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SONA is Marketing Performance Agency – a outsourcing room BELONGING to SONA Group. SONA focuses on Digital Marketing solutions, helping businesses – startups with more customers on the Digital platform (Google, Facebook, e-commerce,…) with Performance Marketing Services – running ads committed to sales is the primary focus.


SONA Agency – With the mission of “professionally automating Marketing department for businesses”, with the desire that any small and medium sized start-up enterprise does not have sufficient financial and experience to build a specialized marketing department all can own.

SONA reads almost like the word Solar, which means light, the energy of life. Services of Marketing Department outsourced SONA’s mission to bring simplicity, professionalism, and sales to all businesses.

5 Core values ​​SONA always pursues:

  • For the benefit of customers: Win-win thinking, whole-hearted responsibility, putting customers’ interests first.
  • Listening: Always thinking first, constantly learning. Solve everything with data.
  • Frank, responsible: Share frankly, willing to take 100% responsibility not to blame.
  • Learning, innovating every day: Going to school 1 day 1 is smart, always cultivating, updating new knowledge to avoid “falling behind”.
  • For the common goal: Consistency in thinking, words and actions. Always do the best, towards win-win-win goal.

SONA is one of the leading Digital Marketing strategy consultants renowned for taking solutions to take customer business to the next level. There is a team of certified and experienced professionals who truly live and experience in the Digital Marketing market.

SONA focuses on bringing cost effective solutions, bringing high ROI for businesses, comprehensive solutions for customers in order to transform processes and bring customer satisfaction up to a new level.


Optimal Marketing solutions for outsourcing-efficiency- maximize and increase sales instantly for the business:

  • OPTIMIZE ENTERPRISE EFFCIENCY: Enterprises focus on production, latch Sale products, services with customers, all Marketing online promoting SONA products will directly take over with the real-time budget staff from 10 million to VND billions per month each campaign.
  • COST SAVINGS: The business does not have to “headache” recruiting online Marketing personnel anymore, instead, SONA will accompany you with a single goal throughout: increase revenue and profits.
  • Commitment to Sales COMMITMENT SALES: SONA is also a Startup, and has implemented Marketing for a wide range of products and services that should understand the wonders of businesses. SONA is confident to commit the sales in writing to each of SONA products.
  • PUBLICITY – TRANSPARENCY – CLARITY: Daily, weekly, monthly report on performance, top of deployment, close collaboration with customers to ensure progress – KPIs are done with the best.
  • CONTRACT COMPENSATION IF NOT REACHED: SONA always has the compensation terms for customers if the online Marketing service performance does not meet the original commitment and this clause is affirmed in the contract signing BOTH parties SONA and customer.
  • OPTIMIZE SALES CONVERSIONS: SONA understands the biggest purpose of doing business online marketing services is to bring valuable orders and conversions, so we optimize online Marketing campaigns with the goal of maximizing sales and profitability.
  • SONA:
    • Low: infrastructure requirements shorten the preparation time in order to bring the fastest sales, simple deployment infrastructure.
    • Fast – Effective commitments: result soon after implementing an online marketing campaign.
    • Explicit data, full reporting of: hourly Reporting System, daily, week, month to help businesses capture the most effective online marketing services.
    • Guarantee – Safe: time contract signed by month, quarter, year depending on choice – flexible for every business.
    • SONA is one of the leading Digital Marketing strategy consultants renowned for bringing solutions that bring customers ‘ business to the new level. We believe that our clear vision is combined with a clearly defined innovation and roadmap strategy, capable of building a business into a brand.
    • SONA have a team of certified professionals and have many years of experience, who truly live and experience in the Digital Marketing market
    • SONA’S innovation strategy not only drives business sales, but adds value to the brand
    • SONA have distributed hundreds of successful projects for satisfied customers across diverse industries
    • SONA focus on providing cost-effective solutions that deliver high ROI for businesses
    • SONA provide comprehensive solutions for our customers, aiming to transform processes and bring customer satisfaction to a new level.
    • SONA’S customer-centered approach makes us the best choice for businesses looking for solutions that align with their requirements to perfection.


  • WEBSITE DESIGN: Study the target audience of your business, based on which to plan, propose interfaces and implement options accordingly.
  • MASTER STRATEGY: Research, plan and propose implementation plans for the overall Digital Marketing campaign to suit each product of your business.
  • DESIGN PUBLICATIONS: From the Facebook post, Instagram to the Website Banner, the templates run ads, the business logo. Just you have the idea, we try to convey through the composition and colors that help you.
  • FANPAGE ADMINISTRATION, WEBSITE: Always innovation of content, attracting the attention of customers with the real content of the customer, increase the experience of positive branding.
  • ONLINE ADVERTISING: Based on product and Target customers, by Facebook, Google, Zalo, Tiktok,… We implemented the promotion of the right Target audience, increasing the proportion of the single key to the business.
  • AUTOMATION MARKETING – MARKETING AUTOMATION: Provide solutions, optimize the system, increase productivity and efficiency with Automation Marketing platform that is successfully applied in large enterprise: SMS, Email, Chatbot,…
  • SEO – SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION: Search Engine Optimization Google, Bing, Yahoo. Commit to THE TOP after 3-6 months of deployment.
  • CONTENT WRITING – PROFESSIONAL ARTICLE WRITING: Give your customers real content that they must remember your brand, product.

SONA provides an innovative marketing strategy to help businesses grow beyond boundaries. Digital marketing has changed the world and the way business is done today. Therefore, it has become necessary for businesses to make a transition so they can keep up with the changing trend. Digital strategy consulting has become a necessity for all businesses that want to grow beyond the boundaries. It allows them to make technological transformation so they can take advantage of the digitization in each of their operations and processes. With the right use of a digital strategy, businesses can leverage data analysis and provide seamless multi-channel customer experience. Sales increase and businesses can build brands.

SONA takes businesses and startups on the path of growth by helping them integrate advanced technology strategies into company plans.


Applying the technology platform to marketing, from 2015 to now, SONA Agency’s Marketing services have successfully Deployed hundreds of SMEs – Start-up in the fields of: Aesthetics & Beauty, education, fashion, … Marketing Room Outsource The aim towards strong development, prosperity growth, long-term cohesion with your business.

  • Market research & analysis: Research and analysis forms the basis of digital transformation. SONA conducts in-depth research on the latest and upcoming technologies, industry, competitors, customers, and so on. Analyze the data carefully to build a realistic action plan. This gives SONA a solid foundation to build an effective technology transformation strategy.
  • Strategy development: A well-framed, detailed strategy is the next step of the customer journey. SONA creates a strategy focusing on short-term opportunities along with long-term growth, systematic access, in-depth analysis of data and data. Experts will develop new business concepts and also a plan for applying new strategies with optimized sales.
  • Deployment: The application of smart business initiatives breaks the traditional business model and opens a world of opportunity for a business. SONA supports businesses and startups to start an exciting but exciting journey. SONA helps scale up to the latest development trends as well as develop specialized training programs and seminars for them so they can fit into the role of a tech-savvy organization.
  • Evaluation: Creating a digital marketing strategy is a difficult journey for businesses and startups when they have to scale up according to the changes it brings. For this reason, a periodic review of conversion strategies is necessary to ensure that it delivers results. At SONA, experts will ensure customers receive regular reviews and reports measuring the performance of every strategy.


YEAR: 2015



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