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Pizza 4P’s is a restaurant chain opened by the Japanese couple, Yosuke Masuko and Sanae –  in Vietnam.


If you’ve ever eaten at Pizza 4P’s, you probably won’t be surprised by the perfectionism here. From the taste of the Pizza or the meticulously cared dishes of Spaghetti, the restaurant’s guest style or the attitude of each staff will surely satisfy the most demanding diners. This is not only a successful restaurant, but behind it are also business stories that many people have to admire. Let’s learn about the formation and development of this chain.

Pizza chain 4P’s founder is Masuko Yosuke. After graduating from university, Masuko worked for a trading company for some time, then managed for the famous investment fund Cyber ​​Agent. After quitting from Cyber ​​Agent, he opened his first Pizza 4P’s in Ho Chi Minh and is growing fast. Expected future Pizza 4p’s will be available in both Japan and other countries around the world. In 2018 he was awarded the Best Business Overseas Business Award selected by the New Business Tokyo Association


1. Vision and mission

  • Vision: Making the world smile for peace
  • Mission: Bringing Wow, Sharing Happiness

Our ambition at Pizza 4P’s is not simply “A great Pizza Restaurant”. We Have A Bigger Vision – Making The World Smile for Peace. Our mission that we always work with and work with every day to achieve this vision is “Delivering surprises, sharing happiness”.

“Wow” describes delightful surprises and the kind of experience that makes your heart dance, leaving you with positive energy and an excited spirit. That excitement and positive energy act like a big step towards “Happiness”. By “sharing” that with as many people as possible, we believe happiness will spread from person to person and fill the world. The result of “Giving joy, sharing happiness” is a smile.

First of all, we work to bring a smile to the person in front of us. After that, we worked to spread that smile even further. If we repeat those small steps and smiles spread around the world, we believe the whole world can be filled with more happiness.

2. The story of Pizza 4P’s:

Sitting deep in a Pizza restaurant is a dream to create, to spread smiles around the world. One day, the founder’s girlfriend told him and in an attempt to make her wish come true, he gathered friends at his home in Tokyo and decided to build a pizza oven. This is the beginning of Pizza 4P’s.

The group of friends, whose work spans different fields, is summoned every weekend, smeared with dirt like kids, and built their own pizza toasters. It took them nearly 6 months to complete the project. Once the pizza oven is done, the party begins. Friends invite friends, and the party revolves around the pizza oven. People made their original pizzas and shared them with others, and got excited about whose pizza tasted the best.

The magic of the pizza and the pizza oven instantly brings people together. People connect and smile on their faces. Pizza comes from Italy and has evolved into many different forms and styles, and it has become a worldwide favorite. It crosses borders, age and gender, and is now being loved by a lot of people. The founder and his friends fell in love with the simple, free and versatile food. “Making hearts richer and spreading happiness around the world can start with something small like this.”

In 2011, infatuated with Vietnam and with the unforgettable memories of the backyard pizza oven in Tokyo, the founder decided to create a place to spread the smile around the world. “Why don’t we set up a pizza restaurant in Vietnam?” He gathered his friends and embarked on a journey if he realized his dream.


1. Opportunities: 

About 10 years ago, when the pizza giants put their first steps on the fast food business, and formed for the Vietnamese people to eat pizza. Up to now, reviewing the numbers that these chains have built must be the destination: Pizza Hut with more than 80 restaurants, Al Fresco’s and Pepperonis with 44 restaurants, far from 3 names, The Pizza Company and Domino’s. Pizza.

Realizing the potential of this market at that time, Pizza chain 4P’s also recorded its name in the market with $ 100,000 of capital

2. Pizza “For peace”

Our idea of ​​”Peace” is to live happily with a positive outlook on life, while having a peaceful mind and body. The 4P’s name expresses our desire “For peace” – to fill the world with this kind of Peace. Our logo is inspired by “Maru ni Takedabishi”, the crest of Shinsaku Takasugi, the ancestor of the founder and a historical figure in Japanese history.

Before he died, he left the following quote: “What makes the world so interesting is nothing but your own mind.” Through his message, what he tries to convey is that with the right mental state, one can live with a rich and satisfied heart in any kind of world. This resonated very well with our beliefs so we decided to inherit his logo and his philosophy.

Our name and logo represent our following desire – always delivering rich heart-fluttering experiences that will keep every guest excited and positive. We hope that our guests coming home feel a little more positive and motivated.

3. Establishment:

With an initial capital of 100,000 USD, Yosuke and Sanae decided to open the first restaurant in Le Thanh Ton, Ho Chi Minh City, after finding forever, they could not find their favorite pizza !. They spent a lot of time researching pizza recipes, and this was not a problem for the Yosuke and his wife. The fusion of Western and local flavors delighted most of the friends around them. With cheese, Yosuke realized that importing cheese would increase costs while not keeping the taste fresh, and they decided to make their own cheese.

In early 2015, Pizza 4P’s restaurant in Hanoi just opened, has not yet been promoted, and accidentally got a bright name in the world of photography startups posted on Facebook. The photo gets more than 1,000 likes and 168 shares, enough for this restaurant to fill up for the next 3 weeks.

Pizza 4P’s has sales of $ 7.5 million in 2016, and in 2017 Pizza 4P’s is expected to have sales of $ 15 million.

4. Ambitions

Pizza 4P’s aspire to be the leading company in the luxury culinary experience in Asia. The first destination is Bangkok, followed by Southeast Asian countries and especially the potential Japanese market. Our encouragement is to see Pizza 4P’s become the choice of every family in Vietnam and across Asia.

In addition, Pizza 4P’s  also strive to achieve revenue of 100 million degrees by 2020 to prepare the application for the IPO. To realize that, areas such as online businesses, booking software, enhanced card payment systems and take-out food services are also explored.


  • According to VIRAC data, Pizza 4P’s revenue in 2017 reached more than 283 billion, up 79% year-on-year. At the same time, the profit soared to nearly 33.3 billion dong, more than 6 times higher than the 5.5 billion dong in 2016.
  • At the time of 2017, when there were only 7 stores, Pizza 4P’s was valued at about 20 million USD, by 2019, this restaurant chain had increased to 11 stores in 3 big cities, Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City. and Da Nang.
  • In 2018, business activities continued to boom when the company’s revenue increased by 45% to 411 billion dong and profit increased by 65%.