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On April 6, 2012, the company Rikkeisoft was established, marking the “where dreams begin” for four young men. Starting a business with a strong urge to build a more prosperous home country and create a better society, after 8 years Rikkeisoft has grown to become a typical enterprise in the IT field of Vietnam with a scale of more than 1000 personnel. Extending that dream with a spirit of solidarity, high determination and a burning desire to conquer, the Board of Directors of the Company unanimously and all employees committed to bringing the Rikkeisoft boat to the milestone of 10 000 employees by year. 2025.



Become the number 1 technology corporation in Vietnam.


Raising Vietnamese values.


  • Hunger:Always set challenging goals and execute with the strongest determination.
  • Progressive: The vision to learn, to progress constantly, to be ready to accept new tasks
  • Creation: Innovation in way of doing and thinking creates the highest efficiency
  • Conscientious: Dedication & dedication, responsibility to make maximum effort to achieve the best results.
  • Share: Willing to share knowledge to support each other to help the organization grow.


Operating since 2016 in the Japanese market, Rikkeisoft is currently the second largest Vietnamese IT enterprise in the country of “sunrise” with revenue up to tens of millions of dollars per year. The Japanese press has reported on Rikkeisoft as a phenomenon about Vietnamese IT companies in Japan when the company’s growth rate is doubled year after year. And the co-founders of Rikkeisoft have been voted by Forbes Vietnam to the list of outstanding characters under the age of 30.

According to the IT personnel report of the Ministry of Economy of Japan (METI), the shortage of IT human resources in Japan is getting more and more serious. It is expected that by 2030, Japan will lack about 590,000 IT workers. This will be a great opportunity for the Vietnamese software export market in Japan. However, the software export market to Japan is currently a price war for Vietnamese IT companies. According to Rikkeisoft Chairman Ta Son Tung, if software export companies compete on price, they will only kill each other because they cannot keep good people. Therefore, Rikkeisoft does not participate in the price war but will increase the value of Vietnamese IT engineers as software exports.Currently, the company exports software mainly for Japanese and English markets.


In Rikkeisoft’s strategy, software export still plays a key role in the strategy. However, Rikkeisoft wants to play a role as a technology company returning to Vietnam to provide products and solutions for Vietnam.

Sharing about this new development direction, Mr. Ta Son Tung said that Rikkeisoft started researching and deploying robot products for education implemented by Rikkei AI department. With experience in AI (artificial intelligence) for the Japanese market, Rikkeisoft has brought out good engineers to implement the project. The reason why Rikkeisof jumped into this field was because it was a difficult field, requiring the company to have sufficient resources, including hardware and software.

According to Rikkeisoft’s analysis, the baby toy robotics market in the 4.0 era will be huge. Rikkeisoft’s robots can play with children, read stories, and teach children to learn when parents don’t have much time for their children. This intelligent robot will move and communicate with children in Vietnamese, learn Math, Vietnamese, and remind students. This robot will be applied with artificial intelligence to recognize voice, communicate and recognize text …