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WITH THE MISSION OF HELPING CEO AUTOMATE, MANAGE AND MAKE EFFECTIVE AND ACCURATE DECISIONS, SHARK DMS is created to manage the distribution system and market sales team extremely simple. Thereby reducing human resources, cutting personnel costs, improving work efficiency for the operation of the system.

Shark DMS is a weapon to reduce resources, optimize profits, is an extremely smart solution for small businesses to compete with rivals.

The main values ​​that Shark DMS brings:

  • Detailed monitoring of business situation of distributors, agents, shops: Effective management, market coverage. Manage sales, constantly update the performance of each unit.
  • Product management: Manage the product list and inventory of each product. Near-date alert.
  • Managing market staff: Statistics of sales, number of new customers, current customers. The number of customers each salesperson is in charge of. No more reporting time.
  • Keep customers close: agents will be added new sales and closely managed on DMS. Personal information, individual order information, purchase history will be saved on the system.
  • Real-time order management: When customers place orders, or saleperson orders for customers, businesses are notified as soon as new orders arise via email.
  • Retailers, agents place their own orders: The system will propose and notify itself when the goods are out of stock. Customers can order themselves, without going through market staff.
  • And a lot of other values:
    • Increase the revenue
    • Solving management problems when expanding businesses – Scale up
    • Optimize online sales
    • Automate sales by mobile
    • Track inventory in the market
    • Managing distributors, points of sale
    • Supervising salespeople
    • Support market staff
    • Safe data security
    • Optimize operating costs


  • Food & Beverage: With fast-moving consumer goods such as food and beverage, your product can easily be replaced by many other options, especially when the product coverage is not high. strong. Shark DMS solution helps data and information be regularly updated & synchronized smoothly among hundreds of distributors and thousands of salespeople in the enterprise’s distribution system.
  • Pharmaceuticals: The pharmaceutical industry has very specific characteristics, different from the strengths of the original DMS from the development history of DMS. Therefore, DMS also needs to change to meet the specific management requirements of the pharmaceutical industry such as managing the sales team organization, supporting the pharmacy staff, managing inventory, expiry date, exchanging cans. …
  • Consumer goods: Managing the national distribution system effectively is a big challenge, especially with short-term dairy products and a competitive market. Understanding this, Shark DMS designed a DMS management plan that provides real-time visual insight into the dairy market, captures the competencies of the distributor, and helps the salesperson achieve optimum efficiency.
  • Building materials: Shark DMS’s solution helps the distribution of construction materials standardized from the Distributor to each Store, unifying data, optimizing communication between Manufacturers, Partners, Distributors and Sales Team.
  • Cosmetics: The beauty care industry has a very diverse product portfolio, complex promotions, and that’s also the highlight of the DMS project.
  • Animal husbandry: Distributing businesses always need a stable, scalable, applicable DMS system that can be applied to many types of businesses to serve the many companies that are currently their customers.


  • Easy to use: The functions are divided into simple interfaces. People who have never used it still know how to use it. Full authorization for manufacturers, trading companies, distributors, supervisors, and market employees.
  • Connectivity – Helping distributors manage orders and warehouses on one software: Previously, a distributor who wanted to manage orders of many companies had to have multiple DMS accounts of each company, but now the distributor only needs one account to manage all the orders of many companies. With Shark DMS, managing goods in many companies is easy.
  • Data security: Shark DMS commits and signs the terms of customer data security – with business customers. Shark DMS understands Customer’s security desires. Customers can use their own mobile App with their own server if they want.
  • And in particular, Shark DMS is optimized and is the best DMS software for small and medium businesses.

The trend of technology application in DMS management is growing when Vietnamese enterprises’ awareness is clearer. In the era of 4.0 and digital transformation is happening strongly, if DMS is not applied early in management, enterprises will be left behind competitors.


Small businesses often encounter a lot of difficulties in capital as well as in the method of shipping and management. Aware and eager to share this “pain”, Shark DMS Free has become a friend , a companion of small and medium-sized companies.


IT application to the distribution management process makes managing operations easier and more effective than the trend being invested by many enterprises. Depending on the purpose of the channel design is to develop, expand in new market areas or to perfect the current channel system that the manager will have the decision to manage the channel separately. For example, for small businesses that are new to the market, they will start at the beginning of a limited market.

However, a common practice in the way of managing the current distribution channel of businesses is manual management through books, papers, Excel files or the use of non-professional tools. This usually causes the condition: the process of order processing is prolonged, from the reception at the Distributor/point of sale until the review and delivery; Control of lack of synchronization, data that is not tied to each point of sale leads to difficult tracking; The salesmen took a lot of time to introduce new products, check inventory, report trade marketing programs; There is no connection between the manufacturer – the selling point – the Salesstaff. Many people say that only large businesses have to adopt technology solutions into distribution management but this is erroneous thinking. Small businesses, the delivery system is not yet complicated, if early technology is not only contributing to the promotion of the sales process, but also create the money for management later, when the distribution channel expands.

In addition, manufacturers and distributors are often challenged in the management of effective distribution channels, management of sales work, improvement of productivity team sales, enforcement and evaluation of display programs, promotions, POSM… At the point of sale. This is a waste of time and resources, “inclusions” in the report of manual and delayed manually, and accurately, it is difficult to put on the right and timely business strategy.

The management of Distribution channel (DMS) is important, as the key to helping products reach customers fastest, increase revenue, help businesses improve their competitive advantage in the market.Currently, DMS is being applied by many Vietnamese enterprises but most of them are large enterprises. Small and Medium Enterprises (SME) do not have the right look and investment in this field.

According to Mr. Thanh Long, CEO of Shark DMS: “The trend of IT applications in DMS governance is growing stronger when awareness of Vietnamese enterprises has been clearer. During the 4.0 era, and the digital transformation is going on strongly, if not earlier DMS applications into administration, the business will lag against competitors. “

In order to solve these problems, in  9-2019, DMS sales management software launched to support for 100 small and medium enterprises.


Your Business:

  • Sales statistics of craft stores
  • Employee non-process reporting, discrete indicators, not on the same platform
  • Can not control, assign or track the schedule of each sales.

This causes the manager to:

  • Difficulty placing KPIs
  • Does not hit the effect of each nv, store
  • Large operating costs

With the message  No business is falling behind, Shark DMS will support:

  • Manage employees, shops, agents on the same platform
  • Intuitive, easy to use, only 15 minutes to set-up the system
  • Low cost, effective Scale-up

3. Who is the SHARK DMS suitable for?

Shark DMS – The most effective optimization solution for small and medium enterprises, commercial companies owning a market sales team, manufacturers and distributors.

  • Totally free Shark DMS. Unlimited staff, fully functional. Great privacy policy. Support private server if needed.





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