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Rubik Zoo is an investment project designed and built with containers and environmentally friendly materials with an initial investment of up to millions of dollars. With a total area of ​​5,000 m2, including more than 300 container stalls and tents. Business units come from businesses, small businesses both at home and abroad with many different industries. Rubik Zoo will become a must-see shopping, dining and entertainment center for young people and families on weekdays. Along with that is creating an ideal business location for young people who have dreams of starting a business.




Rubik Zoo, also a semi-ecological project, was born on the premises of Saigon Zoo and Botanical Garden, stemming from the desire to contribute to the conservation and development of the existing fauna and flora system. add a green entertainment space for shopping, entertainment and healthy cuisine for the city, creating a highlight for visitors and also wanting to make visitors feel relaxed, immersed in nature right away. the heart of Saigon is crowded.

Following the success of previous projects and wanting to create a completely new, unique and creative playground for young people to enjoy shopping and entertainment, Phu Hoang Gia has boldly developed Rubik Zoo’s model of dining and shopping entertainment area – operating with the “Youthful – Multi-Purpose – Class” criterion, the project will also be a healthy playground for young people, helping them to be more aware of protect animals and their environment and is also a place to encourage young people to have dreams of starting a business without harming the environment.

Unique cultural and entertainment activities, and festivals of countries around the world are organized in a professional and monumental manner; The booths are selected with high standards, are ornate and full of art. Besides, the companionship of the media and professional media units with thousands of high-value gifts promises to be the most exciting event expected by young people in 2016 – 2017.

Rubik Zoo is a combination of qualities from a similar class shopping area in France – Italy, with luxurious restaurants and cafes with beautiful views and street food, take away drinks to Amusement Park; Free Photo Zone for young people; Studio Studio Art area with unique outdoor theater performance. The overall project is a series of creative designs under the hands of famous art directors and directors from HTV, VTV, … giving viewers a feeling of being lost in different lands in the world. gender.

Although the project was just launched, it has attracted the attention and participation of many famous brands in the fashion, cuisine, entertainment and FMCG industries, … Therefore, it is not only attractive. For young people, Rubik Zoo is also a “golden” opportunity for businesses, small businesses, those who have a passion for buying, selling, displaying products and services … looking for a business opportunity or a talent. support for upcoming projects. Rubik Zoo is also a place for startups to have the opportunity to create a showroom in the heart of District 1, Ho Chi Minh City when Phu Hoang Gia is committed to funding costs and at least one month free rental. premises in this central area.

The model is operated with the “Youthful – Multi-Purpose – Class” criterion to serve the shopping and entertainment needs of all customers. Rubik Zoo was established with the aim of creating an entertainment place in the ideal green space in the middle of the City to create a highlight for visitors to visit. Here they also have a feeling of relaxation and harmony with nature. In addition, Rubik Zoo promises to bring a unique and unique style with a creative combination between shopping mall, food culture area, coffee and beverage area and type of film studio, external performance stage. God is familiar but strange. The project is also a meeting place for small businesses, businesses, young people who have passion for business and want to start a business with business opportunities, increase their income and promote their products.




The first thing is that at Rubik Zoo you can enter completely free, the center starts to operate from 17:00 to 22:00 per day, with a campus of up to 5000m2 and more than 300 booths. Rubik Zoo promises to become an indispensable shopping, dining and entertainment center for young people on weekdays to freely explore and entertain with friends and family.

Not only a completely new, unique and creative playground for young people to enjoy shopping and entertainment, Rubik Zoo is also a place to encourage young people who have dreams of doing business with a start-up environment. healthy without harming the environment.

Rubik Zoo, contributing to the conservation and development of existing flora and fauna systems, provides an additional green shopping entertainment space, for young people to feel relaxed, immersed in nature right away. the heart of Saigon is crowded.

With the advantage of being next to the Saigon Zoo and Botanical Gardens, the Rubik Zoo project makes the most of natural air, cool outdoor space, limited electrical equipment, air conditioning, while still maintaining comfort for guests. sightseeing.

The creation of many community living spaces like Rubik Zoo helps to limit the risk of causing greenhouse effects, change the user’s habits in a positive direction, have fun, shop and experience in green spaces. fresh and close to nature.

Moreover, each stall is a colorful container that creates an overall beautiful campus. Ideally suited as a background for very hot #ootd photos these days.

Container model in Vietnam is still very new but also has great potential in the future because of its convenience and high aesthetics. The booths have their own unique space to decorate and display in their own style.

Rubik Zoo is a combination of many pieces: Shopping area with about 100 designer fashion brands, many home décor brands, accessories, handmade, notebooks, photo books and decorated big fashion brands. Similar to the shopping street in France – Italy.

There are both luxurious restaurants and cafes so you can sit back and enjoy the beautiful view, or you can also bring in hand cool drinks to go sightseeing and shopping. Not only that, you can also eat camping style: cover the carpet sitting on the green grass, enjoy the street food and drinks of other countries and participate in games to get gifts home. .

You can also not refuse but have to take photos immediately with the super majestic and unique backgrounds only at Rubik Zoo with the Studio and the Art Photography Studio and the Outdoor Performance Area can say is the most prominent point, under the polished hands of famous art directors and directors from HTV, VTV, … gives viewers a feeling of being lost in different lands around the world.

Here you will admire the features of Texas with Cowboy Dance, London with royal drumming, Vietnamese with traditional dance to modern, Thai dance with Thai dance and especially the one-of-a-kind dance from Japanese style hiphop.


Built in 2017, Rubik Zoo has become one of the attractive shopping, dining and entertainment centers for young people and families in Ho Chi Minh City. The project is invested by Phu Hoang Gia Investment Joint Stock Company. Not only doing business, Rubik Zoo brings a diversified cultural wave, connecting young people closer to the world through a series of events, multinational festivals held regularly, on a large scale and specialized Karma. 

The project provides a new and unique playing field, the opportunity to effectively promote the brand image, professionally and ideal for domestic and foreign investors. At the same time, this is also a place to encourage and create conditions for young people to realize their dream of starting a business.




  • Entertainment projects in Vietnam are considered to be friendly and environmentally friendly.
  • Food services, cultural experiences … bold Vietnamese.