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Rudicaf (short for “Invite to coffee”) is a unit operating in the field of dating services and connecting people. Rudicaf’s products are connected services, mobile dating apps, workshops, and other counseling, support, and dating services.


1. NĂM 2011 – 2012:

Rudicaf’s predecessor was Ericamoon (full name is Nguyet Thach Thao Art and Life Co., Ltd) – an enterprise established in April 2011 and also operates in the field of dating and people-connecting services. . The series of outstanding events of Ericamoon in the period of 2011-2012 include Single party (connecting party, entertainment for singles), Love warming (high-class dinner with workshop to “warm up the affection” for couples in love or couples) … [4]

Although these events were initially well received and supported by customers, due to the targeting to the niche market, the high-end customer segment at a time when the market was not appropriate, in addition to the lack of financial management experience. , cash flow management and corporate governance of CEO Vu Nguyet Anh, Ericamoon company stopped operating in August 2012.

2. NĂM 2016 – 2017:

4 years after closing Ericamoon, in early 2016, Vu Nguyet Anh decided to restart her career with her field of passion and dating.

In July 2016 Nguyet Anh founded ECM Joint Stock Company. Connected, founded Rudicaf brand name (abbreviation of the phrase Rủ đi cafe – a common term in the life of young people in Vietnam, often used when people want to invite each other to go out, see you …).

On 11/11/2016, on the occasion of International Single Day, Rudicaf officially launched the market with the first strategic product, RUDICAF Dating – High quality dating service with selected member communities, only for those who meet Rudicaf’s criteria of Single status, Education, Work, Income, Appearance, Style, Behavior culture … (niche market – niche market ) … [5] [6] [7] .

Right in the first year of operation, thanks to the originality and novelty of the product and the serious working manner, Rudicaf was quickly interested by many reputable media channels, posting, writing, reporting. and has gained initial achievements as prestigious awards [8] .

On 11/11/2017, Rudicaf introduced two new outstanding features of RUDICAF Dating [9] and released the book “Dating style” with content about modern dating stories by CEO Vu himself. Nguyet Anh is the author [10] .

3. NĂM 2018 – NAY: 

In 2018, Rudicaf focused resources on developing its second strategic product, Tilani [11] – a dating application for the mass market. Tilani is the only dating information and book dating platform in Vietnam to date, committing the community to 100% TRUE members, thanks to the mandatory request to verify identity card and phone number right from Registration step.

At the end of 2018, Rudicaf accepted VTV3’s invitation to become a professional advisory unit for the reality show “It’s time to date!” [12] .

After the active preparation and production of VTV3 and Rudicaf, the program was officially launched on April 14, 2019 on the occasion of Black Valentine’s Day (Valentine’s Day for singles) [13] . “Time to date!” was first introduced on VTV Entertainment’s digital media platform (mobile application) in April, May 2019 and until June 29, 2019, the program continued to be broadcasted. At the golden time of 21:00 on Saturday and Sunday on VTV 3. Although it has just aired the first season with a completely new format, the program immediately received positive feedback from viewers and VTV3 decided. plans to continue producing season 2 for broadcast in the summer of 2020.

It was also released on Black Valentine’s Day on April 14, 2019, but the Tilani app’s development journey was not as smooth as the TV show “It’s time to date”. This particular dating application has gone through a very arduous journey because of its “different” model compared to other mass dating apps. Because of the mandatory request to verify the identity card and phone number right at the step of joining, and to allow the Members to request verification of each other’s information about the status of marriage, identity, job, study …, that Tilani has been paid special attention by the world’s No. 1 app store Apple Store, strict censorship, even repeatedly rejected approval and once removed the application that is displayed in the store. “Standard US” censorship team This concerns information security as well as doubts as to whether Tilani will use the user information it has acquired to buy or sell, or cause any disadvantage to them. This has caused the Tilani development team and the owner of this application, Rudicaf, to face many difficulties in 2019, but fortunately, they have finally overcome the “gates”. strict Apple and released its official paid version on 12/12/2019 (circulated as “Certainly in pairs”).

In addition to two strategic products and services, RUDICAF Dating and Tilani, from 2019, Rudicaf has also invested resources to build and develop interesting, dating, and lifestyle communities such as: Matchmaker Hoi Civilization, Middle Aged Happy Club, Amser dating – Amser matchmaking, Live colors (refer to the details in the section Group meetings – Community dating, connection).

In particular, on the occasion of the International Single Day November 11, 2019, is also the 3rd anniversary of the launch of his brand, Rudicaf has launched the Club “Middle-aged happiness” for exclusive audiences. Single, single U50 ++ (aged 40 and above) . Accompanying Rudicaf in building and developing this special community is Director Hoang Le Na [16] – a famous girl in the media with the story of “finding a husband for her mother” . The vision of this club is to become the largest, most prestigious and highest-quality single and middle-aged community in Vietnam.

4. NĂM 2020: 

According to the shared of Founder & CEO Vu Nguyet Anh, 2020 is the year Rudicaf will focus on community development and boosting revenue for Tilani application. In addition, the brand will also promote the development of connecting, dating, and lifestyle communities with creative content, rich and interesting events, activities … The dating brand is also expected to launch an extremely unique dating game show with its own creative format to broadcast exclusively on Tilani’s YouTube channel and deploy the livestream series of Tilani Talk hosted by CEO Vu Nguyet Anh. to interview and chat with FA characters. In addition, Rudicaf also plans to launch several new products in 2020 such as:RUDICAF Testing, Psychology testing and dating service, RUDICAF Corner and Connection space.


  • RUDICAF Dating : High quality dating service for customers who authenticate information and are selected by criteria
  • Tilani : Vietnam’s leading information verification and dating platform with 100% REAL members
  • RUDICAF Premium package : Premium dating service package with consulting services, special and intensive support ( Support for finding potential dating object in addition to available data, Make- over: Appearance, Fashion, Style; Coaching Manners & Etiquette: Standard international communication etiquette)
  • RUDICAF Caring consulting service
  • Events, activities, workshops, connections, entertainment for all audiences … RUDICAF Plus.

“Rudicaf insists that this start up is not a” matchmaker “but a” dating service “. This means that the purpose of appointments between members of this community is not only limited to building relationships of love and marriage, but also building rich and interesting social relationships. , useful for many fields in work and life … ”


Rudicaf was launched in 2016 and is currently the most prestigious brand in the field of dating in Vietnam. Over the past time, Rudicaf has continuously appeared on prestigious media channels, ranked in the Top 20 favorite Start-ups in 2016, Top 25 Vietnamese Start-ups VnExpress, Top 10 TechFest Vietnam in 2017, etc.

After nearly 1 year of operation, Rudicaf has created one of the best dating community in Vietnam with 37% of its members being former students from developed countries in the world; 51% are bachelors and masters at Top Universities in Vietnam, 38% hold leading and managerial positions in reputable businesses and organizations in Vietnam.

In addition, Rudicaf won some award:

  • Top 20 Most Popular Startups in 2016 (4th place)
  • Start-up Women 2016 (for CEO Vu Nguyet Anh)
  • Top 10 Techfest Vietnam 2017


ADDRESS: Tầng 2, số 178 Phố Huế, Hai Bà Trưng, Hà Nội

TEL: 1900 9018

EMAIL: [email protected]

Monday to Friday: 8h30 – 18h
Saturday: 8h30 – 12h30