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SharingFarming.Net is a 2-in-1 integrated 2-layer e-commerce floor system for farmers in each commune with 2 purposes: Firstly, to help farmers in the commune find inputs for agricultural materials, approach the process, carefully advanced arts and technology in agriculture; Secondly, helping farmers build, promote brands and sell agricultural products and services, homestay, agricultural tourism available directly to consumers and businesses purchasing through farmers’ e-commerce floors.


SharingFarming.Net is a 2-in-1 integrated 2-layer e-commerce floor system for farmers in each commune with 2 purposes: Firstly, to help farmers in the commune find inputs for agricultural materials, advanced technology. ; Secondly, to help farmers build and promote brands and sell products and services available directly to consumers and buying businesses.

VISION: Build SharingFarming.Net to become the leading company in Vietnam providing full-service e-commerce services to more than 10 thousand Farmer Unions, connecting more than 17 million farming households to the E-commerce floor. SharingFarming.Net, forms a direct link between farmers and suppliers of agricultural materials and techniques and consumers of agricultural products and foodstuffs.

MISSION: SharingFarming.Net was born to support Vietnamese farmers to standardize inputs and solve outputs by providing farmers in each commune with an e-commerce website, helping farmers to buy and sell goods. services on the internet!

MARKET: We target a US $ 40 billion market for agricultural products, with a tenth of the market share. Our solutions target 10,000 Communal Farmers’ Unions with more than 17,000,000 farming households in 63 provinces, HCMC and 92 million local market.


  • Difficulty in accessing and using materials, techniques, new and advanced technologies in agriculture.
  • Farmers make products and have available services but find it difficult to find stable output, good prices, maximum income
  • Consumers access agricultural products at high prices, lack of information about the origin, need new experience.


Build e-commerce floors in each commune for farmers, connect and synchronize information, products and services with SharingFarming.Net. E-commerce floor has 2 functions of buying and selling to farmers: Buying agricultural materials, technical processes, agricultural technology and selling agricultural products, experience tourism services, homestay.

The model will form a 2-layer e-commerce floor system, easily replicated to different communes.


With 713 district administrative units and 11,164 communal administrative units, we expect to create 1000 e-commerce floors in 1000 communes in the model of duplication and transfer of technology solutions within 5 years.

An e-commerce floor has an average of 1000 farming households participating, after 5 years, 1 million households will participate.


1. IDEA: 

SharingFarming.Net starts from farmers, from everyday stories and forever:

And the story of 12 million farming households in Vietnam over the years is still there!

We, genuine peasants – who have attached a childhood time to land and gardens, have tasted all the peasants of “selling back to land, selling sun to sun” are who understood more than anyone else the farmer’s story.

We grew up, moved away from the village land to the city, then studied, then worked. Then fate pushed us, times pushed us back into the agricultural field!

We started more than a year ago with the story of building clean food distribution and affiliate marketing for Vietnamese people. A year is not much, but it also gives us valuable lessons and the value of the supply chain in agriculture.

At the same time, we burned an idea, a project about farmers. To this day, we are determined to realize it with an IT application, e-commerce application to support farmers, to the farmer’s story in 5 years, 10 years, 20 years. Vietnam will be different, different from many stories that I have ever told!

And that is why SharingFarming.Net is born!


When implementing an e-commerce floor in a commune, it will go through 3 phases:

  • Creating the floor and attracting farmer households to participate; Practice skills in using the website to post information and images about yourself, land, fields, ponds, products and services of the farmer and update news.
  • Connect and transfer agricultural materials, processes, techniques, technology
  • Support branding, packaging products and services, and connect consumers

With a huge workload, we have a plan to utilize local human resources such as students, high school students, and youth union to coordinate and assist in training skills for farmers.

Regarding the core personnel of the project, in addition to the accumulated experience in technology, online marketing, e-commerce, and distribution, we plan to attend a seminar on Agricultural Branding in October 2017 to serve as additional foundation in the project development process.

The project is of great social significance, so we will have a master plan to take advantage of the support resources from the community, government agencies, and non-governmental organizations … mobilizing synergy, helping the project quickly reach farmers.