, tòa nhà HL Tower, lô A2B, phố Duy Tân, phường Dịch Vọng Hậu, quận Cầu Giấy, thành phố Hà Nội