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Similar to Teechip, Teespring, …, Printub is a support platform for customers’ desire to do online business. “T-shirt sales platform” is another name for Printub – the foundation was born in early May 2017 by two young men Nguyen Thanh Quang and Pham Dinh Quan.

This is the first POD (Print-on-demand: Print on demand) website platform combined with the first dropshipping model (POD Dropshipping) in Vietnam. Simply put, Printub is an online website platform that helps people create custom designs and sell products for profit without paying fees. In this model, the seller will design and create the campaign for their custom product. At the same time, sellers also actively set prices and promote products to find orders. Once a person places an order, Printub will confirm the order, proceed with production and ship it to the buyer.


Printub is a website platform that acts as a bridge between the seller and the buyer. Sellers will design their products based on the available tools and proceed to create a sales campaign for the product right on this platform. Shoppers visit the website or via social networks to buy products.

Users can create custom designs and sell products for profit without paying a fee. In this model, the seller will design and create a campaign for his custom product, and promote the product to find orders. After the customer has ordered, Printub will confirm the order, produce and ship to the buyer.

Join making money online with Printub means you can save business costs. Sellers do not need to spend too much money on warehousing, transportation, labor, … Therefore, they can concentrate resources to create the best products. Doing business with the Dropship model (eliminating production and transportation) also helps the seller save time, effort and minimize risks.

Printub is built on the desire to bring convenience to users. Therefore, you can sign up for a free account. Then, you can easily create a sales campaign and promote to the target audience that you want to target.


Originating from the desire to simplify the process of selling products to make it profitable for merchants, Printub was born with a mission to help merchants have the opportunity to build brands and convey messages to their customers. Printub helps sellers solve the costly problem of creating and selling custom designed products (in small quantities) compared to traditional methods.

With the services that this platform provides, Printub always aims to create the best conditions to increase the income of participants. Printub sellers only need to spend a little time online every day to be able to participate and profit from their products. If you are looking for opportunities to realize your business passion, Printub is a very worthwhile option.


Behind the products offered by the sellers themselves, Printub understands that it was a process of creativity and hard research and thought. Therefore, Printub believes that this platform will help sellers have the opportunity to build brands and convey messages to their customers.

This form of online business is suitable for everyone. At any age, even in big cities, people can still do business. Even with a full-time job, many people still participate in Printub and earn extra income in their spare time.

As one of the pioneering platforms for building a customized product business model, Printub opened up Vietnamese people a new direction in business. With all its advantages, Printub promises to bring attractive profits.


  • Easy to get started at a cost of 0 VND: No need to spend a lot of capital to import goods, no fear of inventory. You can import thousands of designs for customers to choose from.
  • Easy payment: At any time, you can request a withdrawal. You will receive profits through your local bank account without having to pay wire transfer transaction fees.
  • Simplify the process of selling products: You don’t have to worry about manufacturing, shipping and returning if the product is defective. Likewise, you do not incur the cost of 10% of the refund per month.
  • Competitive production price and easy to order: Printub can print on request and ship from 01 product.
  • Participating in making money online with Printub means that you can save maximum business costs. The seller does not need to spend too much money on warehouse, transportation, labor, … Thanks to that, they can focus their resources to create the best products. Dropship business (eliminating production and shipping) also helps sellers save time, effort and minimize the risk of risks.


Printub is an intermediary that does all the work to “turn” a design into a product and deliver it to the user. Specifically, Printub will receive orders, produce and ship to customers; Then transfer the profits to the seller.

With a simple way of working, the combination of on-demand printing (POD) and the Dropshipping business model will help sellers simplify their online business. The business process is thus reduced in three steps: uploading images or designing online on Printub, promoting products and getting profit when orders are made.

After the order, Printub will confirm the order information with the customer and start printing the products and proceed with delivery. The products are manufactured and printed in Vietnam, fully guaranteed for quality before being delivered to customers. With fast delivery infrastructure, customers will receive customized print products after only a few days of ordering.

Currently, Printub provides many main product lines for sellers to customize designs such as t-shirts, hoodie, ceramic mugs, flat paintings, tote bags, phone covers … With heat transfer printing and decal printing technology, Printub brings To quality products, to meet the diverse needs of consumers. Product diversity means the scope of customers and business efficiency will also increase.

In addition, Printub also provides many features to help users increase the effectiveness of promotion and promote sales, such as creating discount codes, collections, creating orders quickly … Refer friends to join to increase passive income.

Transparent pricing policy helps sellers control their profits. Printub provides a base cost list (production cost) for each product. With each campaign launched, the seller is able to set his own price and profit.

More importantly, sellers can design products that bear their mark and deliver it to potential customers. Everyone wants to be impressed and attractive in the eyes of others. A customized design product will make you truly stand out.



Doing business online is not too strange in Vietnam. Many young people want to try this potential field. However, the difficulties as well as the risks prevent many people from starting. Understanding that, Printub was born with the aim of accompanying young people on the path of pursuing passion for online business.


Printub was established in early May 2017 by Nguyen Thanh Quang and Pham Dinh Quan. Quang happened to know about this model and thought that it had potential for Vietnam. Quang has programmed the website in the demo version. After that, because of his common ideals, Quan participated in the project marketing. With Printub, we want to simplify the process of selling products to bring profit to business people. Printub allows sellers to create a campaign with the desired product sample and product color. The seller will set the price for the product and promote it. When a customer purchases a product, Printub will print the product with the design created by the seller and deliver it to the customer.


  • More than 5000 sellers have joined the Printub platform with more than 37,000 designs.