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QR Guiding is a startup offering code (code) project that helps travel site managers create interesting story transport solutions about destinations, artifacts for visitors through images, video presentations and linguistic diversity.


QR Guiding is a Web Platform that helps managers, experts at destinations can easily create diverse interpretations of places and objects through QR Guiding codes.


  • Providing information solutions to help tourists understand Vietnam tourist destinations.
  • Help managers control information, understand visitors.
  • Connecting tourists with tourism in Vietnam.


  • Detailed information, multilingual, multimedia, self-display of appropriate language.
  • Provides location information via GPS and QR Guiding code.
  • Tools for managing location information, exhibits and visitors’ behaviors.


  • Managers through QRGuiding.com create QR Guiding codes for items and artifacts.
  • Managers control the content displayed when visitors scan the Guiding QR code.
  • Visitor behavior information is transferred to location manager.


  • A simple and accurate information channel, multilingual, easy to use.
  • Can be applied on a large scale with extremely low cost and high control ability.
  • Effective in enhancing the experience of travelers to Vietnam.


With the problems that the development team of QR Guiding found after the fact that the QR Guiding solution was created to solve the following problems:

  • Create a modern and versatile tool to encrypt the information of the destination
  • Easy to use for both content providers (destination) and control of posted information
  • The solution is offered almost free of charge to cultural destinations, history
  • Reduce dependence on high-quality human resources (guides/presentations that understand the destination and speak a lot of languages)
  • Destination can better understand the visitors and get the response more quickly


If you are managing monuments, museums, ..; you are missing a solution that provides effective, multilingual information to help visitors understand the value of your location; If you want to understand more about the experience of visitors when visiting, QR Guiding is a comprehensive, optimal SOLUTION.

QR Guiding is a solution to digitize web-based location information, making it easy to create explanations of artifacts, items, and destinations through QR codes.

By placing QR Guiding codes at your destination, you can easily tell the fascinating story hidden in each artifact …

These codes not only provide text information but also provide multimedia experiences (Photos, Audio Guide, Videos) in multiple languages. Through QR Guiding codes you can also easily interact with visitors at your destination.



Vietnam in general and cultural destinations, history in particular are many tourists both inside and outside the country and welcome millions of visitors to visit every year. However, the introduction of information about the history, culture, people as well as the stories related to the current destination are still limited in both human and media.
Along with enhancing the application of information technology into life in general and in the industry in PARTICULAR, QR Guiding solution was launched to provide a new method to help destinations expand its ability to convey information and stories. At the same time, visitors will also understand and love more than the destination and thereby increase the chances of returning to visit to learn more or introduce to friends and thus contribute positively to the quality of travel at the destination.

QR GUIDING TECHNOLOGY SOLUTIONS: The QR Guiding solution uses a very simple access tool that is QR code and leverages mobile devices with built-in camera visitors. The QR code allows the user to have quick access to the QR Guiding Web-based database. The actual QR code scanning technology is not new and has been heavily used in life as well as foreign tourist locations.


As a tour guide with 8 years of experience, love Vietnamese cultural History, Nguyen Van Thang (29 years old, 8 years experience guide) has been thinking a lot about how to help visitors both Vietnamese and international visitors can easily understand the cultural values , history, the people of Vietnam. In addition to this, how the information transmitted is not skewed and confirmed by the locations themselves. It is a great source of motivation to create a project to digital travel destinations.

From mid-2017, with the original idea, won the share and found companion Nguyen Thang Duy (29 years old, graduated business administration, 5 years experience in marketing). The founding team formed with six professional associates and experience in tourism, engineering, marketing, design, putting together the first bricks to create technological solutions, addressing the human resources of tourism.

The project began to form from May 5/2019 find solutions to help tourists understand the destination, through the application of QR technology (Quick Response).

When visiting, visitors only need a mobile device with built-in camera, scan code to read information, listen to the presentation, view images or videos about the location and exhibits. QR codes also help managers know where to be your favourite and interested by statistically scanning code times. A QR code, the manager can upload the content, pictures, videos to illustrate the artifacts or tourist destination for the visitors.

In the beginning, whole team sees quite a lot of obstacles. QR Guiding is a tourism technology project, requiring the whole group to find the simplest solution for users. After reviewing the options, the group decided to select the QR code because it meets the criteria: accessible, simple use, low investment funding. According to the project representatives, a large museum such as the War Remnants Museum when the QR Guiding application has saved billions in the information and the optimization of the experience of tourists. The system is simple, the deployment time is only about a month from the beginning to come into operation, without any effort or maintenance personnel. Translated into many languages, QR codes are accessible, serving a number of crowded visitors, different nationalities.

However, the story of new content is difficult for the project. Separating each problem through many debates, the group goes to decide all the content of the material, the location will be done by the agencies specializing in tourism and culture in charge. According to Thang Duy, than anyone else, these agencies themselves are qualified to tell the story of the items displayed, ensuring accurate information. At the same time, the tourist unit will actively improve, update content every day, arranging all the data to serve visitors.

“We’re trying to figure out how to make travel facilities convey content so appealing, leaving the deepest impression with visitors,” QR Guiding representative said.


QR Guiding reached the Top 5 of Ho Chi Minh City Tourism Innovation Contest (HIST) Contest organized by Department of Science and Technology and Department of Tourism in 2018; Received the 2019 Green Enemy Award for business initiatives for the sake of sustainable development. The project also reached the Top 25 Vietnam Startup Contest 2019 organized by VnExpress Newspaper.

Although still young, QR Guiding has yielded certain results. In 2019, the project has signed with the Department of Tourism of Ho Chi Minh City, Vung Tau and Ben Tre and is in the process of completing the dossier with Ninh Thuan, An Giang.

In 2020, the project will be conducted in parallel with the expansion of cooperation with souvenir shops, traditional craft villages, and private tourism businesses across the country. In addition, the project intends to approach the provinces and cities to continue offering solutions to convey Vietnamese historical and cultural stories.

“QR Guiding is not born to replace people, we only support people who travel during periods of shortage of personnel. Whether using technology or people, the most important thing is to tell the story of items and places, which is the attraction to help visitors come back” The startup representative emphasized.



YEAR: 2019



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