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SPACE is a technology company operating in the field of medical technology, health care, its products are medical applications, drugs that provide many tools and choices for drug suppliers. , the people, the managers.


The SPHACY App is an information technology application that combines artificial intelligence into the pharmaceutical field, solves problems of society and people interested in the field of medicine, and stores information about use drugs, suggest a prescription based on the analysis of pathological factors that the user provides, solve the problem of fake drugs, poor quality, drug abuse, is a playground and exchange experiences of doctors, pharmacist.

SPACE is a computer program running on the Android and IOS technology platform with the software name “SPHACY” performing the following functions:

  • For state agencies:
    • Strengthen the management of drug supply activities; thereby promoting the service quality of business establishments.
    • Manage details of selling prices of goods, restrict drug prices sold without control.
    • There are additional revenue sources and tools in drug price support activities in service of price stabilization, which are used from a part of the revenue from the application business.
    • Enhancing the responsibility of enterprises and business households in fulfilling tax obligations towards the State.
  • For drug buyers:
    • SPHACY software solves the problem of where to buy drugs, how to buy them, the quality of the medicine when buying, the price of the drug, when to buy drugs, advice on how to use drugs for people to ensure safety and rationality, keeping drug purchase history, medical information, extracting data for buyers about used drugs.
    • Provide buyers with a reliable and affordable place of purchase of pharmaceutical products with stable quality, meeting all buyers’ pharmaceutical requirements.
  • For business units:
    • Improve business efficiency of enterprises, pharmacies, drugstores that provide drug distribution services when more channels of goods distribution (online sales) and exchange of information link between pharmacies.
    • Contribute to promoting business units in the direction of expanding operations, improving competitiveness in the health sector.
    • There is an additional tool for drug sales and drug management, solving difficult problems of managing item code, order, batch number, date, expiry date, the quantity of goods purchased, and ordered. row.
    • For society: Helping to ensure people know the information, origin, quality of drugs, prices as well as create a habit of buying prescription drugs through quick and effective counseling from medical facilities diseases, pharmacy business establishments

MISSION: Pioneer enterprises applying achievements in information technology in the era of industrial revolution 4.0 in the distribution of products to customers with the maxim: “Everywhere – Competitive price – Products quality – Reputable service ”.

VISION: Listen to a healthier life.


  • Leading the way: Pioneering in the use of information technology in the distribution and sharing of information related to health care and drug knowledge to customers.
  • Listening: Understanding the needs and questions to share, advise, and answer knowledge related to pharmaceuticals and health-care foods.
  • Responsibilities: Commit to bring the right quality products according to the standards prescribed by law, the most reasonable, most reliable, full implementation of the obligations prescribed by law.
  • Communities: Create a playground, where to exchange and share knowledge and information for distributors, pharmacists, customers.


  • Counterfeit drugs, poor quality drugs, and expired drugs are widely used;
  • Lack of essential drugs;
  • Misuse of antibiotics, injections, vitamins, prescribing too much medicine for one prescription;
  • Severe antibiotic resistance and alarm;
  • Doctors do not prescribe generic drugs, commercial prescription drugs in outpatient treatment;
  • Mechanisms and regulations for the management of drug prescriptions and drug sales are still inadequate;
  • Outdated and traditional drug distribution model;
  • Sales of special control drugs, brand-name drugs, prescription, and over-the-counter products are still popular;
  • Abuse of foreign brand-name drugs;
  • Health expenses are rising and unreasonable;
  • Uncontrolled drug prices;
  • Excessive consumption and drug waste;
  • Doctors do not update enough information about the market for the products;
  • Post-inspection is still limited;
  • People lack knowledge and information channels to access how to use drugs, dosage and expiry date;
  • Connecting National Pharmacy data link, transferring information on drug trading activities to the Drug Administration of Vietnam – the Ministry of Health.
  • SPHACY ensures strict information security requirements, with the ability to operate ON the SSL encryption Protocol (Secure sockets Layer), using strong encryption algorithms. Using server and workstation authentication capabilities (client & server certificate), which allows management of user activities in the system from multiple levels: workstation, user, feature used. Manages a large database with fast priority lookups for solutions with Bigdata solutions.


SPHACY representative said, currently the State has many guidelines, specific policies and drastically control the prescription of outpatient treatment, selling prescription drugs; manage the supply and distribution of drugs; rectify the situation of trading, using drugs of unclear origin, of unsatisfactory quality; towards transparency and transparency in drug management, traceability of drugs, control of poor quality drugs, ensuring the benefit of patients, citizens, businesses, etc., for example the Project “Strengthening prescription control. medicine and sale of prescription drugs in the 2017-2020 period ”of the Ministry of Health; Directive No. 23 / CT-TTg on strengthening management and connection of drug suppliers; Circular 02/2018 / TT-BYT providing regulations on good practice of drug retailers; Circular 03/2018 / TT-BYT on good practice in distribution of drugs and medicinal materials; …

However, the new policies only help the authorities to manage the drug distribution system without effective, convenient and quick tools to help people know the information, origin and quality. amount and price of the drug. The situation of patients buying fake drugs, poor quality drugs, expired date, prices varies widely from place to place; physicians prescribe drugs according to trade names but not generic names, making it difficult to sell drugs; counseling on how to use the medicine is limited; rampant sales of over-the-counter medicines, causing drug abuse, especially antibiotics, to increase …

Thus, Sphacy, where information technology and synchronous solutions are applied in all drug trading and consultancy activities, will bring efficiency in state management, business management, creating initiative for buyers and sellers. In other words, Sphacy brings a consistent ecosystem, meeting the requirements of each participant in the drug supply chain.


With the same methods and features similar to the popular ride-hailing apps (Grab / Uber / Goviet) currently available, users only need to download the Sphacy – Customer application to their mobile phones and make an order. On-demand medicine. This is a product in the Smart Pharmacy ecosystem, developed by a startup group in Ho Chi Minh City, to help the process of buying, selling, managing drugs, pharmaceuticals, etc. be more convenient.

In particular, Sphacy Customer allows users to buy drugs anytime, anywhere through ordering – delivery by downloading applications (apps) and installing on mobile phones, tablets (or electronic devices) Smart runs on Androi and IOS technology platforms). When using the app to buy drugs, the system will exploit the location of the user, requests (about the drug type, drug name) to process and respond to information when the pharmacy accepts the request. In addition, users and pharmacies can directly exchange, interact, consult about drugs through the chat function in the application.

Thus, Sphacy, where information technology and synchronous solutions are applied in all drug trading and consultancy activities, will bring efficiency in state management, business management, creating initiative for buyers and sellers. In other words, Sphacy brings a consistent ecosystem, meeting the requirements of each participant in the drug supply chain.


Sphacy has been researched and developed entirely in Vietnam and was granted a certificate of copyright registration by the Department of Copyright (Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism) on September 21, 2018. Sphacy was also approved by the National Office of Intellectual Property (Ministry of Science and Technology) in October 2018.

Implemented in practice in Ho Chi Minh City and Hanoi from August 2018, so far, Sphacy has nearly 60 pharmacies participating in the connection, the number of customers ordering through the app is about 500 people / month.

The scheme “Smart pharmacy – Sphacy” will continue to expand the model across the country. Products are also being studied and applied in the coming time, exploiting the strengths of industrial technology 4.0.


YEAR: 2017


INDUSTRY:  Medical

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